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Thomas hayDDepden mr saccardo elly ray burn

  • For Mr. Thomas - Van Morrison
    "From faded newsprint used to wrap a fish Inscrutably the muse selects your face As I sit drinking famously in an Irish bar Five thousand miles and thirty years away With the usual ceremonial you were"
  • Mister Thomas - Aphrodite's Child
    "A friend who's got daisies in his pocket Mr. Thomas owns a red bike And his heart flies like a kite He gives a coin to the children Who play war with wooden guns Mr. Thomas remains at home When other"
  • Thomas D is ill - Thomas D
    "Thomas Dden namen msst ihr euch nicht merken denn das wrde nur seine eitelkeit verstrken und davon hat der junge ja nun wirklich schon genug denn er ist bestandteil vom deutschen rapbetrug ich habe schon"
  • Burn - Jughead's Revenge
    "Burn down L.A. What's there to say That justice had been served I wouldn't have those T.V.S. And the beer that I deserve Drag them out of their cars... Shoot them in the head Just because you're"
  • Thomas - Laika
    "sittin' in the corner eye-in' little Jella her head all clink-clank scary box of knick-knacks she's always in a scurry-scurry shakin' with her worry-worry kickin' up a sandstorm runnin' up the slide-down bee"
  • Thomas - A Perfect Circle
    "Humble and helpless Learning to pray Praying for visions to Show me the way Show me the way to forgive you Allow me to let it go Allow me to be forgiven Show me the way to let go Show me the way to forgive"
  • Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy) - Sugar Ray
    "(Hey sugar Ray-look at that) It's so easy It's so right (bartender) It's so easy To rock it all night (bartender) It's so easy It's so right (bartender) It's so easy (come on) To rock it all night (oh) Mr."
  • Cathode ray sunshine - Dark Tranquillity
    "Carry our streams Lift up our less than elated lives Transmit our selves We breathe out Where no one whispers Take in all the dark light turn the nighttime into day Cathode ray Sunshine speak out and we"
  • Mr. Sancho - Mr. Sancho
    "feat. Mr. Lil One (Mr. Lil One) Everybody want to be knowing How I be doing it when I be flowing back up in this motherfucker ready to server you motherfuckers heard the words that be going around coming"
  • Burn - Ray LaMontagne
    "Oh mama don't walk away I'm a goddam sore loser I ain't too proud to stay But I'm still thinking 'bout you And I'm so lonesome without you And I can't get you out of my mind Oh mama don't leave me alone with"
  • Tied Up (feat. Mr. Eazi & Raye) - Major Lazer
    "i will fight for you only if you need me to you know see I got ou tell me if yyou got me too tell me if you got me too say me I don’t know why but me never stop thinking about you about you now we got"
  • Super X-Ray Vision - Jupiter Sunrise
    "So you like guys in uniform I think I'll buy a uniform And maybe you will like me better Maybe I will like me better. And maybe I'll be stronger with my super x-ray vision Then I could see right through"
  • Ray - Ten Sharp
    "It is alway great to hear blues man Ray singing The way that he cries out his soul always more than music Piano sings the chors so easy and Ray His vocal help the blues survive who will forgoet Georgia"
  • Ray - Mutton Birds
    "Ray, come out of the dark, Close your mouth, it's my turn to talk. Oh Ray, don't be so cool, That you cant let yourself fall. Oh Ray, hope comes in strange shapes, When you don't expect it to. Ray, hope"
  • Ray - Trust Saccharine
    "Tell me what's inside the ? Ray Are you feeling something? Tell me what's up in your head ray Fuck you i'm dying So whatcha sending So what ya sending ray So whatcha sending. Lights out You're all alone"
  • Ray - Luna Sea
    "usurenai kimi no nioi to adokenai hohoemi ga fusagareta konna yoru demo kono mune wo kogashiteiku dakishimeteitai subete wo wasurete dou kashiteru yo Ray arifureta tokimeki ja naku kono omoi sodate you hoshi"
  • Ray... - Ataris
    "Ataris Anywhere But Here Ray... Sometimes i sit and think about yesterday... Of all those simple words that i didn't even say. I just sit back and wonder why... (wonder why...) ...everything is just bought"
  • Ray - The GazettE
    "Sakende... koe ga kareru made hikari sasu ano basho made todoke Shisen wa tsubusare nani hitotsu miezu, nani hitotsu kanjinai Tesaguri makase no aimai na keshiki fuan ni taekirezu Hitori kiri ga kowai"
  • Ray - Alimee Mann
    "Ray, as of today I can't say things will ever be the same And that could be a shame 'Cause though I think I know Another lonely exile when I see one And you appear to be one Still I'm playing it down 'cause"
  • Ray - Aimee Mann
    "Ray, as of today, I can't say things will ever be the same And that could be a shame. 'Cos though I think I know another lonely exile when I see one And you appear to be one. Still... I'm playing it"

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