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To be broken

  • Broken - Angela Ammons
    "You, you're everything I know I'm happy when I'm sad Through all the times we shared I never felt alone Now, I still can smell your skin I still can taste your kiss And that I'll always miss And"
  • Broken - Motorhead
    "You don't know the trouble you're in Linvin' in paradise, livin' in sin You better watch out baby one of these days Another man coming gonna change your ways Broken, broken truth must be spoken Can we"
  • Broken - Tears For Fears
    "Between the searching and the need to work it out I stop believing everything will be alright Broken We are broken I'm walking uphill being turned around and round Secret in motion when my feet are on"
  • Broken - Tracy Chapman
    "You can close your eyes And see the picture perfect life Inside o your mind Dreaming only of the days ahead Wanted and wished for more than now Or the days behind You waste your time The picture makes"
  • Broken - An Pierl
    "I'm broken All over Mean daylight While sleeping While sleeping Ding dong wishing/with a ship(?), nobody's going away I'm heading where storm lays its head Ding dong wishing/with a ship(?), going down"
  • Broken Inside - Broken Iris
    "Until the end of me I swear You'll be the death of me I dare You to cross the line again Because deep down inside there's something that waits to be Broken inside Feeling alive Forced to defy Who"
  • Broken - Gainsae
    "I blame you for anything and everything you've done to me because it was you who was there when it began Here I am with wounded hands on a road a road to nowhere there's something in my way I can't"
  • Broken - Elisa
    "Hard times flowing and my eyes couldn't see stars shining my heart couldn't feel the beauty of the rising sun and I'm lost like a bottle that floats in the sea forever will somebody pick up my hope? will"
  • Broken - Olivia D'Abo
    "You shut me down in shades of grey That ricocheted into endless, matter Your lucid eyes expecting me to stay You could not comprehend how, shattered i was Chorus I lie awake at night And think about the"
  • Broken - Robert Downey Jr.
    "In love with a broken heart You fell in love with a broken heart Love in these modern times There'll be someone new everynight With some other love yarn To wrap my harms around No one else can understand"
  • Broken - Robert Downey Jr
    "In love with a broken heart You fell in love with a broken heart Love in these modern times There'll be someone new every night With some other love yarn To wrap my harms around No one else can understand (Hold"
  • Broken - Millencolin
    "12 STONES: BROKEN alone again again alone patiently waiting by the phone hoping that you will call me home the pain inside my love denied hopes and dreams swallowed by pride everything i want it lies"
  • Broken - The Guess Who
    "Take the spell away and turn me back into a man An' give me credit, ya know I'm doin' all I can Grab onto somethin' that you think you can hold Grab onto somethin' 'cause you're growin' old Yes, I've"
  • Broken - Jack Johnson
    "With everything ahead of us We left everything behind But nothing that we needed At least not at this time And now the feeling that I'm feeling Well it's feeling like my life is finally mine With nothing"
  • Broken - Digga
    "Verse 1 Yours was the perfect love, I swear it was. Until I had your love, my world was cold. I did what most men do and I messed it up. But when I got you back, my world was whole. (The Player thing"
  • Broken - Kristy Starling
    ""You said I'd have no more than I can handle But everyday seems to be getting harder to make good Through You, You said that I could do anything, oh anything But sometimes, I feel like I can't do it at"
  • Broken - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "Ain't it true what they say Every dog has his day I never had mine I guess it was time Send me on down the line One piece at a time She got her way I bet it made her day Through me off to the side Took"
  • Broken - Tift Merritt
    "Once you were a straight shot, a shiny quarter in a new slot, Night would keep the dreams that you got for afternoon. Then telling the truth got so hard, we were dancing in the backyard, Once I knew the"
  • Broken - Scott Stapp
    "Why are we overcome with fear? What if I told you that fear isn't real. Why are we overcome with death? What if I told you my friends your doubt You could live without! There is a question I want to"
  • Broken - Melotron
    "All that I wanted All that I ever thought That I could be Laid in your hands I never thought That I would take it back Now I want to I want to For all the love I offered you And I thank you I thank you For"

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