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This house is built on truth

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This house is built on truth

  • We Built This House - Scorpions
    "Love is the glue that hold us together Faith and believing is the key, is door of forever And maybe you and I, where every reason on Earth Till now and again, It's always us against the world, Against"
  • House I Built - Snoop Dogg
    "Yo, Nick (Yo) So, uh, how much is my Sandbox worth right now? Your sand- your sand token? Yeah, what's my- (Just your token?) Yeah (Uh, four-point- four-point-eight) What did it start off at? Three hundred"
  • The House Jack Built - Metallica
    "(Hetfield / Ulrich / Hammett) Open door, so I walk inside Close my eyes, find my place to hide And I shake as I take it in Let the show begin Open my eyes just to have them close again Well on my way,"
  • This is not the house that pain built - Dar Williams
    "My house is hard to find, but I'll give you directions, You can visit sometime, down where all that I built surrounds me Just make sure your car's got good shocks There's steep hills, there's potholes,"
  • The House That Man Built - Comecon
    "A palace of crystal on a postament of slime Rule of refinement, rats in the cellar Restless and climbing as slime and mud come Flooding Grace greased by ingratitude and greed By a despicable debris of"
  • The House That Jack Built - Aretha Franklin
    "This is the house that Jack built, y'all Remember this house! This was the land that he worked by hand It was the dream of an upright man There was the room that was filled with love It was a love"
  • The Hope That House Built - Future Of The Left
    "I'm so stripped down and naked Feed me with change Love me numb So I can heal your pain Make me wake up early I'll drive home so far away Skip school and sleep in my car Turn on the head and melt the snow"
  • This House - Diana Ross
    "(Nile Rodgers) This house is built On a foundation of love This house is built On a foundation of love Our toys are in the attic baby Pictures on the wall We can see our memories From the days past in"
  • This House - Lola Ray
    "Everyone loves the pretty girls 'Cause they make it easier They know how to dress themselves And play dumb when someone is looking And I love the pretty girl Cause she made it easier She knew how"
  • This house - Glenn Hughes
    "I'll keep the present that you bringYou know it's part of everythingYour perfume lingers in the airThere is nothing left to doYou know it's me, I know it's youYou are the ghost in every roomYou always"
  • House That Love Built - Jeff Healey
    "The bar was filled with smoke and lies, I couldn't see a thing, it burned my eyes I pushed a strange woman off my lap, She had a snake tattooed on her back The doors opened into the night, the silence"
  • House That Love Built - Carl Smith
    "This is the boy that live in a house that love built These are the arms that held the charms of the sweetest girl in town These are the hands that made the plans for a house that love built And this is"
  • Built This City - Diplomats
    "We built this city We built this city We built this city We built this city on rock We built this city (on these blocks we hustle) We built this city on rock (on rock) We built this city (turn bricks"
  • Built This City - The Diplomats
    "We built this city We built this city We built this city We built this city on rock We built this city (on these blocks we hustle) We built this city on rock (on rock) We built this city (turn bricks"
  • Built For This - Method Man / Freddie Gibbs / StreetLife
    "I’m straight check me out Sort of like Malcolm at the.. they callin for me, my time is money no automor see baffle bar I keep it pushing no aura and or no far and bro’s and no promotion for parent car the"
  • The House That Mercy Built - Point Of Grace
    "Words & Music by Grant Cunningham & Matt Huesmann A light in the distance Welcomes those wayfaring souls Come this far A heart grows tired, faith grows cold Wandering down the winding road Just simply"
  • Built To Spill - Built To Spill
    "built to spill you are pleased precariously temporarily filled you will spill until lower expectations momentarily chilled you will built to spill because at the time it seemed like an acceptable deal you"
  • Built For Sin - Framing Hanley
    "There's a train leaving town, If you hurry up I think you just might make it Dammit I hope you make it Conscience is a faint, unpleasant sound, You've worried enough, but here's your chance so take it Dammit"
  • House - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) This house aches I whistle it's tune After so much noise Freedom is silence Half the house is missing Taken half of me with it I had imagined this Hurting in a"
    "AC-DC Flick Of The Switch THIS HOUSE IS ON FIRE Flick Of The Switch (1983) SINGLE: Nervous Shakedown-Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution(live)/Sin City(live)-This House Is On Fire(live) (1983) (Young,"

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