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Tiny Tiny

  • Tiny Tiny Melody - Rie Fu
    "I know that everybody wants to be what they want to see nakiyanda bakari no sorashimen wa mada ame de shimetteru I know that everybody wants to be what they want to see kuyashii omoi bakarikimi ni aezu"
  • Tiny Explosions - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "Fire up the womantone And drown the brown sound Wire up the dynamite It tore me apart I had a lovely time Lovely time Lovely time Tiny explosions Tiny explosions, oh yeah Tiny explosions Tiny explosions,"
  • Tiny Town - David Byrne
    "It's a tiny town, you can hang around with me It's a tiny town, and ev'rybody knows what you been doin' So don't you mess around, 'cause it's a tiny town, Teeny weeny town, tiny town, tiny town And ev'ry"
  • Tiny Monster - Abney Park
    "Conceived in darkness, late at night The creature turns out the light Slowly, creeping near Whispering in her ear They take there cloths off, kiss her neck Her nerves are trembling, she's a wreck Backs"
  • Tiny Monsters - Abney Park
    "Conceived in Darkness, late at night, the creature turns out the light. Slowly, creeping near, whispering in her ear. They take there cloths off, kiss her neck, her nerves are trembling, she's a wreck, Backs"
  • Tiny Doctors - They Might Be Giants
    "I'm never sad anymore since the day I found out something about myself Now I know that I have a thing in me I can say I'm in the clear (2x) Tiny, tiny doctors, doctors Swimming in my veins Taing care"
  • Tiny montgomery - The Band
    "Well you can tell ev'rybodyDown in ol' friscoTell 'em tiny montgomery says helloNow ev'ry boy and girl'sGonna get their bang'cause tiny montgomery'sGonna shake that thingTell ev'rybodyDown in ol' friscoThat"
  • Tiny Town - Tracy Byrd
    "I grew up in a tiny town. Sidewalks rolled up when the sun went down, and we played in the streets 'till my mom said come in, in that tiny town. My dad ran a station by the railroad track. Half his life spent"
  • Tiny Song - Suck For Sympathy
    "This is a tiny little song About a things that are going wrong About governments And presidents For whom we wrote this song This is a tiny little tune About a things that are going soon About Vaticans And"
  • Tiny Voices - Box Car Racer
    "I've been all pinched up since Saturday I've run my self dry of excellence Sixteen long years in-hale the bullshit in Whatever I said on Saturday Whatever I did I'll do it all again Nineteen marks up walls Each"
  • Tiny Little - Tub Ring
    "when the sun sets in the evening and you've still more mouths to feed you may find yourself with a basket of bread a tiny little piece is all you need when your journey's blocked by water and you"
  • Tiny Tears - Tindersticks
    "You've been lying in bed for a week now Wondering how long it'll take You haven't spoke, or looked at her in all that time It's the easiest line you could break She's been going round her business as usual Always"
  • Tiny Town - Shelly Fairchild
    "Here we go again On this telephone line Everytime we talk I always end up cryin You're always telling me about what I'm missing If I came back there I'd only end up wishing Mamma I can come home"
  • Tiny Montgomery - Bob Dylan
    "Well, you can tell everybody Down in ol' Frisco Tell 'em Tiny Montgomery says hello. Now, every boy and girl's Gonna get their bang 'Cause Tiny Montgomery's Gonna shake that thing Tell everybody"
  • Tiny Voices - Bad Religion
    "The brown and orange sky holds its breath As the sun retreats to the distant horizon And our hearts palpitate anxiously as we soon will lay supine And wait for sleep to overcome us And from somewhere in"
  • Tiny Teddy - Headstones
    "He was alive, he was electric Became a legend as the years went by He was a liar but I accept it I mean he was a legend in my own mind We were reckless, lived on impulse Every second was something to"
  • Tiny Dancer - Almost Famous
    "Blue jean baby, L.A. lady, seamstress for the band Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you'll marry a musician Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand And now she's in me, always with me, tiny dancer"
  • Tiny Sparrow - Nana Mouskouri
    "Come on, you fair and tender maiden Be carefull how you court young men They're like the stars On a summer's morning First they appear and then they're gone If only I were a tiny sparrow And I had wings And"
  • Tiny Girls - Iggy Pop
    "Well the day begins You don't want to live 'Cause you can't believe In the one you're with 'Cause you know her tricks And you know her past When she makes a face You just have to laugh And you feel like"
  • Tiny Echoes - Joseph Arthur
    "Sometimes i feel like giving up Giving in to the dark Sometimes i feel like crying out Trying to speak from my heart I wish you could hold me here Give a reason whats it's for I would try to become"

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