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Through my eyes - Dan Gautreau, Tom Howe

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Through my eyes - Dan Gautreau, Tom Howe

  • Tom Tom - Iggy Pop
    "Hey little one You've got the way I ain't doing nothin' That's so important I'd like to know how you deal Oh when I worry to darken If I can't get in your show I'll take my tom tom and go Yeah, yeah Yeah,"
  • Through My Eyes - Avec Tristesse
    "(l:Salles m:Gama) I never thought one so lonely as though, Amidst the ever repeating sunset play, Gaze through my eyes and into my thoughts. Your dark eyes darken with the deepest clouds. Deep as bleak"
  • Through My Eyes - Scorpions
    "(Music: Rudolf Schenker; Lyrics: Klaus Meine) Leaving through the back door Freezing in the cold Communication breakdown Emotional overload Been through a wall of fire Now I feel like, the ashes glow Cars"
  • Through My Eyes - Sex Pistols
    "Well I don't know Johnny B Goode No, do Through My Eyes No, I know how it goes. If you could see through my eyes, You would get a big surprise. Things you never seen before. Things you haven't seen,"
  • Through My Eyes - Visions Of Atlantis
    "Don't confine what is mine, do you hear me? Never break what I take or you'll feel me. I'll come for you tonight when your eyes are shut. The last ride on the wings of your dreams. I'll clip them on your"
  • Through My Eyes - Sylvan
    "With my thoughts astray I still hear you say that our fight is over In credulity you played tricks on me - and it led us nowhere What on earth you think made you sure again - and in fact so clean and sober You"
  • Through My Eyes - Vision Of Disorder
    "My perception my infection Lazy bloody eyes Self destruct so addictive Here's a taste of death here's your taste of death And I wish that I could feel the things you feel And I wish that I could see"
  • Through My Eyes - Spiritfall
    "Verse 1 your always beating me down With the presence of you in me But I'm taking this moment And I'm changing your entire view Chorus You don't see through my eyes I'm always by your side And I'll"
  • Through My Eyes - Phil Collins
    "Thru My Eyes It's never where you think you'll find it The thing you think you're looking for It could take you all your lifetime And still you'd never quite be sure You could look everywhere Because"
  • Dal - Skinny Puppy
    ""Let go, where you going move from, going to hide it nowhere...With my you left" Find words fade above the snow the carved out somebody stitch the carver's all who waves surrender through"
  • Tom & Bob - Blake Babies
    "Tom and bob, they are cool Should open a tom and bob school Because then everyone could learn the way? To squeeze fun out of every day. They put bandanas in their hair and they think in a way that's"
  • Hey Tom - Rita Redshoes
    "Hey Tom, do you know for how long I've been running to? It's time to go home To rise the sun, to bring the truth You want to make me cry You want to watch me die But you don't have the strength So come"
  • Tom Dooley - Doc Watson
    "Hang your head, Tom Dooley, Hang your head and cry; You killed poor Laurie Foster, And you know you're bound to die. You left her by the roadside Where you begged to be excused; You left her by the roadside, Then"
  • Peeping Tom - Sex Appeal
    "Its late at night Im on my way through the park Its the only way home I hear a noise in the dark Someone is watching me (Baby Im a spy and you wont see me) Maybe its my fantasy (I will follow you"
  • Tom Courtenay - Yo La Tengo
    "Julie Christie, the rumors are true As the pages turn, my eyes are glued To the movie star and his sordid life Mr. Ex and his old-suffering wife I spent so much time dreaming about Eleanor Bron In my room"
  • Tom Jones International - Tom Jones
  • Tom tom - The Stooges
    "Hey little oneYou've got the wayI ain't doing nothin'That's so importantI'd like to know how you dealOh when I worry to darkenIf I can't get in your showI'll take my tom tom and goYeah, yeahYeah, yeahWhile"
  • Tom - Chevelle
    "And I don't think I'd like to feel this; I wanna make the cravings stop now. So pretty now Many forces coming down I lied now Yes another's 'so much' are few And they carry bottles with messages"
  • Look Through My Eyes - Phil Collins
    "There are things in life you learn And oh in time you'll see It's out there somewhere It's all waiting If you keep believing So don't run Don't hide It will be alright You'll see Trust me I'll be there"
  • Look through my eyes - Most do Terabithii
    "There are things in life you'll learn In time you'll see Cause out there somewhere It's all waiting If you keep believing So dont run, Dont hide It will be all right You'll see, Trust me I'll be there"

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