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Time to Learn

  • Learn - Dizzee Rascal
    "Like who the fuck are you, Yer, who the fuck are you, Is it recording yer, I come direct and i inject, And im expecting your respect, I'm a baller, you've been checked, Im the kinda kid you can't detect"
  • Time To Learn - Charlie Landsborough
    "The hand is cold that once held mine I can't believe you've really left this world behind I can't wait I can't hope I'll get over you in time It takes time to learn when someone's gone for good They're"
  • Learn to obey - The Exies
    "Your children will learn to obey and will replace your in thisLife of slavery.Interrogations and equations, they will never teach theFormulas.Shut up and hear this lesson, learn to obey!!!Your time is"
  • Learn To Fly - Treat
    "You took it for granted till it came undone never thought you'd loose so much so young The tears on your pillow tell more than the tale gotta get some wind beneath your sail Cause in time you'll see it's"
  • Learn To Fly - A1
    "When you feel the dream is over Feel the world is on your shoulders And you lost the strength to carry on Even though the walls may crumble And you find you always stumble through Remember never to surrender"
  • Learn To Fly - Shannon Noll
    "When you feel the dream is over Feel the world is on your shoulders and you've lost the strength to carry on Even though the walls may crumble and you find you always stumble through remember never to"
  • Learn To Fly - Procol Harum
    "(G.Brooker / K.Reid / M.Fisher) You and me got a chance to make things right The writing... the writing's on the wall You and me got a chance to turn things 'round We got no time... the future's slipping"
  • Learn To Breathe - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "Sometimes I just want to run away, From all the things you say to me, Feelings are ok to me... And I just want to find a place, Where no one sleeps, we're all awake, And take the time to get away... I"
  • Learn To Forget - Sonique
    "Oohhh The selfish way I've learnt to live With it all take and none left to give It's strange the change we're left to face When love is gone I find myself back at square one I gotta learn to forget There's"
  • Willing To Learn - Tower Of Power
    "Why do I feel like there is now tomorrow, baby Sometimes I think that we're destined for sorrow But maybe we might make it With a just one more day I'm, I'm just trying to tell you, baby I'm willin' to"
  • Learn To Hate - Silverchair
    "I wanted to be friends with her too So my relationship could be the same as yours I hated everyone just like you Hating you should be introduced as a new law Take the time to learn to hate Come and join"
  • You Learn - Alanis Morissette
    "I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone I recommend walking around naked in your living room Swallow it down (what a jagged little pill) It feels so good (swimming in your stomach) Wait until"
  • You Learn - Alanis Morissete
    "Alanis Morissete Miscellaneous You Learn You Learn Alanis Morissette Album: Jagged Little Pill Ooh, ooh, ooh... I, recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone, yeah I, recommend walking around naked"
  • Live & Learn - Crush 40
    "Can your feel life moving through your mind Looks like it came back for more - yeah yeah yeah Can you feel time slipping down your spine You try and try to ignore, yeah But you can hardly swallow Your"
  • Learn Chinese - Jin
    "Yeah I'm chinese, and what? (Another preview of Jin album) Yeah you know who this is, Jin, and let me just tell you this The days of the pork fried rice and the chicken wings comin to ur house by me is"
  • Live & Learn - Michael W. Smith
    "Michael w. smith Never should have tasted that forbidden fruit Tell me why do I always do What I don't want to do Now, I'm the only reaper of the seeds that I sow And when I walk the field of my stubborn"
  • Learn - Lamb
    "Learn Are you feeling lost and lonely ? You needn't be Like you've lost all hope and your sanity Oh you needn't be If we only have one turn In this life we have to learn Carrying the world on your"
  • Learn To Learn - Melanie Garside
    "now if i were to catch this moment i'd be storing myself in a jar that i saw long ago on your windowsill it reflected the moon and the stars and inside that small world i was safe there keeping small in"
  • Learn To Love Again - Familiar 48
    "Constant yearning, constant pain For you I hunger, for you I remain But all I wanted was your time But what you gave me wasn't enough Well I can't learn to live this way If you turn and walk away I will"
  • Learn to let go - Norbert Legieć
    "That shitty weather  Mornings at the door Favorite sweater I Dont have it anymore 
 Couting sheep under candy skies Losing sleep over bloodshot eyes 
 Remember 16? Hidin from the cops Sick off whiskey,"

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