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Tokyo Blade - Moonlight In Martini

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Tokyo Blade - Moonlight In Martini

  • Martini - Incubus
    "She was a new mean beauty queen, Money, drugs, magazines, I didn't do nothing, I didn't do nothing, They Keep Diamonds, Shiny Boy, City Speak, Every Joy, I didn't do nothing, no nothing for her You"
  • Tokyo Nights - Puffy AmiYumi
    "Hajimari wa atarashi iro Saso upon tsuno furamingo (flamingo) Kirakira hikaru akedo no amaguri Machi a wase wa chu ka no kabe Biru no tani mama yobikonda Yoru no moodo (mood) de yoru no uta da kikoete"
  • Tokyo - 10CC
    "Transistorised, and anodised Chrome plated, squeaky clean Oh Tokyo, oh Tokyo Oh Tokyo I love you You're trembling, you're choking But you're magical to me Oh Tokyo, oh Tokyo Oh Tokyo I love you Kimonos,"
  • Tokyo - The Kinks
    "Oh, oh, oh, oh, Tokyo. Oh, oh, oh, oh, Tokyo. I went down to Australia, With my rock 'n' roll band. It's very hot in Australia, Still I'm gonna do the best I can. Still I'm going to Tokyo, Somehow I've"
  • Tokyo - Imagine Dragons
    "Baby's got a lot of baggage... It don't seem to matter, it don't seem to matter Got a ticket for the mid-west, just for buisiness but dismissed it for the interest it was a risk just for a mistress that"
  • Blade - Imperanon
    "From the flames of a burned down heart, Ripped off and torn apart,Life to ashes and life to death,I twist the blade and take your breathIn the twist of blade I feel, the passion to hate arising,Cruellest"
  • Tokyo - Danny
    "Warm and cold You grab me down, you lift me with your magic New and old I know your way but I don't understand it Steel and stone A thousand years of history and future Gold and cone A lazy beam's creating"
  • Blade - Frameshift
    "For heritage love and pride And for this land I'll give my life Guard against the raping flag Here's a blade now you're a man From horse to flaming arrow You may take a mortal blow They will underestimate"
  • Tokyo - White Lies
    "call Tokyo call New York it’s just the same different love call Jupiter, call Lyon find the right and find the wrong go breathe it walk your walk come back when you’re ready to talk but heart ringing take"
  • Blade - Rearview Mirror
    "Right now you're missing the point, and I'm screaming in your ear but you don't acknowledge me standing here by myself. Nothing is holding me up, talking me through this game. I'm in no mood to fight but"
  • Tokyo - Bruce Cockburn
    "They're getting prepared to haul a car out of the river Noise and smoke and concrete seem to be going on forever Grinding gears and drivers getting high on exhaust i'm thinking about the water down below"
  • Blade - KRS-One
    "Only a few... will understand and appreciate what's about to happen Das EFX come in!!! Verse One: Das EFX Well it's the super duper rhymer rhymer I'm about to set it Niggaz best forget it let it be"
  • Tokyo - Danny Saucedo
    "Warm and coldYou grab me down, you lift me with your magicNew and oldI know your way but I don't understand itSteel and stoneA thousand years of history and futureGold and coneA lazy beam's creating this"
  • Tokyo - Bob Schneider
    "I went where all the girls are beautiful Golden hair and radiant smiles Cocaine high oblivion to pain It made me feel so inadequate And insane for the feel good feeling High inside their helium trancemade"
  • Tokyo - Bruce Springsteen
    "The moon hung like a shadow on a rung over Shanghai And the soldier boys were returning home screaming "Bonzai!" And the kids are still playing their games, Getting hustled and rustled out in"
  • Dirty Martini - Joe Jackson
    "Two in the morning there's a drink in my hand (Dirt, dirt, dirty Martini) Nothing moving the place but sweat I heard a rumour 'bout a Cajun band (Dirt, dirt, dirty Martini) The bartender says it's early"
  • Martini Kiss - Senses Fail
    "There's poison in my drinking glass, don't stop just sip it down and in a swirling masquerade of style my body hits the ground. I'm beautiful when I'm asleep. Martini kisses land on my blistered bloody"
  • Funky martini - Snow
    "Suddenly strange things are happening to me Strange people are not the faces I wanted to see Champagne, pain or drugs through the viens How could this happen to me? Ready or not here it comes Temples pounding"
  • Tokyo Rose - Tokyo Rose
    "Lyrics -copyright 1983. Intro./Chorus. This is Tokyo Rose interfering with your radio show. Just to say a few words like :- Yankee Go Home leave us alone, Yankee Go Home. Yankee Go Home leave us alone,"
  • Walking Through Tokyo - Saxon
    "Walking through Tokyo (*) Visions of the Samurai Walking through Tokyo Looking through the dragon's eye I had a dream about the mighty Shogun Faded visions of the Samurai Mists of silk reflections of"

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