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This is my lif

  • Handle family 4 lif - M.O.P.
    "Check, check, check Chorus: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Billy Danze: Handle your business Can't get your grip M.O.P: Can I get a witness?! Lil' Fame: Ghetto people, your dreams have now been fulfilled Grip"
  • Pain of a troublet lif - Kra
    "I've Lived a Dozen Lifetimes in Twenty-some-odd YearsGot no Use For Trouble, Got no Use For TearsCan't You See It's Killing Me, I'm Old Before My TimeI Won't Let You Double the Pain of a Troubled LifeI've"
  • Front On This - Mr. Lif
    "Most people record songs about love, heartbreak, lonelyness, being broke Nobody has actually went out and recorded a song about real pain... Record labels, front on this Too weak to resist? Front on this Those"
  • This Is - Longview
    "Probably the sound of angels Is what I'm hearing in my head And to me it is just so frustrating Trying to understand This is how I am This is how I stand This is what I want This is what I had Sitting,"
  • My Dream Is You - This Providence
    "do you even know what you mean to me well im at a loss for words do you even know you make me so happy well im at a loss for words what can i say what can i do to let you know how much i treasure you i"
  • This Is My House - Gary Numan
    "I read a book About conversation and you I listen to Stories that intrude on my heart again This is my house Welcome is here This is my house Welcome to me My picture of your face Will disappear with"
  • This Is My Song - Frank Sinatra
    "(C. Chaplin) Love, this is my song, this is my song, my serenade to you The world cannot be wrong, if in this world there is you I care not what the world may say, without your love there is no day So"
  • This Is My Paradise - Bridgit Mendler
    "There’s a street, there’s my right, my left feet, There’s a road of no where the ends meet. I’ve got the sun, I’ve got the sand, I’ve got that rock ‘n’ roll band, Here I stand! I’ve told you do in my morning"
  • (This Is) My Jesus - Peel
    "You've got your fingerprints from me But you've got no glasses you can't see Nothing here was meant for you I do mine, do what you do I 'am - you are Be here - be now This is my faith, this is my Jesus This"
  • This Is My Night - Chaka Khan
    "(Mic Murphy and David Frank) (Tonight, ah, tonight) I'm puttin' on my makeup It's time to wake up The owners of the night are calling me I'm ready and I'm willing To pull out the happy feeling Something"
  • This Is My Song - Sally Oldfield
    "Oldfield Stronger and stronger, brighter and brighter Burns the flame day by day Love wil find the way to clearer skies And everything your heart desires The first light of the morning opens wide"
  • This Is My Time - 3 Colours Red
    "Wasn't meant to be So long in silence But it took so long To belong I'm bored out of my tiny mind If this is all it is Then you're gone to heaven Race you to the high Openings I never knew of This Is My"
  • This Is My Fashion - The Pillows
    "kachi ga aru no ka nai no ka nante (This is my fashion) boku ga kimeru sa hotto ite kure yo (This is my fashion) MEKKI wo nuritakutte mamotteru (This is my fashion) PURAIDO nante hoshiku wa nai yo (This"
  • This Is My Life - Anna Bergendahl
    "I go, down the beaten track along the river with an empty bag At the end she said to me: Why are you here, with the autumn leaves? Cause this is my life, my friend, and this is my time to stand Cause"
  • This Is My Hollywood - 3 Colours Red
    "Is this success? Tuesday night and penniless Sign on Chill out Skin up It's your shout Forgone, I am In life, I'm damned This is like Hollywood All front, No depth, No good This is my Hollywood I'd run,"
  • This is my life - Elli
    "This is my life Uuuhhhh Ooohhhh yeah You can not fly if you don't try Only the strong survive Just step by step I'll never forget I'll keep my dream alive It's a moment of a lifetime It's a stairway to"
  • This Is My Life - Shirley Bassey
    "Funny how a lonely day, can make a person say: What good is my life Funny how a breaking heart, can make me start to say: What good is my life Funny how I often seem, to think I'll never find a dream"
  • This Is My Land - Roy Orbison
    "The sun on the rim of the hill overlooking all that I love Lights up every leaf and blade, birds circling high above With trembling hand I reach down and say "This is my land" This land will pass on"
  • This Is My Moment - Martine McCutcheon
    "This is my moment This is my perfect moment with you This is what God meant This is my perfect moment with you I wish I could freeze this space in time The way I feel for you inside This is my moment This"
  • This is my time - Cosmo Klein
    "If you`re feelin` kind of down nothin really seems to work allright your troubles might be awful but don`t you let your head down tonight Just remember what it feels like do you stand there at the top"

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