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This time for good it would woou oou uuu

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This time for good it would woou oou uuu

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This time for good it would woou oou uuu
  • Out of Eden Good Time
    "Everyday I face my fears Will I make it through the years of all the pressures, All the bad times that come my way And then there's the enemy around Who wants to make me lose my ground for earthly treasures All"
  • Lil' Kim Good Time
    "featuring Lil' Cease (Lil' Kim) Uh, where's all my single ladies at? Where's my single ladies at? Single ladies clap your hands They say my music too hard and my mouth too nasty Clothes too tight"
  • Mindy McCready For A Good Time Call
    "When I gave you my number I thought you would use it It's just a little slip of paper Darlin' did you lose it? I've been here alone waiting by this phone But it ain't rang at all Oh, baby, for a good time"
  • Lullacry This Time
    "You knew this day would come You are not the only one The world will be the same When you're gone The way you look at me Is full of disbelief You never want me to be Meant for you How does it feel No"
  • Master P Would You
    "crazy a bitch is a straight hoe we all know watch her nbend and take it in the cat on the club floor a head full of weave and her shorts up her ass a thug girl know to make em flee in the past she want"
  • Benzino Would You
    "(feat. Jadakiss) Un hun, un hun-un Un hun, un hun-un Un hun, un hun-un Yo, yeah, aiyyo We can do whatever you want to, I promise Fight, play razor tag or spit lamas I'm two guns up over the roof Hopin"
  • Knightowl Would You Die For Me
    "(Knightowl) That's right mothafuckas Sawed Off Records in the house bitch Some real mothafuckin gang bangers Representin to the fullest Who down to ride with me Who down to fuckin die with me You down"
  • A Good Time
    "I saw You in a photograph I saw You and You made me laugh You couldn't stop it goin' on You know You couldn't save the day I hear You on the telephone I feel You when I'm on my own You couldn't stop it"
  • Ziggy Marley Good Time
    "Though the world is cruel and blind Let's have a good time Though the world is cruel and blind Let's have a good time Get those problems out your head, put Your mama to bed But don't stray too far from"
  • Counting Crows Good Time
    "The gentleman caller in the blue suede shoes He don't know what to do He just wants to look good for you So he rushes in to tell you what he did today But he can't think of what to say I think you listen"
  • Jessica Andrews Good Time
    "Guess its written on my face God, I get so sick of this place I gotta get up, get out, and get a life The days run, long, the nights too short Not much time for me no more And I'm well over due So now"
  • Road Trip's Over Good Time
    "Show me now what you really hide inside Maybe I'm a just blind man? Maybe I have lost my mind? Please, give me one more try and I won't fail you this time It's not another love song or pathetic stupid"
  • Tech N9ne One Good Time
    "Just give me one good time Nobody is looking at me anyway Nobody is looking at me anyway Yo Yo I know that I'm hardcore Know how to start wars Know how to scar yours in a fist fight Cause toughness"
  • Less Than Jake Good Time For Change
    "Is this just like the young boy dreaming in the olden days watching all the old time movies only Saturday all those soldiers and the changes would my heroes men who ran out of things to change TV minute"
  • Lady Antebellum Lookin' For A Good Time
    "Girl youre beautiful Youre bout near perfect But I bet somebodys already told you that Name your poison Name your passion Cause a boy like me just couldnt help but ask Keep on talking to me baby Im hanging"
  • Toby Keith Time That It Would Take
    "Forget about my crazy days Forget about my checkered past What's all this Interrogatin? Baby, forget about that You don't want to ask no questions You don't know the answers to You might wish that"
  • Susanna Hoffs This Time
    "Written by Steve Summers Produced by David Kahne Released on "When You're A Boy" (1991) This time I know my baby's gone for good This time I didn't treat him like I should This time there's no tomorrow My"
  • Cord This Time
    "Don't tell Intentional display a typical conversation From here To what u would say of how it was supposed to be This time Can't help Anything I've done this is a constitution For now To what you would"
  • Crack The Sky This Time
    "I've been here once before The feelings are familiar but the faces have changed And the last time I swore I'd never put my self out on the line that way Another man would walk away Another man would say"
  • Neil Diamond This Time
    "If there was time enough for me To do it all, again I promise you, that I would find A way to make it right, This time This time I'd love you even more I never thought, I could But now I know, that I"

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