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Time will be free

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Time will be free

  • Will be free - DJ's @ Work
    "We will be free, free, free. Ouhooo, ouhooo, yeah, We'll be free, uh yeah, Let us fall down into the sky, To another world we will fly, There's no limit on our way, Always and together, Every day. Travel"
  • Free - Will Young
    "Don't you see how I fight it Trying to hide from a life of real pain Maybe time has allowed it Feeling the feel when I'm hearing your name Cos you decide how I survive Do you realise inside oh Just how"
  • Free Time - Michael Penn
    "I won't ever get used to this A blank spot temptations do resist. The other shoe will drop just an aftershock Nice hat; you look like a referee Nice watch; but why are you timing me? Its spring has come"
  • Be Free - Elan
    "You think you have the secret information but you never sent the magic invitation. You think every little thing you see is just as plain and simple as it seems You fell out of line, you see no crime. And"
  • Be free - Jennifer Paige
    "Have you ever felt something that youve got to get out, let it outEver wanna know someone from the inside out, what theyre aboutYou never know what life will bringTry and you just might be surprisedCHORUSBe"
  • Time To Be Free - Andre Matos
    "Falling drops against the window I took a while to feel awake Moving clouds is this dream never end Memories haunt me again Hear a voice It sounds like water Visions make me slip away All around,the forest"
  • Free - William Hung
    "I always knew that I would be the one Be the one Escape the nightmare I made through my mind I sit and think about you all the time All the time I hope and pray that soon the day will come Free I wanna"
  • Free - Lee Ryan
    "(Free, free, free, free)Did you make the same mistake as IThrow your life away for one prizeSplit your tongue into regret the lieYou told that led you down this winding roadSaw a picture in my dreamsAnd"
  • Free - Jack Johnson
    "Free (Donavon Frankenreiter & Jack Johnson) Well we could, let this love be the fading sky And we could , drift all night until the new sunrise Pass me a drink, or maybe two One for me and one for you And"
  • Free - Donavon Frankenreiter
    "We could let this love be the fading sky We could drift all night until the new sun rise Pass me a drink or maybe two One for me and one for you And we'll be Free, Free Free, Free Here comes corner winds"
  • Free - Chantal Chamandy
    "she smiles it's another day no one knocked on her door today she hugs her children, tries not to cry a glass of wine to forget the day she writes him a letter hey baby everything's ok (just come"
  • Free - Bosson
    "Everybody need something to believe in Everybody need something to put their trust in Some with luck, put their faith in love Some show off and let the money talk Some look up, read the stars above Some"
  • Free - Maria Mena
    "I`ve been walking around all day, thinking I think i have a problem, I think I think too much I`ve been tought to hold back my tears and avoid them But you`ve made pain into something I could touch I`ve"
  • Free - Nate Ultra
    "Where did we go wrong where did we loose our faith my brother is in me but he can't depend on me you think give more love a try maybe you could find a better friend than any other if you gave more than"
  • Free - Mara Mena
    "I've been walking around all day, thinking I think I have a problem I think I think too much I've been taught to hold back my tears and avoid them but you've made pain into something I could touch I've"
  • Free - Cross Movement
    "I wanna know if you wanna know which way to go It's a narrow road, and if you carry loads, you can be set free I don't care about the car you drive... are you alive? This is do or die, so you and I need"
  • Free - Second Coming
    "Mothers and belief will make you rich So say the doctors and priests Mother abused me when I was weak God stood behind her in line I got a line on a different point of view (As you can well imagine) I"
  • Free - Ultra Nate
    "Where did we go wrong Where did we lose our faith My brother is in need But can he depend on me Do you think if one of you tried Maybe you could find A better friend than any other If you gave more than"
  • We Will Be Free ( Eurovision 1994 ) - Frances Ruffelle
    "Walk into the box Let your secrets out Time for confession Purify your soul Denounce the devil from within No time for aggression Don't wait up in vain Love has lost its way We live in segregation"
  • Free Will - Tait
    "To the maker of this house The holder of the key I gave You my heart But held some back for me Someday I would give You Everything I am But I stole my road to freedom I took the key and ran Disconnected"

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