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This sing

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This sing

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This sing
  • The Dresden Dolls Sing
    "There is thing that's like touching except you don't touch Back in the day it just went without saying at all All the world's history gradually dying of shock There is thing that's like talking except"
  • Pentatonix Sing
    "It doesn't matter if your days are long (Sing!) It doesn't matter if your night's gone wrong (Sing!) Just clap your hands and stomp your feet and sing it (Whoa, sing!) It doesn't matter if he let you go"
  • Buddy Lackey Sing
    "I don't want to sing 'bout the revolution don't want to sing about the acid rain that falls down on me I would never sing about a girl who threw me away I just want to sing fill my soul with this music sing"
  • Dope Sing
    "Some people sing for life some people sing for death Some people sing to sing the songs that they like best Some people sing for broke some people sing for fame Some people sing for hope some people sing"
  • Bright Eyes Sing, sing, sing
    "We must talk in every telephoneget eaten off the webwe must rip out all the epiloguesfrom the books that we have readand to the face of every criminal strapped firmly to a chairwe must stare, we must stare,"
  • Dresden Dolls Sing
    "There is this thing that's like fucking except you don't fuckBack in the day it just went without saying at allAll the world's history gradually dying of shockThere is this thing that's like talking except"
  • Abra Moore Sing
    "I wanna sing Sing to your eyes where they once held windows When you're lookin' at me I wanna hear Hear all the sounds and the cracks in your voice When you speak to me. Look at my eyes and my nose"
  • The Classic Crime Sing
    "We sing the same song you and I With lead feet in deep water we cry out to live or die Instead we tread in waves to stay alive Our heads above the grave but there's no one to save us this time So I will"
  • Ed Sheeran Sing
    "It’s late in the evening Glass on the side now I’ve been sat with you For most of the night Ignoring everybody here We wish they would disappear So, maybe we could get down now? I don’t wanna know If"
  • Frameless Sing this song
    "You and me, Hide and seek, Im still waiting for you Cannot try, all alone, All is lost without you Held my speech, banged the drum, I dont wanna miss you, Touch my heart, please relieve me I cant stand"
  • At Vance Sing This Song
    "Do you believe in honesty You'll have to find your desteny There may be times when things go wrong You're gonna win if you are strong So many boundaries to break A million tasks you'll have to take The"
  • Hank Williams (I'm Gonna) Sing, Sing, Sing
    "Recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. Words and music by Hank Williams, Sr. CHORUS When (G) I get to Glory, I'm gonna sing, sing, sing I'm gonna let the (A7) hallelujahs (D7) ring (G) I'm gonna praise my"
  • Scott Walker Sing Boy Sing
    "Whenever I get lonely, sing boy sing. When life goes kinda sadly, sing boy sing. When I start to open my mouth and sing this song makes everything right that once was wrong. Even the cuckoo in the clock"
  • The Stylistics Sing Baby Sing
    "Sing Baby sing The world is getting better It's somethin' else since we're together. Let's have a ball let's do it all and sing. Ain't we got it made (Sing Baby sing) Ain't we got it made (Sing Baby sing) Dance"
  • Rolling Stones Sing This All Together
    "(Jagger/Richards) Why don't we sing this song all together Open our heads let the pictures come And if we close all our eyes together Then we will see where we all come from Pictures of us through the"
  • The Rolling Stones Sing this all together
    "Why don't we sing this song all together Open our heads let the pictures come And if we close all our eyes together Then we will see where we all come from Pictures of us through the steamy haze Picture"
  • Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine Sing Fat Lady Sing
    "This is not a love song and it serves no use But if you want to sing along with some verbal abuse It might make you feel better and it's good for the soul Take 4 letters and let's rock 'n' roll Are those"
  • Captain Jack Sing hallelujah!
    "Sing HallelujahA B C is like 1 2 3The beatThe rhythmThe bass y'allCome onHappy people come onJam with meOh LordCome on - Come onHappy people - Singing peopleParty people - Happy peopleJamming on the party"
  • Celtic Woman Sing Out!
    "Sing a new song to the world Let your voice be heard Go and bring the word This whole world was meant to be For you as well as me For humanity We all travel the same road Carry the same load Reap what"
  • Asp Sing Child
    "Sing child, sing child Better join us, sing child Sin child, sin child To make the darkness come... Now - you will be mine This is my time To start a great incision There - can only be The light or me So"

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