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This is life you are mine

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This is life you are mine

  • This Is Mine - Swans
    "We're Standing By A River In A Place Where Nothing Moves And The White Light In The Sky Is Meaningless And Cruel And We Turn Our Face Away From A Cold And Violent Wind And We Bow Our Heads Down And We"
  • This Life Of Mine - Bad Azz
    "(feat. Prince Ital Joe, The Outlawz) Hennesy Freeride in the house Busta Ass Outlawz Outlawz hooked up with that nigga Bad Azz Makin' cash, motherfucker See them runnin, fuck up us by them thug"
  • Is This Life - This Providence
    "7:30 Monday morning, the stories begin You make it sound like so much fun. (Just spent the weekend throwing yourself away) Throwing yourself away, throwing yourself away Is this how you live your life,"
  • This World Is Mine - Shattered Realm
    "Look in my eyes tell me what you see. A broken down man from the misery and defeat. But I'll die to protect what's mine. And that's something you're afraid of. This world is mine, You can't trust anyone. This"
  • This is mine - Heaven 17
    "No more wasting time Synchronize Tell them this is mine Don't Walk the other way Tell me you will stay Give me one more day So give up, I'm going on If you stop, It won't change One of us has lost the"
  • Mine - All About Eve
    "It doesn't hurt me when you pull my strings... My purse, my heart, guitar and everything. These demands are slowly turning me into something of a tragedy / charity. My house is your house, my life"
  • Mine - IGI
    "It Doesn't Hurt Me When You Pull MyStrings... My Purse, My Heart, GuitarAnd Everything. These Demands Are SlowlyTurning Me Into Something of a Tragedy /Charity.My House Is Your House, My Life IsMine. My"
  • Mine for life - The Sounds
    "Man I'm in trouble, 'cause I can't see claer.My head is pounding harder and you're not here, are never here.But I had it once, but not anymore.Well now I am tired and now I am bored, well I'm so bored.But"
  • This Crazy Life Of Mine - Chaka Khan
    "(Chaka Khan and The Artist) This is a story of mind, soul and heart Come to think of it, don't know where to start I'd take it from the top but we don't have that much time So I'm breakin' off a piece"
  • This Song Is Mine - Merle Haggard
    "Sometimes songs are done by singers that don't mean them And at times I've done the same and couldn't sing them At times I've written songs about some things I didn't do But these are my words and mine"
  • This World Is Mine - Canaan
    "This world of mine is a world of wonders This world of mine is a world of nightmares This world of mine is a world of wonders Deep down under my house of sand and snow rest in silence And a forever changing"
  • This Land Is Mine - Dido
    "From behind these walls I hear your song Oh, sweet words The music that you play lights up my world The sweetest that Ive heard Could it be that Ive been touched and turned Oh Lord, please finallyfinally"
  • This is my life - Tom Jones
    "This is my life and you are to love it and you are the joy who I live for and this is my time can youre still mine I always understood that sometimes you have to be free to live and life and love again"
  • This is you life - Moony
    "Where is the purpose in your life Where is the truth, do you remember your hopes, your dreams They are no longer your own This day is for living your own life Don't let this world capture your heart Your"
  • Exodus (This Land Is Mine) - Pat Boone
    "This land is mine, God gave this land to me This brave and ancient land to me And when the morning sun reveals her hills and plain Then I see a land where children can run free. So take my hand and walk"
  • This Is Life - Fuse 420
    "So this is life are you satisfied you sacrificed your soul for pride you life on the edge just waiting to die sometimes its like your not alive its kinda like your not there blank expressions empty stares all"
  • This Time It Is Mine - Madison
    "It happens again in the fall Twice in a year where we won't talk Counting the days past December Remember Thirteen more hours thinking I want to be the one who's sorry when you're gone I want it right"
  • Mine, Mine, Mine - Montell Jordan
    "Hey baby I like it when you're next to me With that body horizontally Your pretty legs comfortable in my bed In your lingerie with my pillow under your head And honey I like you cuz you trust in me Just"
  • Mine, Mine, Mine - Pocahontas
    "The gold of Corts The jewels of Pizarro Will seem like mere trinkets By this time tomorrow The gold we find here Will dwarf them by far Oh, with all ya got in ya, boys Dig up Virginia, boys Mine, boys,"
  • Mine, Mine, Mine - Alan Menken
    "The gold of Cortas The jewels of Pizarro Will seem like mere trinkets By this time tomorrow The gold we find here Will dwarf them by far Oh, with all ya got in ya, boys Dig up Virginia, boys Mine, boys,"

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