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Togel panama 45

  • Panama - Van Halen
    "Uh! Oh yeah! Ah-huh! Jump back, what's that sound? Here she comes, full blast and top down Hot shoe, burnin' down the avenue Model citizen, zero discipline Don't ya know she's coming home with me You'll"
  • Panama - J Church
    "The Captain is crying at the helm, While the crew sits and laughs, His daughter is staring at the moon, It's over at last The passengers don't say a word, Old folks act like they hadn't heard, Newlyweds"
  • Panama - Sailor
    "Now if you're looking for a lady to snuggle up in your bed You'd better think about movies or pictures instead For you don't make love in Panama Until you've bought a camera Standing up and down the sidewalks"
  • Panama - Ina Deter
    "In Panama zogst du mich auf deine Knie, bei Sdwestwind auf dem Vorderschiff, verdarbst du mich, so wie noch nie, Wenn du im Sturm die Segel setzt, stech ich in See mit jungen Flgeln, und lebe nur fr jetzt,"
  • Panama - Crosby, Stills & Nash
    "Have you seen Panama Where I first fell in love It will forever be an emerald necklace Set between the seas Beside a crystal stream In the mountains of Chiriqui I saw a girl astride a horse she waved"
  • Panama - Ivano Fossati
    "Di andare ai cocktails con la pistola non ne posso pi pia colada o coca cola non ne posso pi Di trafficanti e rifugiati ne ho gi piena la vita oh maledetta traversata non sar mai finita, ma Vedete a"
  • Panama - Flashguns
    "We spend the night together, Could not for warmer weather, and still feel near a bar, and then we fly to panama yeah, I made a fortune on the London stock market, or a killing on the courts of law and, I'll"
  • 45 - Elvis Costello
    "Bells are chiming for victory There's a page back in history 45 They came back to the world that they fought for Didn't turn out just like they thought 45 Here is a song to sing to do the measuring What"
  • 45 - Shinedown
    "Send away for a priceless gift One not subtle, one not on the list Send away for a perfect world One not simply, so absurd In these times of doing what you're told You keep these feelings, no one knows What"
  • 45 - Anything Box
    "I have 45 second to show you, How your heart was torn by Disilusions, trapped by all the whims That you created, shaking with a Fear... Give way to the sun, it will remind You there are better days, When"
  • 45 - Ellegarden
    "Our friend's show will begin in 45 minutesBut we are still a hundred miles away from the hallWe are at almost half way thereDriving fast to catch the first song he will sing for us tonighOur tires are"
  • 45 - Machine Gun Fellatio
    "Alright sir, here we go, what are we going to give [???] On twenty-five gonna give me thirty dollars thirty make it thirty bid on thirty-five and now forty make it forty now forty-five make it forty five Five,"
  • 45 - The Gaslight Anthem
    "Have you seen my hands? Just look at 'em shake. And the song just keeps on repeating, Drop the needle again. And I dance with your ghost, Oh, but that ain't the way I can't move on and I can't stay the"
  • Fest noz de Paname - Manau
    "7 ans peine une gamine va arriver Arrive vers linconnu un peu perdue, elle est fatigue Faut dire que son voyage sest fait debout en 2me classe Elle vient de poser son premier pied en gare de Montparnasse"
  • Panama Connection - Miguel Bose
    "Busque silueta en Polaroid, Stop Nombre de mujer en clave, Stop Sobre sellado, sin dirección... Le ser entregado en mano, Stop No se entretenga, Stop Es cuestión de principio y honor Buena suerte amigo,"
  • The Panama Canal - Animaniacs
    "Got a trap steamer, my ship's called Hal Forty miles on the Panama Canal Got a cargo of sodas, they are local Forty miles on the Panama canal Sailing 'cross the Carribean Sea Do the Pacific in a jiffy Puru,"
  • Panama Connection Extended - Miguel Bose
    "Busque silueta en Polaroid, Stop Nombre de mujer en clave, Stop Sobre sellado, sin direccion... Le sera entregado en mano, Stop No se entretenga, Stop Es cuestion de principio y honor Buena suerte"
  • Panama City Motel - Sugar
    "Don't you know I need a place to stay It's only fifteen bucks a day I didn't want to end up here But now I guess I need to stay River red, runs like lead And the smell of kerosene in my head Stuck in"
  • The Panama Deception - Anti-Flag
    "Their 2+2 doesn't equal 4 Their 2+2 equals whatever they wants us to die for ABOUT FACE! snap to attention Form your own conclusion to things you see ABOUT FACE! sometimes the explanations DON'T"
  • 45 Degrees - Suck For Sympathy
    "sun shows no mercy people act strange man on TV tells me weather won't change feels like I'm melting under my clothes maybe I'm gonna get a summer overdose oooooo.... 45 degrees.... 45 degrees.... 45"

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