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Till you miss someone

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Till you miss someone

  • To Miss Someone - Maria McKee
    "I've been keeping busy since we've said goodbye But all I do is think about you The days are quick, the nights are long I feel them tick, I watch them crawl I'm petrified of running out of things to do 'Though"
  • Till You Return - Scott Walker
    "We said goodbye and so will part, but I'll still hold you in my heart. I love you, I love you, I'll miss you, till you return. I hope you write me every day, I'll suffer so when you're away. I love you,"
  • Someone - Earshot
    "And if you could make up for every single time you lied I'd probably whisper this hello, goodbye and so it begins and gets harder each and every time I start to reminisce I never seem to ever find someone"
  • Someone - Lee Greenwood
    "Love should mean so much But the only kind I touch Was incomplete Till the moment I found you That's the moment that I knew (chorus) There's someone like me Who still believes something's are meant to"
  • Someone - Air Supply
    "When you first found love Was it all that you had wanted For a thousand lonely years Was the memory so sweet Now your scented touch Brings me back to the enchanted The shadows fade away The gypsy is complete Chorus:"
  • Someone - SWV
    "(Puff) Lookin' at my Rollie, it's about that time For SWV to drop a jam on mine Playa's talk the talk but they can't walk it We make the whole country bounce when we New York it Don't speak about it, be"
  • Someone - Hoover
    "Tell me baby Tell me, where did you sleep last night I heard noises in the cupboard Were you trying to hide Because you should know how much I hate this If you were, I'll hit your hiding place till sunrise And"
  • Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem
    "I wish that we could talk about it But there, that's the problem With someone new I could have started Too late for beginnings The very little things that made me nervous Are gone in a moment I miss the"
  • Miss You - Grace VanderWaal
    "Hey! there's something that I think you should know Something that's really important to me You know we used to hang out whether it was sun, rain or snow Talking to you used to be a breeze Can someone"
  • Miss You - Familiar 48
    "I needed someone to be here all along Not any time in between I must have waited but the hours of bliss Were hours I've never seen One lie could end it all This breath could be our last one It seems a"
  • Miss you - Silbermond
    "Night is over you are gone Im lookin for a way to show you that Im lost without you Ill never doubt you and Id stay forever by you side DARLIN, ITS TRUE GIRL, I MISS YOU CANT YOU SEE IM SLOWLY GOIN INSANE"
  • Miss you - Smokie
    "Now that you have gone awayYou've found someone else to sayThe same thing too never will believe inBut how was I to knowBut you were never really so in love with meAs it was me who did the givingNow I'm"
  • Miss You - Maria
    "I know i told you i don't feel the way i used to I know i said things that were hard to accept from me But please believe that now tha pain's catching up with me Tell me how can i make you see That, baby,"
  • Miss You - The Notorious B.I.G.
    "Yeah, dedicatin' this to my nigga O We miss you nigga Goin out to all the niggas that died in the struggle Word up, shit is real in the field You know, sparkin' blunts for all you niggaz Word up Each"
  • Till then - Rick Astley
    "(Time Stands Still)I've been away for such a long timeEvery day I miss youAll those long and lonely nightsCounting the hours till I'm with youTill thenI'll keep holding onPraying I'm not wrongHoping that"
  • You Don't Miss Your Water (Till Your River Runs Dry) - Richard Hawley
    "In the still of the night I call out your name You know and nothing feels right And it wont do again You say you're gonna leave me now You're turned away on your side, you kill the light from my eyes You"
  • Have You Met Miss Jones? - Frank Sinatra
    "(Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) "Have you met Miss Jones?" someone said as we shook hands, She was just Miss Jones to me. And then I said, "Miss Jones, you're a girl who understands I'm a man who must"
  • Have You Met Miss Jones? - Robbie Williams
    "Have you met Miss Jones Someone said as we shook hands She was just Miss Jones to me Then I said Miss Jones You're a girl who understands I'm a man who must be free. And all at once I lost my breath And"
  • Have You Met Miss Jones? - Ella Fitzgerald
    "It happened I felt it happened I was awake I wasn't blind I didn't think I felt it happened now I belive in matter over mind. And now you see we mustn't wait the nearest moment that we marry is too late! Have"
  • Have you met miss Jones - Ray Charles
    "It happened I felt it happened I was awake I wasn't blind I didn't think I felt it happened Now I belive in matter over mind. And now you see we mustn't wait The nearest moment that we marry is too late!"

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