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To save your life

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To save your life

  • Fight to save your life - EleventySeven
    "Don't believe in everything that people try to tell youAnd don't buy into everything the market tries to sell youThey have no clue what's good for youWhen time is done and hope is goneWe'll still hold"
  • Fight To Save Your Life - Eleventy Seven
    "Don't believe in everything that people try to tell you And don't buy into everything the market tries to sell you They have no clue what's good for you When time is done and hope is gone We'll still hold"
  • Artificial life - Save Ferris
    "He's got a song about a love that's gone away Sometimes his eyes shed tiny teardrops when he plays His touching ballads are just there sitting to buy They call it music but it seems more like a lie Artificial"
  • Save Your Life - Army Of Me
    "Dear friends when you said that you'd been dropping bombs on your own head, it made me sad cause you're a man. You've got your own blood, your own hands. What you stole, what you took, could break a heart, could"
  • Waiting (Save Your Life) - Omnisoul
    "Haven't you had enough of my brain? It's on the table. I've got no more to say. If I bore you, get out of my way. This one's for you. So, cut me a break, 'cause I can't wait. I'm the same I was when"
  • Your life - Axel Rudi Pell
  • Your Life - Leanna
    "Is this your life? Howd you get here? Is this your life? Whats wrong here? Because youre smiles tried, its not even 10 am Singing Oh-a-oh-a-oh-a-oh-oh-ah-oh (Is this your life?) Everybodys comin,"
  • Your Life - Shaggy 2 Dope
    "YOUR LIFE - SHAGGY 2 DOPE Your karma... Its all about karma... (x2, then another x2 in background of next line) Your life, your life, your liiiii...i-iiii...i-ife VERSE 1 I awake, floatin 3 feet off"
  • Your life - MortiFication
    "Jesus Christ is the rises Saviour Escape the violent death Turn from your sin and worship Him Or you'll draw your last breath. Everything that has a beginning must end This world can't last much longer Jesus"
  • Your life - O.C.
    "Uhh, uhh Yeah, yeah Hah, hah U NAST and O.C. O.C. and U NAST Yeah, yeah Medina style, y'know? Commitin crimes with the rhymes, always on time Lampin on the Island with a honey that's a dime Sippin on wine,"
  • Your Life - Modest Mouse
    "Everyone's afraid of their own life. If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed. Am I right? No one really knows the ones they love. If you knew everything they thought, I bet you'd"
  • Life - Ahead To The Sea
    "I send a candle and a flame against the darkness and the fear I send the rising of a new day for the night to disappear I send you sunlight, rain and clouds for a rainbow in the sky I send the sea wind"
  • Soundtrack To Your Life - Ashley Parker Angel
    "(Verse) If you can hear me And know that im right here I heard your heartbeat It took away the fear Cuz my life is sliding I tried to ride the wave It came down crashing, it's time to start again Backwards"
  • Life To Life - Pete Townshend
    "Gotta let my heart learn to talk Must let my head learn to walk I must forget all the hopeless pain Must bring my life back to life once again Never let them see you crying Don't try to run before you"
  • Hang On To Your Life - The Doors
    "Sweet bird of prey you've gone below All soft and black it's time to grow Don't be afraid to touch the light Don't run from love in the starless night Hang on to your life it's begun now Hang on paradise"
  • A Toast To Your Life - Monster
    "Please tell me that it's not true Yes, there must be some mistake I still can't believe it Still think about you everyday We all try to pretend Or we never think it can happen to us But the truth is different No"
  • Go Back To Your Life - Angie Stone
    "Go on back to your life, the way it used to be before you met me. Stop holding on. Baby let it go, casue it ain't gon be different. We don't want to. And you. You've got so much goin' on. And i"
  • Hang On To Your Life - The Guess Who
    "Thinkin' bout the people gone by Screamin' that I don't wanna die You can push your head But don't you push it too far... Thinkin' bout it's here and it's real Wonderin' how I really should feel You can"
  • Your Life, My Life - Excel
    "Your Life, My Life Your Life, My Life Your Life. My Life Your Life, My Life What is this, what you say? Your road to life has been paved You think you're someone I should adore Because you say you got"
  • The only way to be - Save Ferris
    "Hello Everybody Guess what I just found Another wannabe, somebody Gonna' sell their body pound for pound Gonna' be a big star If they can get the chance But it takes more than talent In this high priced"

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