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Thrice In Your Hands

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Thrice In Your Hands

  • Thrice Told - Aurora Borealis
    "Twice before you've heard the fury forever more Twice before you felt and learned the power of the storm I brought you through the valley where kings are laid to rest Told you of the tales where hearts"
  • In Your Hands - Thrice
    "bound to this couch, i lie in waiting watching wind blown memories slip by my window sill i can't fall asleep, voice in my head disturbs me waking nightmares keep, have my cries fallen on deaf ears can"
  • Thrice All American - Neko Case
    "I want to tell you about my hometown It's a dusty old jewel in the South Puget Sound Well the factories churn and the timbers all cut down And life goes by slow in Tacoma People they laugh when they hear"
  • In Your Hands - Before You Breathe
    "You are bigger than me Arms stretched out as far as I can see You are stronger than me And the weight of this world is in Your hands It's in Your hands and close to Your heart I'm in your hands and close"
  • In Your Hands - Christy Nockels
    "Here's my life, I give it to You I place it in Your hands I place it in Your hands Here's my heart, You're dwelling inside I place it in Your hands I place it in Your hands For so long I have held on to"
  • In Your Hands - John Farnham
    "John Farnham, Phil Buckle, and Ross Fraser Something wrong for something right There's trouble in the air tonight From the dark into the light Change is in the air tonight And I'm searching through the"
  • In Your Hands - Coronatus
    "I'm drawing pictures in the air And I breathe like I never did before I see the sun, I stop and stare I can't go back now Now that you opened the door Be careful you caught a falling soul Let the sun shine Keep"
  • In Your Hands - Bebo Norman
    "I didn't know How I'd love you When I walked into your life Now I have a heart I cannot keep And the greatest of fear Is that you'll leave me here Stranded in this water So deep So don't you turn away"
  • In Your Hands - Charlie Winston
    "Mother, I've gotta get out of here So I can save our family From this poverty And when I make my money I'll send it back to you Father, Give me strength, I pray I have to end this misery It's causing"
  • In Your Hands - Javier
    "In Your Hands My life begins and ends All that I am, I surrender to you I've never felt so weak and yet so strong I am home, where I belong I was afraid, of losing everything Now I'm amazed, 'cause all"
  • In Your Hands - Krystal Meyers
    "I listen through the darkness And I know that I'm not alone And I feel You all around me But every time I call All I hear is my own echo Your silence says it all I'm restless but I will not fight I'll,"
  • In Your Hands - Ariana Grande
    "In your hands I turn into something better than I am I forget just where I end and you begin Baby, I'm the only one that gave a damn So take my hand I wanna run We could run like waterfalls and chase"
  • In your hands - Hillsong
    "I'm so secure, You're here with meYou stay the same, Your love remains here in my heartSo close I believe, You're holding me nowIn Your Hands I belong, You'll never let me goSo close I believe You're holding"
  • In Your Hands - SONICFLOOd
    "Sometimes my prayers seem so empty Your voice seems so far away But in my pain I see You molding me You are the potter, I'm the clay Chorous: In Your hands, for every storm there is a reason In Your hands,"
  • In Your Hands - Hillsong United
    "I'm so secure, You're here with me You stay the same, Your love remains here in my heart So close I believe, You're holding me now In Your Hands I belong, You'll never let me go So close I believe You're"
  • In Your Hands - Sixpence None the Richer
    "In Your Hands Music & Lyrics by : Rich Mullins, David Beaker, Mitch McVicker Proverbs 11:25 / Psalm 67; Psalm 119:131-135; Psalm 139:8-12 / Second Corinthians 4:6 Sprche 11, 25 / Psalm 67; Psalm 119,"
  • In Your Hands - Rich Mullins
    ""In Your hands I know he Could be a man of peace So take him now and lead him on And though the world would try to tear him down Only You can make him strong Chains of doubt And chains of hate Never"
  • in your hands - Hundred Inch Shadow
    "so much hate i just don't understand results of our behaviour inflict us everyday i really don't know why we're such a foolish kind destroying everything are we supposed to fight? put aside your pride"
  • Your Hands - Flotsam And Jetsam
    "Broken hearts, broken jaws Lowly weekends break tonight Beaten fools, beaten dogs Stolen deals, inside jobs Coldly run fingers through again Swollen faces, beaten dogs All turn away and say amen When"
  • Your Hands - John Lennon & Yoko Ono
    "Anatano te Konnani kireina Anatano te Yumenimade miru Your hands So beautiful Your hands I even dream about them Anatano hada Konnani atsui Anatano hada Yumenimade miru Your skin So hot Your skin I"

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