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Tom Jines Grin Grin Gras of home

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Tom Jines Grin Grin Gras of home

  • Grin - Hogwash
    "I don't give a fuckThis is more or less how it sounded. So my will shall fall on your knees Its just a matter of time. I've been always wrong I've never understood If you were closer to me I'm like a singer"
  • Window Grin - Kelly Joe Phelps
    "watch it bounce like water, meat under the stone throw up a leg and try to be your way back home smell the coffee boil in the corner pot everything's in it but i can't make it stop i ain't been drinking"
  • Pitbull Grin - Broken Hope
    "A beast spawned from a deadly lineage Maiming impulses descend Instilling urges to mutilate Tiny brain only programs rage Horrendous jaws bite down on your wetting crotch Unrestrained chompers bite clean"
  • Soldier's Grin - Wolf Parade
    "In my head, there's a city at night Static gauge, with the rush and the lights United's concourse you look very fine But this place here is no friend of mine And what you know can only mean one thing And"
  • Sawtooth Grin - Bloodlet
    "Hold tight this ride holds time. Knows you inside and out. Knows you're burning inside and you need him. She needs, and he knows why she's bleeding. So he goes back and forth again and again. Underneath"
  • Grin - Guster
    "Absent in the things Ive done For the real Revelations come to people so slow Frightening Wont stop now before theyre done Peel their skin Eaten underneath Rotten Rotten Drowning in understanding"
  • Grin-Gosano - Control Machete
    "Cuenta las horas comienza hermano, derrama la flama del buen grin-gosano, pues todo comienza como una canción el crazy gringo y un poco de alcohol, Hagan que el Tequila se meta en la sangre crudo penetra"
  • Seven foot grin - Overcast
    "You alone are abuse You alone are pain Extinction held within your fist All good things come to those who slaughter Bursting with laughter your anecdotes agonize I would shatter that grin Depression, the"
  • Grin And Bear It - Impellitteri
    "Forty days and forty nights In the hot desert sand I've paid my dues all my life And now it's out of my hands Take a look inside, nothing ever comes easy When it's cold outside, keep your passion alive You've"
  • Behind A Serrated Grin - Psyclon Nine
    "What you pray for, a maimed savior Bathed in rancor to punish their behavior Your institution of persecution One solution to start from a clean slate He doesn't say that he will save us He doesn't say"
  • Sin With A Grin - Shinedown
    "Take a good look at agony Force fed pass down time release I'm inspired to find the liar Black list X on the back of a soulful man I've got ways you understand Look left, look right But I'm behind you I"
  • With A Grin & A Kick - Squirtgun
    "David was a wire and a genius besides So he though he'd be a poet, then a painter, then a mess But that was then and no one looked So he still emotes in basements Writing, painting, sniffing glue He never"
  • The Grin - Weeping Tile
    "Hark now hear a man is calling Looking for a story line Go along just for the effort I went along just for a good time It doesn't look like it would kill you But it doesn't really thrill you It looked"
  • Laugh Before You Grin - Lydia
    "I'm begging for your hand, screaming at your face. Come with me kid we'll leave this place. I'm all yours because I hate this house and how sad it makes you in the morning, that I'm hoping will never come."
  • Green, green gras of house - Tom Jones
    "The old home town looks the same as I step down from the train, and there to meet me is my Mama and Papa, Down the road I look and there runs Mary, Hair of gold and lips like cherries It's good to"
  • Race Car Grin You Ain't No Landmark - Modest Mouse
    "Looks like accounting's not accountable For anything or anyone at all... Johnny took the fall Johnny took the fall I know the horse was fast, ran the real big track One by one without a heart attack"
  • Everything - Cheshire Grin
    "EVERYTHING (That Once Meant Everything) Because of your constant Charade I've been living in the deepest hole Something inside feels alive but Now I'm feeling that I've lost control What am I thinking Could"
  • Tom Drunk - Kymani Marley
    "Oh, oh, oh, oh, hey Let me tell you of a story 'Bout a creature I once knew Had a wife that was a teacher And the daughter was it too He was loved among his neighbors For the wonders works he's done For"
  • Tom Joad - Woody Guthrie
    "Tom Joad got out of the old McAlester Pen; There he got his parole. After four long years on a man killing charge, Tom Joad come a-walkin' down the road, poor boy, Tom Joad come a-walkin' down the road. Tom"
  • Little Tom - Ferlin Husky
    "Little Tom what will be your fate Little Tom will you be someone great Do you know right from wrong are they teaching you at home Or have they turn you loose to roam Little Tom I walked into a cafe and"

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