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Tion Wayne x ArrDee - Wid It

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Tion Wayne x ArrDee - Wid It

  • Wid It - Tion Wayne x ArrDee
    "Good gracious Bumper looking persuasive She saiif the lambo urus is spacious fam So much jail time on basic Darling, slow it down When you shake it She wid it You know that my girls from Naji She wid it Got"
  • Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) - KSI
    "oh nana you don’t wanna run whit me ah lala run up on man then squeeze easy peasy squeezy talking bad until you see me met man just like Houdini (then I pop up whit that bae) ayy /3x bring that ting to"
  • Tion - Vengeance Rising
    "Now I hope you know the lyrics 'Cause that's what's important anyway These are the words of the Most High God Understand what He says The rock below is solid so be sure you stand and you wont fall Under"
  • No Tion - Fifteen
    "It used to be that I knew exactly where I stood with you To tell the truth it wasn't all that bad But recently there's been change, and my whole life is rearranged Now I wonder what the hell we had To"
  • Slo-Mo-Tion - Marilyn Manson
    "You've got your hell's teeth Smiling at you It keeps your brain safe, As it all eats at your face And don't worry, We'll 'blur it out' and no one ever will know, No, oh oh oh This is my beautiful show And"
  • X - Liberty X
    "(X) Hey yeah (Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh) Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah (Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh) Ooh, hey (Let's go) (X, X, X, X) 6 to 5 I'm two times We're still around Working night and day We're still"
  • Push Feat. Lil' Wayne - Enrique Iglesias
    "(Lil' Wayne) Fly boy yeah right Hey mamma they call me Wheezy You should be with me I gotta pocket full of reasons Baby I can bless you when you ain't even sneezing I be at your rescue when you don't even"
  • Work Wid It - Sean Paul
    "Intro: Well I and I see di gal dem well well waan fi condemn! Yu dun know if dem have a problem Sean-a Paul will solve dem!...How you mean ! Du.. Du.. Du.. Du.. Dutty Yow Well! Because a... Dutty"
  • Wayne Gretzky - Goldfinger
    "Wayne Gretzky, the only man I'd have sex with Wayne Gretzky, I'd be intimate with Wayne Gretzky, I think he's kind of sexy Wayne Gretzky, I wonder what he looks like naked Oh I wonder what it would be"
  • John Wayne - Billy Idol
    "You know you make me crazy And my mind is racing You're wastin' all my time Someone come and save me Oh, yeah 'Cause when I need you I can see through And I feel you Right now On my highway Doin' my way And"
  • Wayne Rivers - Toast Freak
    "Melodies interviening with feelings so revealing. I know you must be hurting, But let me know, Because I know. You cry your fire Confused and tired. Passion, desires These thoughts, unknown Can"
  • Bruce Wayne - Forget Cassettes
    "Age looks good on you It paints your face fey (?) As your eyes are the trophies They serve as proof That the years have been gracious Only at night as when we meet Just to flag, covered by a mystery (?) Tell"
  • X - Xzibit
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg) Yeah, ladies and gentleman Broadcasting live to you and yours It's Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit Yeah, bounce it Come on The first day of the rest of my life X stand behind the mic like Walker"
  • X - Ja Rule
    "(feat. Missy Elliott, Tweet) C'mon, let's get Pop in love I know you pop-u-lar Admitted the club But I just wanna toss you up Before I Swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion"
  • X - Kilgore
    "It's enough, it's enough to make you want to bust My response is My middle finger Raised up to the world I can't take anymore Settle down, take it easy Stand witness to your disease The raping of society Just"
  • X - Poisonblack
    ""(No)Hope!" T'was stone on my tongue So how did I expect you to understand Conceit grown too strong True love an excuse to submit, to demand Please take my hand and kill the sickness within me I'm sure"
  • Dance Wid Me - Hepcat
    "Come on, baby dance wid' me Come on, baby dance wid' me Come on, baby dance wid' me Come on, baby dance wid' me Now I know that you're not the type of girl To up and dance and make the crowd jump a-whirl To"
  • Wayne explains his deal - Lil Wayne
    "(feat Dj Drama) What's happening?The Hot Boy$ got some feelings they like to get off they chestAnd if these niggaz feel like we feel, then y'all niggaz realCause we feel like this here I feel like niggaz"
  • Wayne ho story skit - Lil Wayne
    "(feat. Baby) Listen...I'ma hundred percent hussla from my face to my feetMy lifetime cases the street, my dime places the streetUntil I wake and see another fuckin day is reliefI pray that he keep, I'm"
  • Ride wid us - So Solid Crew
    "Oi, aint that mega Wait wait, thats mega, in a TT, Roof down, wait, with a fucking afro comb in his head Wait a minute, from down my ends, blinging, Hes fucking dizzy blud, why me? Fucking dizzy blud "

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