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  • This Is The Story - Elvis Presley
    "(Arnold - Morrow - Martin) I play the song, it was our own Your photograph's by my side I know I can't forget you So I don't even try The note you left is in my hand I read again what you say You're"
  • This Story - Ten Shekel Shirt
    "So here I am thirty minutes late to the movie The action is already well under way So how am I supposed to tell what's happening here I'd like to know what's really going on I haven't been here very long Easily"
  • Story Of The Year - Story Of The Year
    "Wide open, Empty coffin Giving up is jumping in Straight foward, Sun on the dashboard This dead-end town I'll leave behind Wide open, Miles of pavement Away from useless lives and failure I've seen"
  • This Is Our Story - Monster
    "Listen, why don't you listen? You never hear the things I'm saying, you never listen, If you don't want to listen to me, why do you ask me? Why do you ask me what I think Choices, we have to make them You"
  • Story - XXANAXX
    "Let say that this is a story pat About people that we barely know They don’t know much about themselves And they don’t know if they’re cool And that’s that __ park In her deep blue eyes And there are"
  • Story - Maroon 5
    "Do you mean all the things you are? Are you pleased with the way things are? Wear that dress to protect this scar, That only I have seen. Do you give just to please yourelf? Do you wish you were somewhere"
  • Story - Mrozu
    "They’re making money I sit back in my seat alone. See me coming I'm speeding on, a city road when lights go on wind came up action, camera even though when the lights made up went on We know excatly where"
  • Swallow The Knife-Story Of The Year - Story Of The Year
    "So our open wounds will bleed Until our veins run dry Now we have to take this thorn And tear it from our side Agitated at the fault line Still agreed to disagree You're connected to the heart But tonight"
  • This Is How The Story Goes - Atmosphere
    "And this is (*repeated*) (And this is how the story goes) Sometimes I focus vision on the floater (what's that?) But rarely will I do it when I'm sober (you're always drunk) I like how her hair holds"
  • In The Shadows By Story Of The Year - Story Of The Year
    "We both the hardest punches, and collect black eyes just to prove it. Still we pass by just like strangers, and we speak just like the closest enemies. Woooahh In the shadows of our life, we can fall"
  • This Is The End - Story Of The Year
    "yhea, yhea, walking example of you is wate for the silence talking backwards to you it ment nothing to me, whatching the world fall on you, im keeping my eyes closed now i can see what this means to you"
  • The Story - 30 Seconds to Mars
    "I've been thinking of everything I used to want to be I've been thinking of everything Of me, of you and me This is the story of my life These are the lies I have created I'm in the middle of nothing And"
  • The Story - Shawn Colvin
    "S. Colvin - J. Leventhal Well we pounded the pavement between dotted lines But we always belonged to the fugitive kind We were never the best but we were better than this To be made to bow down among"
  • The Story - MxPx
    "Can i get a new head? Cause the one i've got Is worn out and so very broken And now my mind feels dead It's like an arcade game An arcade game that won't take a token, no We get lost Lost along the way It"
  • The Story - Limp Bizkit
    "Just live and let die Check, check, check, comon If you could take a minute of your life A certain minute when you feel the lightning strike Danger is the only level of that moment But it's your moment"
  • The Story - E-40
    "Chorus: Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on again and again Uh Uh Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on again and again Uh Uh Here's a little story I"
  • The Story - Puffy AmiYumi
    ") It's easy, we gotta be {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanji== Yumemonogatari Amaeattari mitsumeattari te wo tsunaidari Waraiattari fuzakeattari tokini mattari isogashii Seishun"
  • The Story - Ani DiFranco
    "I would have returned your greeting if it weren't for the way you were looking at me this street is not a market and I am not a commodity don't you find it sad that we can't even say hello 'cause you're"
  • This Is My Story - Spin 360
    "At just the right time when I was powerless You paid the ransom for my stains Through faith I'm justified and by Your grace I'm found No longer bound by heavy chains This is my story, this is my song This"
  • The story - Roger Waters
    "Benny is a Welsh coal miner. He is a radio ham. He is 23 years old, married to Molly. They have a son, young Ben, age 4, and a new baby. They look after Benny's twin brother Billy, who is apparently a"

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