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Thomas Helmig - Gotta Get Away From You

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Thomas Helmig - Gotta Get Away From You

  • GOTTA GET AWAY - The Black Keys
    "I got paid then I was on the road in a heartbeat, Mama said, mama said, "You got a one track mind, But you ain't gonna get it all the time." She wasn't lyin' I went from San Berdoo to Kalamazoo Just to"
  • Gotta Get Away - The Offspring
    "I'm getting edgy all the time There's someone around me just a step behind It's kinda scary, the shape I'm in The walls are shakin' and they're closing in Too fast or a bit too slow I'm paranoid of people"
  • Gotta Get Away - Planet Smashers
    "Met a girl who worked at the chocolate factory She could get chocolate All of it for free Got up the nerve to talk to her And this is what she said: Get lost you little nerd or I'll kick it in the head"
  • Doubting Thomas - Stephen Speaks
    "All my life I've been working toward something Believing these hands could get me through As my heart collects dust upon the shelves of my life My hands are busy working up to you And it seems that this"
  • Gotta get away - The Rolling Stones
    "Baby, the truth is out so don't deny Baby to think I believed all your lies Darlin I can't stand to see your face It's the truth, you understand I got to get away, got to get away Gotta, gotta, gotta get"
  • Gotta Get Away - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) Baby, the truth is out so don't deny Baby to think I believed all your lies Darlin' I can't stand to see your face It's the truth, you understand I got to get away, got to get"
  • Gotta' Get Away - Ben Bledsoe
  • Gotta Get Away - Fonzie
    "OH OH OH gotta gotta get away There is a place where we can go (but you're got to leave behind you're worries) There is a place that you don't know (but you're got to leave behind you're stories)"
  • Gotta Get Away - Groove
    "Standing on the corner this Saturday night Eying up a guy who's looking so fine He asks me if I'm all alone I gotta boyfriend coming so I really should say no But he's got looks that could kill Chorus Eeenie"
  • Gotta Get: Closer - Maxwell
    "THAT AIN'T SO BAD IS IT G-MO C'MON (SPOKEN) You let me violate you You let me desecrate you Sure enough I'll liberate you I want to do you and emenate you Everybody say, help me With your soul, your"
  • Gotta Get Up - Black Sheep
    "Black Sheep, ready to nova, I gotta get up and get over Yo, Lisle, Lisle put a, put a little Little bit of, bit of the layer on my voice, please? Lawnge, what's up, we gonna do these drops or what Yeah,"
  • Gotta Get You Home - Blackstreet
    "Hold up let's take it from the top I fox Gets my swirve on. floss pure rocks In the six drop boo and it don't stop See money lookin alright, yeah what up pop? Across the room throwin signals, I'm throwin"
  • Get away from the door - Cappadonna
    "Yo! Get away from the door Everybody get the fuck back Staten Island, stand up I live a street life, nothin' but hard times and strife I be stuck on the block try'nna make things right Sold crack for"
  • Julian Thomas - My Friend - Julian Thomas
    "As I sit here behind my piano Thinkin about my worries Yesterday, today and tomorrow Wanna throw it all away When I'm down he helps me out To beat the missery Never leaves me alone and together we fight"
  • Get Away - Matthew West
    "I just can't take it anymore Your tricks have fooled me for the last time You know I've had it up to here With the way you bring me down, down You're wreaking havoc on my world You're calling question"
  • Get Away - Flipper
    "I was talking to Larry The scene was really hairy We were sitting in the dark What you don't see you don't know He said this town is getting kinda scary Pretty soon comes the big fall He said he's gotta"
  • Get Away - Mobb Deep
    "sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel I gotta (get away...) Verse1: From theese streets like a fiend for crack, but pullin me back, this real got a nigga goin (ooh) cuz no mat- ter the drama the gossip my"
  • Get Away - Bobby Brown
    "Chorus: i've got to get away (8x) i've got to get away Spoken: aint nothin but the funk baby! verse 1: i need a piece of mind im stressed out today its about that time to make that get away dealing with"
  • Get Away - Yung Ro
    "(*talking*) Sometimes you get away huh, uh-huh We up in this bitch, my nigga Head Yung Ro, Rizzo dig these blues (Yung Ro) I can write forever bout my pain, till my pen run to ink about it I'm a sinner"
  • For Mr. Thomas - Van Morrison
    "From faded newsprint used to wrap a fish Inscrutably the muse selects your face As I sit drinking famously in an Irish bar Five thousand miles and thirty years away With the usual ceremonial you were"

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