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This is the rowling

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This is the rowling

  • Is This Life - This Providence
    "7:30 Monday morning, the stories begin You make it sound like so much fun. (Just spent the weekend throwing yourself away) Throwing yourself away, throwing yourself away Is this how you live your life,"
  • This Is - Longview
    "Probably the sound of angels Is what I'm hearing in my head And to me it is just so frustrating Trying to understand This is how I am This is how I stand This is what I want This is what I had Sitting,"
  • Is this - Oingo Boingo
    "Another place another time Another face that looks like mine Another soul for all to see Is this reality?? If I could only find the words I'm sure that they would go unheard With one exception I can see"
  • This Is The N.E.W.S. - Kill II This
    "If you could harness my hatred - Of this fucked up vile world You could power the whole planet - Then hopefully it might burn The truth sometimes hurts - So let me tell you some lies Everythings gonna"
  • This Is God - Phil Vassar
    "Hey, this is God could I please have your attention there's a need for intervention Man, I'm dissappointed in what I'm seeing Yeah, this is God you fight each other in my name treat life like its a foolish"
  • This Is The Day - The The
    "Well... you didn't wake up this morning, 'cause you didn't go to bed. You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red! The calendar on your wall -- IS TICKING -- the days off. You've been reading"
  • This Is The Night - The The
    "I'm scared of the things I think of when night comes along Something gets hold of me Something I can't see Oh, it's a wicked world Awaits the ones our young girls bear Oh, I need somebody to hold me In"
  • Is This The Dream - The Zombies
    "Hey, hey, hey I want to tell you something So listen try to understand Hey, hey, hey If you continue to chase the sun I'll never be your man I'll count the times that I told you You really shouldn't try And"
  • This Is The Sound - The Exies
    "I've been building scars up Putting flames out with my fingers Tell me when my times up So my hope no longer lingers Then say no more Say no more Say no more Cause, this is the sound of hurt Unrehearsed"
  • This Is The Day - The Cranberries
    "WORDS BY D. O'RIORDAN. MUSIC BY D. O'RIORDAN I never had a friend like you this is the day Your skin is white, your eyes are blue this is the day But the wind might change I will still remain I will"
  • This is the end - The Maine
    "I'm taking, taking all of my time I'm dodging words, but she's saying the right lines She made me, made me oh so crazy But this time I feel like I'm doing something right It made me sick to think about Everything"
  • This Is The Sea - The Waterboys
    "These things you keep you'd better throw them away You wanna turn your back on your soulless days Once you were tethered and now you are free Once you were tethered well now you are free That was the river this"
  • Is this the way - The Busters
    "Remember when you came up to me and said "Now Baby, It?s the way it?s got to be!? You gave me that smile It made me wild and you said "Baby, We?re still young as a child!? Time keeps running out. I wanna"
  • This Is The Club - The Subways
    "Do you have a heart? To start (Is she yours) (Is she yours) Do you have faith? (Mistake) Apple sour in your face Never gonna wanna leave Or go (Do your trick) (Wonderful) Do you have faith? In tape Wrap"
  • This Is England - The Clash
    "I hear a gang fire on a human factory farm Are they howling out or doing somebody harm On a catwalk jungle somebody grabbed my arm A voice spoke so cold it matched the weapon in her palm This is England This"
  • Is this christmas - The Wombats
    "I can hear the sleigh bells coming around the bend here comes the darkest end Christmas is here Its about nights extend into the overdraft To scrape out what is left at the end of the year ( It's Christmas) Turn"
  • This Is It - The Church
    "He had a room in the best part of town He got a chocolate on his eiderdown Staring out over roofs at the Cross Suppose he must have felt somewhat at loss This is it, oh This is it This is it, oh baby This"
  • This Is Music - The Verve
    "I stand accused, just like you For being born without a silver spoon Stood at the top of the hill over my town I was found I've been on the shelf too long Sitting at home on my bed too long Got my things"
  • All This Is - The Bronx
    "Not enough not enough i will never be another dead love another vice show me what lies can teach me another reason for a rusted heart another reason time stands alone another reason for blank affection"
  • This Is It - The Blamed
    "this is it it's all over how do i carry you through the hard times i will never forget you the winds of change hurt so bad this feels like it's all my fault it's so hard to let you go don't look back who"

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