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Thomas Anders lunatic

  • Lunatic - Agathocles
    "Freezing void, I'm lost, They say I'm a lunatic and that I've lost my mind, But I'm not a lunatic, I'm just dead, Creeping silence, In my head, They say I'm a lunatic and that I've lost my mind, But I'm"
  • Lunatic - Gazebo
    "A masquerade you walk in the moonlight Dont like the shade you live with the sea tide You look like Nostradamus, although youre not as famous Your pass is fast and nervous You cant stop Lunatic and aristocratic There"
  • Lunatic - Paradise Now!
    "no, no, no please dont talk to me, Id really like to be alone, alone, alone, No, no, no please dont talk to me, Id really like to be alone, alone, alone, No, no, no I dont know what should change, to make"
  • Lunatic - Mc Eiht
    "Geah Jig a geah Nigga, geah Check, geah Nigga, geah Uh, c'mon... I'm sittin' here trippin', mind playin' tricks Tryin' to make it hot while rubbin two sticks Anyboby killa, several conflicts Dead on arrival,"
  • Lunatic - Amila Zazu
    "I dont know Im lost among the crowd Im screaming loudly but there is no sound Im alone invisible for eyes its me the one that they never will see, never work out I dont know why they mess within my mind theyll"
  • Lunatic - Speak No Evil
    "promises broken, still feel the contentment living a lie built on fear and resentment losing myself in a shattered dream the world but i can't and i wont even through i can't be the one to save you live"
  • Lunatic - Static X
    "motion range arpeggiate the decimator bend range oscillate assimilate the agitator death cage modulate the head space parallel the universe transpose this face compress all trip myself up i stand"
  • lunatic soul - Lunatic Soul
    "I can't describe what's going on with me A different nature moving rapidly Being half way here And half way somewhere else My whole life starts to flash in front of me I'm overwhelmed in joy, quiet and"
  • Thomas - Laika
    "sittin' in the corner eye-in' little Jella her head all clink-clank scary box of knick-knacks she's always in a scurry-scurry shakin' with her worry-worry kickin' up a sandstorm runnin' up the slide-down bee"
  • Thomas - A Perfect Circle
    "Humble and helpless Learning to pray Praying for visions to Show me the way Show me the way to forgive you Allow me to let it go Allow me to be forgiven Show me the way to let go Show me the way to forgive"
  • Anders - Ringsgwandl
    "Die Erste, die ich gekannt hab, war nur lstig, die ganze Zeit hats gejammert oder gredt. Immer hat es was gegeben, was nicht recht war, immer hat da etwas nicht gestimmt. Dauernd hats was gefunden, was"
  • Anders - BL?F
    "Opgaan in de rook Vanavond mag het ook Iets anders zijn Opgaan in de rest Vanavond mag het best Iets anders zijn Opgaan in het spel Vanavond mag het wel Iets anders zijn Opgaan"
  • Anders - Juli
    "Wir stolpern fast bereinander Haben uns ein Jahr nich mehr gesehn Ich hab gestern noch an dich gedacht Un freu mich wirklich dich zu sehn Komm, sieh mir ruhig in die Augen Du erzhlst wie's dir geht Du"
  • Anders - Blof
    "Een beweging, een ogenblik we zijn hier samen, jij en ik In mijn kop knippert een lichtje aan en uit Als in een stomme film, dus enkel beeld en geen geluid Mijn hersens niet mijn herder Is dit mijn hand,"
  • Thomas Dileva - Di Leva Thomas
    "I'm based on a true story Naked number one, that's what people call me Tell them I'm in town, riding on a donkey Sing a song and your heart will never fall Make love, be a conscious animal I'm not a"
  • Lunatic Ride - Halo
    "I am a lunatic ride I am deluded inside I like to live in the walls (I like to live in the walls) Where I am nothing at all But please don't cry Translucent eyes and skin Lets only angels in I have"
  • Lunatic Fringe - Red Rider
  • Lunatic Friends - Deathray
    "i know today is just another day. another concession another delay it's just another ordeal! do you know how i feel? lalalalalalala... (7x La's) maybe tomorrow i'll be on my own calling your name with"
  • Lunatic gate - Janne Da Arc
    "sameta kimi no hitomi aikawarazu mukishitsuna houseki mitaiitsumo no dare ni demo miseru otokui no me deotoko wo mikudasu kuse niuwamezukai ga yake ni umai kimi wakao no wari ni boku to no yoru wo kazoetetari"boku"
  • Tha' Lunatic - 2Pac
    "(Tupac) Ohh shit! Jumped on my man's dick Heard he had a twelve inch, now the bitch is lovesick Who's to blame, the guy or the groupie? Heard I was down with D.U., now she wants to do me Oooh-wee! This"

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