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To the light

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To the light

  • Light - The Benjamin Gate
    "I said a prayer for you tonight To be strong for the weak in heart I'll be the arms that hold you I will give the strength that you need (Chorus:) I'll be your, I'll be your, I'll be your light I'll be"
  • Light - Wendy And Lisa
    "Your mind Into a free flight Your heart A place that's so dark Come on people Stand up Got to shine your light Into your dark life Your love This light is made of Your life The warmth of sunlight Your"
  • Light - Kristin Hoffmann
    "Keeper of the shadow room Spent my night inside your gloom Paying you attention Cut my hair off in the rain Took my woman down again without even thinking You know that life doesn't have to be so painful"
  • Light - Alice Ripley
    "We need some light, first of all we need some light You can't sit here in the dark and all alone, it's a sorry sight It's just you and me, we'll live, you'll see Night after night we'd sit and wait for"
  • Light - Skylark
    "I - THE MISSION ORACLE: A prophecy was made that someday the time will come in which darkness will take hold of the world. But it is also written that one man will stand out and proudly fight against evil,"
  • Light - Ben Lee
    "You were the one that brings the weather You were a dream I've had forever You know exactly what I'm wishing Your gonna love me in to submission Feelings I had while at your feet those kinds of things"
  • Light - Michael Kiwanuka
    "We’re miles apart But safe from dramas You’re running from beyond the dawn We’ll always need one of their own To lead Shine your light over me Shine your light over me All of my fears are gone All of"
  • Light - Darren Hayes
    "Light It flickers Your light Travelling down so deep Illumination I have been cold, I have been blind You have come to change my mind I can put my faith in you Light It blisters Your light Coming down"
  • Light - Mango
    "Tell you bout a story that disappeared like a broken dream, fading on awakening why you are here, youve come back, isnt really clear as the winter wind blows and the summers breaking here, here with"
  • Light - Edith Frost
    "We'd switch the darkness Over into the light And wouldn't let sickness Take our closest friends Were we so wrong To want them here Now were we so wrong To want them here Take their misery over"
  • Light - Dr No
    "Sometimes I wonder what date we have is it tuesday or sunday 2003 or 2004? but what difference does it really make? who gives a damn? honey or jelly boots or snickers tennis or volleyball blond"
  • Light - Assemblage 23
    "I stand in a barren void that's featureless No sight or sound can penetrate at all Though silent storms may try to tear me down When dusk descends, I'll still be standing tall CHORUS To the ones who"
  • Light - Dr. No
    "Sometimes I wonder what date we haveis it tuesday or sunday 2003 or 2004?but what difference does it really make?who gives a damn?honey or jellyboots or snickerstennis or volleyballblond or dark hairsmart"
  • Light - KMFDM
    "Divine Inspiration Total Disallusion Instant Consecration Mind And Body Fusion Frontal Assault On The Seven Senses Orgasmic Waste Eccentric And Pretentious Kmfdm Doin' It Again A Treat For The Freaks Truth"
  • The Light - A Place to Bury Strangers
    "Heaven, heaven Do you remember the blackest moment Those blackest thoughts that rush? Do you remember when too much time When too much time was mine? These days they're all mine Do you recall when you"
  • Light The Light - Eternal Reign
    "Take a look in the mirror, what do you see? What makes you stare as if spellbound? Such a sad sight, the fading glory Could this be the end of the story? oh yeah Shivers running down your spine, darkness"
  • To The Light - Newton Faulkner
    "I'm taking a break Because I'm losing it again And I wan't to relate That you're thinking I'm insane Oh it's the same Another train Just sitting around With a racket in my brain And, could have everything"
  • The Light - The Proclaimers
    "You make it sound easy You say just hold your hand out don't you You just hold your hand out don't you That hope never leaves you 'Cos a light shines on that helps you to steer Makes everything clear (Well"
  • The Light - Michelle Tumes
    "All the people sitting in the darkness Shine the Light Stand up and share a little brightness Shine the Light In a world that grows so faint and dim I believe His light will enter in Everybody... Chorus:"
  • The Light - Emmylou Harris
    "(Kieran Kane/Emmylou Harris) I see the light I see the light at the end of the tunnel I see the light and it's burnin' bright I see the light it's the light at the end that I run to And the light, darlin'"

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