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To the floor

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To the floor

  • Floor - Hot Water Music
    "the rain is falling and my eyes are getting tired i hope i think to dream before i fall asleep i need to know who dies when we grow who pains when we gain what will it take to show when did it start"
  • To The Floor - Mariah Carey
    "(feat. Nelly) Oh, to the floor, everybody to the floor Neptunes To the floor, everybody to the floor MC, Nelly Baby, I don't want to let you think I'm I like to try ya, I think you so on fire Easy,"
  • To the floor - Jessica Mauboy
    "We go on, We go on, We just let the beat take us away until the early morn, I feel the music, deep in my body and I can't help it I just loose it, Even when everybody is watching I just, Break it"
  • The Floor - Buck 65
    "I can remember being seven years old Having goldfish that circled around in a bowl I would watch the forest burn and listen to the wind blow I remember the table, the drapes, and the window The dark brown"
  • Hardwood Floor - The Doors
    "Gonna tell your daddy that we need some dough We're gonna get married down in Mexico We got love, don't need no more But all we got to live on is a hardwood floor You know all we got to live on is a hardwood"
  • Fourth Floor - The Waifs
    "On the fourth floor of the building In a shallow window box She's digging in the soil with a silver spoon Her hands inside rubber gloves Planting seeds pulling out weeds The cycle of life is complete Who"
  • 45th Floor - The Doobie Brothers
    "Politician drivin' down the road Flashin' that smile that got him the vote. Here's another country girl, He's teachin' her about the world in his room On the 45th floor - get 'em all while they're"
  • 6th Floor - Spirit Of The West
    "At the corner of Elm and Northeast Houston Staring up at the Southeast window Someone circled allegedly I refuse to pay six bucks to see People posing on the grassy knoll How many was that just hime and"
  • Blood On The Dance Floor - Blood on the dance floor
    "Slash gash terror whore I like you better on the floor Sock it to me ultra hot Danger! Danger! On the spot On the bed, give me head Make you scream, "Candy cream" Scene sluts like it super rough That's"
  • Ocean Floor - Audio Adrenaline
    "The mistakes I've made That caused pain I could have done without All my selfish thoughts All my pride The things I hide You have forgot about They're all behind you They'll never find you They're"
  • 13th Floor - Ash
    "Its an unlucky number, But you're here to stay. A black cloud that your under, Everything out of phase. Can you fell the vibrations, Fell them getting strange. Circus, circus, convolutions, Staying up"
  • 14th Floor - Television Personalities
    "I'm looking down on London But there's little I can see Cos I'm living so high up And it looks so small to me And I'm feeling so frustrated Cos the lifts are out once more And when I get home from work"
  • Dance Floor - Robbie Williams
    "get on the dancefloor come on get on the dance floor oh yeh get on the dance floor and dance with me yeh its disco time lets dance to the beat now dish your arms with your hand and your feet come over"
  • Killing floor - Bruce Dickinson
    "So this is dreamtime, and all is quiet So this is dreamtime, and all is night You've never been held by the hand of God Who's rocking the cradle, if he is not? He turned the oil into his blood Panzer divisions"
  • Kill Floor - Galactic Cowboys
    "Man has got to work to eat, and this is what I do 5 days a week I'm at this place from 9 to 5, I get a salary for taking life They send 'em in, I send 'em out My hammer carries a lot of clout Blood doesn't"
  • Dirt Floor - Chris Whitley
    "There's a dirt floor underneath here To receive us when changes fail May this shovel loose your trouble Let them fall away Well, the mist shall be your blanket While the moss shall ease your head As the"
  • Dance Floor - T-Pain
    "I got the hat, I got the shoes, I got the outfit I go outside and pick the ride I'm gon' go out with But right before I hit the streets I gotta put on my dancing shoes in the mirror The hat, rock with"
  • 8th Floor - Regina Spektor
    "No ne waits for her inside the houseshe spots a stranger in the mirrorand the record spins her nearerto the outcome of her dayyou live inside the cityyou forget how tall the trees can geta bird sits on"
  • Dance Floor - Eve
    "Looking like u glued to your chair It's a party going on in here Don't u dare leave no stay I just wanna boogie baby Just take your time and ease your mind And Let the rhythm take control You need to"
  • Dance floor - Jagged Edge
    "JE Yall New Shit What yall Know about it JE Yall New Shit St Nick I see you sitting there Looking like u glued to your chair Its a party going on in here Dont u dare leave no stay I just wanna boogie baby"

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