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Tinashe - "Cold Sweat"

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Tinashe - "Cold Sweat"

  • Faded Love (ft. Tinashe) - Tinashe
    "you and that faded love I love /4x you and that faded love I love /4x you and that faded love I love /4x you and that faded love no don’t give me your name no I don’t need your number saved in my phone just"
  • Cold Sweat - Tinashe
    "I like being alone I'm out here, spend plenty of time on your own Cause the city ain't kind Other people who sign up for judgin' but can't take no Complacent This ain't a place to be making friends they"
  • ONLY (ft. Tinashe) - ZHU
    "all me, mama, put it on me I’m her child, I am the only living life on my own, own lonely, I grew up feeling lonely even when I am whit homies it’s just not enough, enough for someone to need your loving I"
  • 5 AM (ft. Tinashe) - Calvin Harris
    "Tryna live my life any way I like it Never let a sump mess up my eye lid Something 'bout, they hit me by surprise She, feelin' hella sprung, if you with it then you got it I've been waitin' up, nothin'"
  • How Long (ft. Tinashe) - Davido
    "[?] How low would you go, for me? How long would you wait? How long would you stay /2x Can you feel the strings in the guitar? Can you order bottles from the bar? Tell that sexy girl, she's pretty girl"
  • Slumber party (ft. Tinashe) - Britney Spears
    "I think I see confetti from this potion Pillow fights and feathers, overdosing' Smells like a cologne and candy lotion Like a slumber party Sheets all on the floor just like an ocean Building up your fortress"
  • Quit You (ft. Tinashe) - Lost Kings
    "Tell me if i’m right Cuz i’ve been thinking Every time That you reply That you’ve been drinking Cuz the only time you think of me Is when the sun is down Down Pour another glass That keep on fucking me"
  • Flame - Tinashe
    "Cold in the night When I hold you close Searching your eyes But you’re gone like a ghost And I said: “Baby, you can put it on me Coz I know I don’t make it easy” My body hurts with every heart beat Just"
  • Player (ft. Chris Brown) - Tinashe
    "Live life like if I want, I do If I want love, I get it, get it, I get it Fooled me twice, if I fall for you If I go there, forget it So you better stay up, player Yeah, you better keep up, player Cause"
  • Body Language (feat. Usher & Tinashe) - Kid Ink
    "It's not that a lot that you've been saying Wo-oh But I can tell from your body language Let's talk about it Is you 'bout it? Let's talk about it We'll talk about it You ain't gotta say too much She"
  • All Caught Up (feat. Tinashe) - GTA
    "Take me into your arms, I’m gonna keep you all caught up, no! Deeper into your heart I’m gonna keep you all caught up, no! All caught up, all up, I’m gonna keep you caught up Deeper into your heart Take"
  • Freal Luv (ft. Chanyeol & Tinashe) - Far East Movement x Marshmello
    "Freal Luv (4x) Know no limits, to feel the truth When the world stops spinnin, I'll know it's you Searching all night, like a spotlight For the one to show Could it be you, could it be me Only way to"
  • Lean On Me (feat. Tinashe) - Cheat Codes
    "I don’t even know what day it is I don’t even know the time But these seconds are irrelevant When you’re by my side There’s somethingg aout your body Babye, i could si pit on ice But i can never get wenough"
  • Text From Your Ex (ft. Tinashe) - Tinie Tempah
    "I got a text from your ex, boy She said to look through your texts, boy I’m not the kind of girl to snoop but I had a feeling to And now I’m looking form my next boy See, I got a text from your ex-girl And"
  • Drop That Kitty (feat. Charli XCX and Tinashe) - Ty Dolla $ign
    "Drop that kitty down low Pop that kitty down low Shop that like a window I'm gonna make you explode Drop that kitty down low Pop that kitty down low Take that video phone Drop that kitty down low Drop"
  • All My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance The Rapper) - Snakehips
    "We open with the vultures, kissing the cannibals Sure I get lonely, when I'm the only Only human in the heaving heat of the animals Bitter brown salt stinging on my tongue and I I will not waiver, I will"
  • DUELE EL CORAZON (English Version) ft. Tinashe, Javada - Enrique Iglesias
    "[ Lyric Video] Solo en tu boca Yo quiero acabar Todos esos besos Que te quiero dar A mi no me importa Que duermas con el Porque se que suenas Con poderme ver mujer Que vas a hacer decidete Pa’ ver Si"
  • Tot - Candlemass
    "Dark clad waters, still warm shrouds Doomsday warning from the men in the clouds Lily's weep over light that fled Words were carved in my arm by the dead Grim like war, foul like tar Corroded fragments"
  • Sweethearts & Quot ; - Camper Van Beethoven
    "'cause he's always living back in dixon Circa 1949 And we're all sitting at the fountain, at the five and dime 'cause he's living in some b-movie The lines they are so clearly drawn In black and white"
  • Cold - Cold
    "Looking back at me I see That I never really got it right I never stopped to think of you I'm always wrapped up inThings I cannnot winYou are the antidote that gets me by Something strong like a drug that"

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