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Todd coconato hello morning

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Todd coconato hello morning

  • Hello Morning - Fugazi
    "Hello morning and the morning sun Lights up the damage that the damage's done Send a message you can understand We're time capsules in a garbage can Shelved with things that we used to use A box of candles"
  • Todd - I Voted For Kodos
    "Well you know that I'm a player, I always shoot to score When I go home with a girl, she doesn't know what she's in for I act like such a nice guy, but deep down I'm just a prick I know that it's deception,"
  • Todd - Belvedere
    "a big red stache you love your cars you love your girls you love the bars Dirk and Reid hooked them on coke along with Scotty the butt of jokes I saw you the other night you busted glass screamed fucking"
  • Hello - Take That
    "i'd watch the world go by in the morning loose myself in the the news, looks like the cost of houses are falling but i dont notice i'd write a long love song with no meaning and hope nobody would hear,"
  • Hello - The Bates
    "Woke up this morning and the streets were full of cars All bright and shiny like they'd just arrived from mars And as I stumbled through last nights drunken debris The paperboy screamed out the headlines"
  • Hello - T.I.
    "(feat. Governor) Hello.. Hey, what's happenin'? It's been a minute, huh? I'm just hollerin' How you doin? It's been a minute since I seen ya, I fell off for the scene, Cuz it seem like you wanted"
  • Hadh Ko Adab Ko Todd Ke - Sunidhi Chauhan
    "hello ... everybody i have been ?? to shake this joint so why dont you guys give me a little ear as i rock the night you should be rocking rocking rocking moving moving moving grroving grooving you should"
  • Say Hello - Fonzie
    "Good bye, so sorry I gotta go Bring you back, hold you tight it's all I want Don't leave me believe me my eyes will stand on you you feel me and you need it you know my life is you I don't wanna stay"
  • Hello Seattle - Owl City
    "--Hello Seattle, I am a mountaineer In the hills and highlands I fall asleep in hospital parking lots And awake in your mouth --Hello Seattle, I am a manta ray Deep beneath the blue waves I'll crawl the"
  • Hello Monday - Gaelic Storm
    "Nothing happened again today excitement took a holiday No spaceship in my cereal bowl no jam to fill my doughnut hole. The black stuff in between the stars the space around the moon If tomorrow comes today"
  • Hello Trouble - Buck Owens
    "Woke up this morning Happy as could be Looked out my window And what did I see? A comin' up my sidewalk Just as plain as day A well a here come trouble that I never thought I'd see When you went away Hello"
  • Hello Summer - Rameez
    "I tried to keep my cool, the phone is always drained, Then I missed my bus for the broken down crank. They told me I should chill, sorry I can't The story of my life, every day is the same. Coz early"
  • Hello city - Barenaked Ladies
    "Hello city.... Another night at the palace, 'cause there is nothing else to do. The same people, the same drinks and The same music, the same quicksand. I think this harbor town is waist deep and sinking"
  • Hello trouble - George Jones
    "(Come on in)Woke up this morning happy as could be look out my window what did I seeComin' up my sidewalk was as big as dayOh well here comes trouble that I never thought I'd see when you went awayHello"
  • Hello Conscience - The Zutons
    "'Coz it's alright To go out at night and forget who you are Alright Then it's up in the morning and back to the start Hello conscience how do you do I've come a long way to talk with you You've"
  • Hello Bryan - Polopop
    "Hello Bryan (with a Y) Catching me with that look in your eye Maybe today I'll stop and say Hi And then I'll think better of it and just Walk on by Every day is just the same But I know you so well I"
  • Hello Daylight - Arab Strap
    "I sprained my arm for you When you hid me under the covers and held my hair. Did we just forget that we're lovers? It all came back as Sunday was dawning But I was useless for most of the morning. The"
  • Good Morning - Panjabi MC
    "She says hello in reply to hello To me, she looks a like a full moon of 14th day With wishing good morning, she took the heart The one who is like a thin kite took the heart With a sweet smile she"
  • Hello And Goodbye - DI-RECT
    "Dazzled by the morning light Trying to catch up on last night Not just me her again I turn my head to see Thank you, it was fun! she wrote Again, these words stuck in my throat Its coming back, were at"
  • Hello It's Me - Isley Brothers
    "(Todd Rundgren) Hello, it's me I've thought about us for a long, long time Maybe I think too much but something's wrong There's something here that doesn't last too long Maybe I shouldn't think of you"

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