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  • Kaplan / Thornhill - Something For Kate
    "You shake all my censors and raise my alarm then drift away I can't keep up with you however you think you are any other day Your weightless and drifting over the sea Black interference invading the screen"
  • Arkangel - Thornhill
    "Fly away with me into the sun Won’t you fly away with me? Are you an angel? Right now? I need an angel right now I see red “Whatchu waiting for?” “Whatchu waiting for?” I know your room like I know"
  • Hollywood - Thornhill
    "Pure With lips against your face Couture I don’t know my place Your back against the wall Courtesy of envy Just show them what you are Oh I’m at your mercy Dressed to kill I’m sinking low Because"
  • Snowfall - The Manhattan Transfer
    "Lyrics by Ruth Thornhill Music by Claude Thornhill Snowfall Softly Gently drift down Snowflakes Whisper 'Neath my window Covering trees Misty lights Velvet breeze 'Round my doorstep Gently Softly Silent Snowfall Covering"
  • I Wish I Had You (2000) - Billie Holiday
    "B. Green / A. Stillman / Claude Thornhill Joys that come to others Seldom come to me But if I only were Aladin How different things would be Every time I wish I wish I had you Every time I dream The"
  • Leave Me Alone - The Prodigy
    "(original by dr. dooom aka kool keith; remixed by leeroy thornhill) (intro) Yeah, to all my fans, for people who don't know What I've been going through to make my own, yeah... Now it's time to hurt"

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