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To jest Halloween

  • To Jest Halloween - Wiktoria Viki Gabor
    "W powietrzu zapach magi skrada się zmrok wszytko się może zdarzyć właśnie w taką noc brokat, make-up księżyca blask czarna sukienka zacznij sie bać jeszcze 2 zaklęcia ruszam na bal eliksir moich marzeń tajemnic"
  • Halloween - King Diamond
    "Oh It's Halloween Every Night To Me Is Halloween Like An Ancient Scene You Know Just What I Mean Halloween You Are My Pride Halloween Not Just A Dream The Moon Is Full, Another Perfect Day Has Begun Like"
  • Halloween - Blind Guardian
    "[3:22] Years ago I came back. This'll be my hardest attack. Burning fire in my brain. I can feel the deadly flame. You'll never make it, your blood I suck. Your fire's burning round my neck. Celebration,"
  • Halloween - Rob Zombie
    "Aw! Pack the moon with coffin, eyes so crazy for the dead she go-go in the devils house with a satan on the bed Freak on her like a maniac yeah go baby, go A Psycho-path and a poor white trash is all she'll"
  • Halloween - Status Quo
    "There's a chill in the air but I don't care I'm out and about tonight And out on the street ain't no place for me to be Changing faces in different places I'm everywhere you are I'm looking for you, you'd"
  • Halloween - Rage
    "Dark mountains, thunder and rain The lightning burns down the sky Wild creatures howling out in the night The fire's burning, hell has opened its gates Satan meets all his wifes They come from everywhere"
  • Halloween - Mudhoney
    "There's something shifting in the distance Don't know what it is Day as dead as night Except for the feeling That's crawling up inside of me As you sing your song As you swing along, and you It's"
  • Halloween - Dark Moor
    "Masquerade, masqueradeGrab your mask and don't be lateGet out, get outWell disguised heat and fever in the air tonightMeet the others at the store,Knock on other people's doorTrick or treat they have the"
  • Halloween - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "The night is still And the frost it bites my face I wear my silence like a mask And murmur like a ghost "Trick or Treat" "Trick or Treat" The bitter and the sweet The carefree days Are distant now I wear"
  • Halloween - Helloween
    "Masquerade, masquerade, Grab your mask and don't be late Get out get out well disguised Heat and fever in the air tonight Meet the others at the store, Knock on other people's door Trick or treat they"
  • Halloween - Dead Kennedys
    "So it's Halloween And you feel like dancin' And you feel like shinin' And you feel like letting loose Whatcha gonna be Babe, you better know And you better plan Better plan all day Better plan all"
  • Halloween - Aqua
    "(Telephone Rings) Hello? - Remember me? - Who's there? - I got your number! oh no no! - I'm back to haunt you! - No stay away! It's Friday night so creepy outside It's thundering and lightning there's"
  • Halloween - Aqua Teens
    "Hello? Remember me? Who's there? I've got your number Oh no, no I'm back to haunt you No, stay away Ha ha ha ha ha It's Friday night So creepy outside It's is thundering and lightning There's"
  • Halloween - Stephen Lynch
    "''This one's weird, 'cause I can only play it once a year.'' ''On Halloween.'' ''Scary...'' Thinking of all the cool creatures That I will meet... on this night. Ghosts and goblins and witches, Roaming"
  • Halloween - Ministry
    "Well I live with snakes and lizards And other things that go bump in the Night cos to me everyday is halloween I have given up hiding and started to fight I have started to fight well any time, Any place,"
  • Halloween - Japan
    "The cottage is windswept Now there's only sorrow here Follow evacuation signs You're detached and broken and so sentimental now Remembering how we passed our time Somebody waits for me Far beyond"
  • Halloween - Green Apple Quick Step
    "The yellow grass is growin' and creepy old broken trees. no one ever wants to stop by and see us on halloween. oh take me with you I'm already there watch me dig a hole in my backyard and bury e Ne there."
  • Halloween - Chris Garneau
    "I'm sorry he brought us there Me crying in my underwear On the morning, of Halloween Like a story out of people magazine I drove home, and fell asleep alone I'm sorry for crying Don't feel bad, you didn't"
  • Halloween - Ash
    "I moved in that very day The room was small but I liked it anyway You watched TV while I dreamed through my mind And the pregnant girl was busy all the time September and October passed me by I decided"
  • Halloween - Ryan Adams
    "Heart stops beating, all the words worth repeating She is dancing but not singing, is it maybe that she doesn't know the words? She's dressed up, but don't worry, she's got friends Snowflake eating,"

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