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This time for afica

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This time for afica

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This time for afica
  • Susanna Hoffs This Time
    "Written by Steve Summers Produced by David Kahne Released on "When You're A Boy" (1991) This time I know my baby's gone for good This time I didn't treat him like I should This time there's no tomorrow My"
  • The Verve This Time
    "Lookin' back on my life You know that all I see Are things I could've changed I should have done Where did the good times go? Good times so hard to hold This time, this time This time I'm gonna find (the"
  • John Parr This time
    "Midnight, I'm waiting for love to show, this time I won't let love goShe's late, I'm waiting, last train to town, this time I can't let love downAll my life, so much wasted time, reaching out, gonna take"
  • Chaka Khan This Time
    "(David Lasley, Marsha Malamet and Robin Lerner) One heart One hand One woman One man To love To live together This time This place This lifelong embrace Could last Could be forever This time Endings"
  • Lullacry This Time
    "You knew this day would come You are not the only one The world will be the same When you're gone The way you look at me Is full of disbelief You never want me to be Meant for you How does it feel No"
  • Buddy Jewell This Time
    "She told me goodbye At least a dozen times And each time, I'd say "No Please Don't Leave" Though I was sure She was out the door She said "What would be different, This Time?" Do you remember when I went"
  • Mest This Time
    "Is our time gone forever? Nothing else seems to matter Sitting to watch the sun die Goodbye Feeling uninspired Left alone and tired Waking up to nothing I need something I can't say goodbye forever But"
  • Neil Diamond This Time
    "If there was time enough for me To do it all, again I promise you, that I would find A way to make it right, This time This time I'd love you even more I never thought, I could But now I know, that I"
  • Melissa This Time
    "I've seen unlockable doors I've felt invisible nods And unchangeable gods I've been in trouble for laws I've heard unsingable birds Did you feel just the same ? This time No shapeless dreams,"
  • Chant This Time
    "Chante Moore Love Supreme This Time (chante moore / simon a. law / lee hamblin) This time (this time), i am gonna give you all the lovin' you need (this time), This time, set your heart free, set your"
  • P.O.D. This Time
    "And is this, where we need to be? Or are we tired of looking? Searching for more than eyes can see, For something to believe in. It slipped away, fell away, tried to play yourself No turning back, all"
  • Natalia Druyts This Time
    "This time, I'm gonna take over ,over,over I've had my share of losing just to keep you here You've had you're share of winning let's try to make it clear Now time has come for you to stop and wonder why This"
  • Cord This Time
    "Don't tell Intentional display a typical conversation From here To what u would say of how it was supposed to be This time Can't help Anything I've done this is a constitution For now To what you would"
  • Chris Isaak This time
    "I know I let you down the last time.You said then there'd be no next time.One more chance is all I'm asking.Is it so hard to be forgiven?If only I could make you seehow much your love could mean to me.This"
  • Celine Dion This Time
    "One more hour burns So scared of his return That I can't sleep tonight In this hospital light What you call tragedy It's just another day to me For my heart beats with fear As his footsteps draw near The"
  • Stretch Armstrong This Time
    "so this is the end i will draw the line like i have one thousand times before but this time it stays firmly in place the smile no longer resides on my face summer has passed, the streets are empty now not"
  • Urma This Time
    "This time I'm chasing my own dreams to catch... This time I'm racing only for myself This time I'm chasing my own golden fish, today I'm racing only with myself Break me down... cause I won't stay Tide"
  • Natalia This Time
    "This time, I'm gonna take over, over, over I've had my share of losing just to keep you here You've had your share of winning Let's try to make it clear Now time has come for you to stop and Wonder why This"
  • 4HIM This Time
    "What is this gently piercing my heart? Why is this aching so familiar? I must confess I long for You more Strange as it seems Im faithlessly bored Lord, You know Im tired of playing the prodigal REFRAIN Cause"
  • Dina Carroll This Time
    "Lonely, you on my mind How could I let you go All that we've been through I still need you next to me I said so many things I did not mean to say And although we tried to talk The words, they got in the"

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