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This is real Jax Jones feat Ella Henderson

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This is real Jax Jones feat Ella Henderson

  • This Is Real (feat. Ella Henderson) - Jax Jones
    "what you gon what you gonna do? I am fallin’, and fallin’ down cause you’re going to my head can I recognize the sound? my own heart callin’ I found some way I found someone I found someone someone that"
  • Crazy What Love Can Do (feat. Becky Hill & Ella Henderson) - David Guetta
    "Da da da do do Dun dun dun da do Da da da do do Dun dun dun da do Wrap me up in diamonds and cover me in gold But nothing they could buy me made my heart whole I'd given up on romance, then I found you Ain't"
  • Hold Me Close (feat. Ella Henderson) - Sam Feldt
    "voices in my head sing lallalallallal voices in my head sing hold me innocently suddenly you’re so damn quiet voices in my head still sing and I think that I drank too much and it’s Sunday morning you"
  • Fake'n Jax - Pete Rock
    "Verse One: Pete Rock Check it out As I commence lyrical content now bust the grammar Niggaz tryin to make flip out like David Banner Bustin out the garments slammin shit like Onyx When I'm vex I flex"
  • GOOD LUCK (feat. Jax Jones, Galantis) - Mabel
    "Boys are so out They think the grass is greener then they realize, oh Girl, it's alright No, you don't really need him wasting your time, your time (That's right) Try to upgrade you, he must be out his"
  • Glitterball (feat. Ella Henderson) - SIGMA
    "Standing here in the music hall With my microphone and a glitterball And you walk right in blowing through the doors Like a force of nature, a force of nature I can't look up cause my head's a mess But"
  • REACT (feat. Ella Henderson) - Switch Disco
    "24-7, on my mind day and night, all the time You ain't even by my side, yeah 24-7, fascinated, you got me infatuated Feel the power in your eyes, eyes Must be voodoo you're doin', it's pullin' me back Just"
  • Iconic (feat. Jax) - Simple Plan
    "I’m gonna be iconic, yeah Na na na na na na na na I’m gonna be iconic Say you wanna make it on your own It’s nothing but a fantasy Maybe you should grow up, let it go Woah, woah You’re never gonna"
  • I Got U (feat. Jax Jones) - Duke Dumont
    "Ask me what I did with my life I spent it with you If I lose my fame and fortune Really don't matter As long as I got you, baby Clap your hands ya'll it's alright As long as I got you, baby Clap your"
  • Here For You (ft. Ella Henderson) - Kygo
    "We’ll be passing by And they’ll be wasting time Just waiting for new And while they’re chasing darks We’ll be dancing in the dusk Guess a way coming through Whenever you need me I’m behind I promise to"
  • Prisoner (Jax Jones Remix ft. Dua Lipa) - Miley Cyrus
    "Prisoner, Prisoner Locked up Can’t get you off my mind Off my mind Lord knows i tried a milion Times a milion Times why can’t you why can’t you just let me go? strug out on a feeling my hands are tied your"
  • This is Jim Jones - Jim Jones
    "KillaThis my man Jim JonesYou know we been through a lot of devistation, larcenyDefeat, misconceptionsMan, fuck all that, I don't know what that's aboutBut fuck all thatJim, I'm in the buildingDipset,"
  • Breathe (feat. Ina Wroldsen) - Jax Jones
    "You’re my discretional sin I feel you on my when I touch my skin you got me hooked and you ain’t let me in and I look in your eyes I’m on the edge you’re on my mind like a song that I can’t escape I don’t"
  • Willy Jones - Susan Raye
    "Met a boy named Willie Jones comes from the wrong side of town Daddy said he ain't no good don't want him hanging around Mama said that I'm too young to know what I feel But I know I love Willy Jones and"
  • Mr. Jones - Talking Heads
    "Mr. Jones Put a wiggle in your stride Loosen up I believe he'll be alright Changing clothes Now he's got ventilated slacks Bouncing off the walls Mr. Jones is back! Bulge out And wind your waist Tight"
  • Love Jones - Keith Sweat
    "(feat. Erick Sermon) We can go on and on Ah ha, one two y'all Uh uh, nobody, ah Woo, woo, this is E, Short Dog and Sweat We vets Coming through, hot to death, place your bets Baguettes swing"
  • One Touch (ft. JAX JONES) - JESS GLYNNE
    "it's easy to say young heart how to run .. fallen one by one walking alon withe the coolest night there's nothing i can ever say to change your mind Catch me when i am waiting hold me cross befor the"
  • I Can't Describe (The Way I Feel) feat. T.I. - Ella Henderson
    "I can't describe (the way I feel, the way I feel) Oh what a high (the way I feel, the way I feel) I just can't put in words, what I feel for you (the way I feel, the way I feel) It feels so good it hurts,"
  • Me and My Guitar - feat. Fireboy DML - Jax Jones
    "It’s just me and my 6 string Throw it all in a car When you’re starting from nothing Anywhere but here is far Cos I’m caught in a dead end I been cut up with doubt But I’m bleeding ambition Cos that’s"
  • This Is Not Real Love - Mutya Buena
    "(feat. George Michael) Don't kiss me, darling I want you to hear the things I say I loved you in my way But you know I'm gonna leave you The clock was always ticking And your heart, Yes I know your"

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