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Time our live

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Time our live

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Time our live
  • Our Lady Peace Our Time Is Fading
    "played live during Gravity tour Cut my wings, I'm growing them back today Tomorrow's uptight, tomorrow's a bribe, tomorrow's not today So I don't want to feel alive I don't want to touch the sky"
  • Kino It's our time, our turn
    "We wanna see further than windows across the street We wanna live, we wanna have our nine lives Here we are, we claim our rights, oh yes we do! Can you hear the rustle of our coats-here we arre! CHORUS"
  • Madrugada Our Time Won
    "Don't know when they put me in the ground I don't know if I was left alone All thet matters that I follow you On my way to the unknown bound. It's cold baby but I'm not afraid I feel lost my life swept"
  • Loft Live Our Father's Teaching
    "This is the time of all times When man should be compelled to choose To choose between good and evil Be ... free... all the children of man Because the light of the ... shines in the heart of all"
  • Paul van Dyk feat Vega Time of our lives
    "There's a time for us to let go there's a time for holding on a time to speak, a time to listen there's a time for us to go there's a time for laying low-down there's a time for getting high a time for"
  • Story Of The Year Our Time Is Now
    "Today will be the day to start rising up and fighting back And from this moment on we will live our lives With open hearts and open eyes Just keep pushing forward We take control, we take control Keep"
  • Paul Van Dyk Time Of Our Lives
    "There's a time for us to let go There's a time for holding on A time to speak, a time to listen There's a time for us to grow There's a time for laying low down There's a time for getting high A time for"
  • Paul Van Dyk feat. Vega 4 Time Of Our Lives
    "There's a time for us to let go There's a time for holding on A time to speak, a time to listen There's a time for us to grow There's a time for laying low down There's a time for getting high A time for"
  • Styx Waiting For Our Time
    "Looking up from where I stand I see the vapor trail Of a jet plane in the sky Here the wheel is in my hand But there's no wind in my sails And life is drifting by Still I hold on and wait I know it's"
  • Dragonforce Heroes Of Our Time
    "Lost in a dream, Finally it seems... Emptiness and everlasting madness. See the sadness grow, Watching as we know, Long before our journey for the world! Call for us, The power in all of us! So far beyond"
  • Iron Butterfly The Time Of Our Lives
    "Listen to the clock beat as it ticks out time away, And listen to the birds' laughter as they live for today, And listen to the heart beat as it beats our lives away. These are the things that we hear"
  • Kris Ros Our Time
    "Love Work Rest Repeat Every Day Is The Same But I Know Now Better Days Will Come The Days, When The Sunrise Gets You High Two Lovers Living In July This is Our Time Baby, Take Me Home This is Our Time,"
  • John Hiatt Our Time
    "'''Our Time''' I Traced Your Arms As You Laid Spread Out On The Sunday Paper Looked Like The Crime Scene Of An Angel Ghost I Heard The Gate Clatter To On The Elevator I Wrapped Myself Up In It Like A"
  • Simon Townshend Our Time
    "Waking up in the battle zone Led to believe it's all for the good of the home Collect your medal walking out the door Made the insane mistake choosing to be born We do these things because there are things"
  • Tyler Hilton Our Time
    "There's a rule in the book that says It's got to be fun I hate to admit but my feelings have changed Everybody expects to hear a love song Love can't come from something baby that never was And I'm leavin"
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs Our Time
    "I may be dead honey but i was left with my eyes and underneath sugar well i've been stung by your lies and my heart baby is cold and blue We're two of a kind baby Me and You It's our time sweet baby To"
  • Lily Allen Our Time
    "It’s 2 am so I just stopped the music I’m still swaying like always on a cruise ship Til the world straight out on my mouth Come on everybody back to my house Take my hand now, you’re coming over It doesn’t"
  • Amanda Jenssen Our Time
    "There is no room for love Wondering what we're made of Silence is all I've got There is no room for us Needles or thread Love me instead Dance to a cry for help Soon will not be enough What's gonna keep"
  • Blutengel Our time
    "There was a time I thoughtAll my dreams came trueBut you found a way to hurt meyour love is gone...Sometimes you want me when I hate your touchSometimes you kissed me - I didn't feel so muchYou cannot"
  • Rhett Miller Our Love
    "Richard Wagner's letters to his lover Mathilde were a mess He should have quit before he had written the address They made love on the mezzanine her husband was his friend Vienna in a fugue-state working"

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