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Til the sun rise up

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Til the sun rise up

  • Rise - Grinderman
    "I know where the bodies are, I buried them myself. I'm coming down from off the hill to terminate your health. I am not a peaceful man when lightning leaps up from my hand. Something in your smiling eyes"
  • Rise - The Cult
    "You are the sun, I am the flame You are the blood, I am the same We are the love that rises again They are the snake that bites on your veins (We are not chained to the wheel) You are the tear, I have"
  • Rise - Saves The Day
    "Lets call it off ive had enough of the games if you could see into me all my veins are tangled up tied in knots My heart beats slowly now, it's emptying into the streets Swirling straight away down"
  • Rise up - Nylons
    "Rise up rise up Oh rise and show your power Rise up rise up Dance into the sun Rise up rise up It's time for celebration Rise up rise up Spirits time has come Spirits time has come We want lovin' and laughter"
  • Rise Up - Teflon
    "(Teflon) Only escape is the relentess hip-hop, rap apprentice out for blood All you wannabe thugs keep your distance What's the matter, my insight might shatter your windpipe You now ignite it and recite"
  • Rise - Bad Brains
    "Did you ever question any of the things They thought while you were at school? And did you ever question, "Oh my teacher Why do you take me for a fool?" Rise up, you got to rise up, wake up and rise When"
  • Rise - Alison Mosshart
    "my eyes are wide open we can make it to the other side our love is on rolling is jus love in mind we 're both wonder broken certain back we have die on a day much like this one we gonna get back home we"
  • Rise - American Hi-Fi
    "I dont know what I can take Can you feel the pressure break Ive been getting by on nothing How long so long Feeling like I lost my vision Transmission full of dead ambition Kinda sorta gotta get it together I"
  • Rise - American Hi Fi
    "I don't know what I can take Can you feel the pressure break I've been getting by on nothing How long so long Feeling like I lost my vision Transmission full of dead ambition Kinda sorta gotta get it together"
  • Rise - VanVelzen
    "So you've lost control You think that life is after you It feels like drowning in the crowd And your sun is down and out Now you've lost your soul Your blue eyes getting darker everynight You don't even"
  • Rise - Public Enemy
    "Yeah that's right Chuck man, that's what you gotta do You got to tell 'em JUST LIKE THAT, you know what I'm sayin? Cause yo, man let me tell you a little somethin man All these brothers around here fiendin"
  • Will the sun rise - Stratovarius
    "Throwing my dreams out of my mind casting them into the sky. Canceling tasks I've delayed for so long now it's do or die. I can't be seen I can't be heard but I am here and I am wondering. Will the sun"
  • Rise Like The Sun - K-OS
    "(all original rude boys know what do I, so heed warning as I stand before you without sorrow, driven eternally by the immortality of blackness, which leaves me confused when gangstas die today, the"
  • The Sun Will Rise Again - Rob Rock
    "You've got to break from the past You've got to leave it behind you You know the feeling won't last Don't let emotions confine you No matter what we have to face The sun will shine again Although"
  • Til - The Angels
    "Till the moon deserts the sky Till the all the seas run dry Till then I'll worship you Till the tropic sun turns cold Till this young world grows old My darling, I'll adore you You are my reason to live All"
  • Ain't Goin' Down (Til The Sun Comes Up) - Garth Brooks
    "Six o'clock on Friday evening Momma doesn' t know she's leaving 'Til she hears the screen door slamming Rubber squealin' gears a jamming Local country station just a blaring on the radio Pick him"
  • Ain't Goin Down Til The Sun Comes Up-Josh Gracin - American Idol
    "Six o'clock on friday evening momma don't know shes leavein til she hears the screen door slammin' rubber squeelin hears the jammin local country station just blarrin on the radio pick him up at 7 and"
  • Rise up - Bless The Fall
    "Keep your eye focused this time, keep us in front of your sights, I've waited long for this, now it's our time for bliss, I just hope we have the time. I stand broken, please god hear my cries, he"
  • Rise Up - 52 Dębiec feat. The Old Cinema
    "Hans: Taa. T-O-C, 52 Dębiec Jak palcem po wodzie, maluję po swych czarnych myślach. Poluję na inspiracje w pismach, i wszystkich pięknych umysłach Taa. Mam fobie Skonfliktowany sam ze sobą w sobie, a to"
  • Rise Up!! Rise Up!! - Cursive
    "dear preacher, thanks for making time for me today hope you don't mind if i hide behind the curtain it's been fifteen years since my last confession by your good book's standards, i've sinned like a champion but"

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