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To the floor show

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To the floor show

  • Floor Show - Horror rocky
    "COLUMBIA It was great when it all began I was a regular Frankie fan But it was over when he had the plan To start working on a muscle man Now the only thing that gives me hope Is my love of a certain dope Rose"
  • Floor - Hot Water Music
    "the rain is falling and my eyes are getting tired i hope i think to dream before i fall asleep i need to know who dies when we grow who pains when we gain what will it take to show when did it start"
  • The Floor Show- Rose Tints My World - Rocky Horror Picture Show
    "It was great when it all began I was a regular Frankie fan But it was over when he had the plan To start a-working on a muscle man Now the only that gives me hope Is my love for a certain dope Rose tints"
  • To the floor - Jessica Mauboy
    "We go on, We go on, We just let the beat take us away until the early morn, I feel the music, deep in my body and I can't help it I just loose it, Even when everybody is watching I just, Break it"
  • The Floor - Buck 65
    "I can remember being seven years old Having goldfish that circled around in a bowl I would watch the forest burn and listen to the wind blow I remember the table, the drapes, and the window The dark brown"
  • Show - Titiyo
    "I live with the ghosts Upstairs on the fifth floor I give away most of my cares but they walk out the door I guess that it's time To give up all those bad ways And realize All that counts is our good days Show"
  • Hardwood Floor - The Doors
    "Gonna tell your daddy that we need some dough We're gonna get married down in Mexico We got love, don't need no more But all we got to live on is a hardwood floor You know all we got to live on is a hardwood"
  • 14th Floor - Television Personalities
    "I'm looking down on London But there's little I can see Cos I'm living so high up And it looks so small to me And I'm feeling so frustrated Cos the lifts are out once more And when I get home from work"
  • Dance Floor - Link 80
    "Dance floor its' my home away from home, the music's loud, I start to dance, I don't feel so alone, so much agression, but I don't hurt anyone, I go to the show, and I dance and have fun... I found it,"
  • Dance Floor - Jermaine Dupri
    "(feat. Lil Jon & Pastor Troy) (Lil' Jon) (JD) Hey, hey, hey Since we always ridin' for this city, aha We gotta switch it up this time, aha And ride for the ladies Let's do it, J-D (aha), talk to my ladies"
  • Hit The Floor - Big Ali
    "(Dollarman) And now it's really time to play (3x) (I've got the power!) 2x Everybody hit the floor Lets get it on You gotta move you body Don't stop, come on Now hit the floor Lets get it on You gotta"
  • On The Floor - Spitalfield
    "Just one last exploration, let's hit the town and watch it fade. Tonight is going nowhere. Lift me off the concrete. Save me... Please, put me back down on the floor and run me right over. Take"
  • On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez
    ": (Bronx!) Boogie down You know who this is (Yeah) On the six, uptown : Me and, my girls Ready to rock the party Slide in, the club Pickin' up everybody Places hoppin' and jumpin' (censored)"
  • Rush the floor - Massari
    "rewa crew Im'a make you rush the floor Fellas throw your hands up, Ladies touch your toes look, Im about to crush the flow fu u all Yeah i keep my friends around me Run and tell your friends about me make"
  • Hit The Floor - Mc Eiht
    "(feat. Daz Dillinger) We came in the door, said it before West Side, East Side when we hit the floor Got the paper for sure, got chronic galore And the ho's keep beggin us to blow some more Money"
  • Hit The Floor - Twista
    "(feat. Pitbull) Yea we gon' take it from the bottom to the windy city Miami's finest, Chi Town's finest Pitbull, Twista And we want all the women to... Boogie boogie boogie (go ahead baby) Boogie boogie"
  • Sweep The Floor - Elephant Man
    "We foot a BROOM! Sweep dem wey Ding Dong, Tornado, Ova March (Sweep!) Ding! (Sweep!) Pencilman! (Sweep!) Ravers! (Sweep!) Chicken & Beer! (Sweep!) Johnny Bravo! (Sweep!) Roses! (Sweep!) M.O.B.! (Sweep!)"
  • To The Floor - Mariah Carey
    "(feat. Nelly) Oh, to the floor, everybody to the floor Neptunes To the floor, everybody to the floor MC, Nelly Baby, I don't want to let you think I'm I like to try ya, I think you so on fire Easy,"
  • Take Me On The Floor - The Veronicas
    "The lights are out, and I barely know you We're going up, and the place is slowing down I knew you'd come around You captivate me, so you've almost got me I was lonely, now you make me feel alive will"
  • 18th Floor Balcony - Blue October
    "I close my eyes and I smile Knowing that everything is alright To the core So close that door Is this happening? My breath is on your hair I'm unaware That you opened the blinds and let the city in God,"

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