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Tommy Castro

  • Anti Castro - Brujeria
    "El padre silenciado artista refugiado comunista calzones de gua pa las yanqui caa en barco de llanta rezando por vida en la tierra chocó "American Citizen?" hermano Cubano en pas Mexicano buscando"
  • Tommy - Mireille Mathieu
    "Je nous revois souvent quand nous tions enfants par un soir de l'hiver tu es venu d'Angleterre Pour habiter dans notre vieux quartier petit anglais je n'ai pas oubli Je n'ai pas oubli rien oubli c'est"
  • Tommy - Roberto Vecchioni
    "Tommy era l davanti e sorrideva ma sul quel piatto di riso mi lasciava per non farsi capire parl dei denti e che avevo bisogno di altri appuntamenti. Se l'hai messo vicino a un assassino toglilo di l Signore. Tommy"
  • Tommy - Used Cars
    "(N. Bottini) She closed the door of their house She didn't make any noise Then she looked at the clock in the street It was 5 a.m., the air was quite cold She had no bags in her hands On her face were"
  • Tommy - Pete Townshend
    "Tommy Tommy Tommy This can't continue, It makes no sense We're getting nowhere, I've lost all my confidence The boy wants something, I'm satisfied He needs attention and care our love can't provide And"
  • Tommy - Portugal The Man
    "Tommy was a preachers son Now he's running through the jungle "yes sir!" Fingers cold and fire When you get so tired and we're so tired Lazing back in this desert Waitin for that sunny day Tommy"
  • Tommy - Portugal. The Man
    "Tommy was a preacher's son Now he's running through the jungle "yes sir!" Fingers cold and fire When you get so tired and we're so tired Lazing back in this desert Waitin' for that sunny day Tommy"
  • Tommy - Ookla The Mok
    "I was talking to my friend Tommy, he's almost 6.3 years old. I said, "Is it just me, or has Power Rangers gone to shit this season?" and he shook his head and said, "I know." I said, "That Turbo movie"
  • Tommy - Milburn
    "Tommy boy he got a gunGod knows where he got it fromHe got it back in 61Man that boys in troubleHes been left here on his ownTommy boy he is all aloneHe makes him worse, should not been bornAnd is still"
  • Tommy - Status Quo
    "(Rossi / Frost) Heavens above, his mother would say My Tommy's in love, he's moody all day He's out of his mind, suspended in time But he tries alibis and he tries to explain, saying Let me go, let"
  • Tommy - Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones
    "Push, shove Give a man a hand and then tell him that you will be friends forever Love, hate Someday we can all relate Together And then it's falling from the sky ??? Along the way And then it's speaking"
  • Anti Castro (eng) - Brujeria
    "The father, Silenced artist Communist refugee Underwear for a sail To the Yankees he bailed In a boat made of tires Praying for his life As he crashed onto land "American citizen?" My Cuban brother"
  • Tommy Gun - Royal Republic
    "I guilty stand before you I know I misbehaved I never meant to hurt you I humbly beg forgiveness Hope that my soul be saved And if I had a final wish pretty miss I would only ask this: I want you to"
  • Peeping Tommy - Agent Sparks
    "What started out as a simple attraction Has given way to a new kind He called me out Said I demand perfection More blue in the bluest sky Hello tom How'd you get so low down Did you bury your sanity?"
  • Tommy Gun - Face To Face
    "Tommy Gun You ain't happy less you got one Tommy Gun Ain't gonna shoot the place up Just for fun Maybe he wants to die for the money Maybe he wants to kill for his country Whatever he wants, he's gonna"
  • Tommy Gun - The Clash
    "tommy gun you ain't happy less you got one tommy gun ain't gonna shoot the place up just for fun maybe he wants to die for the money maybe he wants to kill for his country whatever he wants, he's gonna"
  • Tommy Davidson - Nana Mouskouri
    "Tommy depuis son accident a perdu la vue Pourtant il voit bien mieux qu'avant Il sait regarder en coutant chaque instant Puisqu'il a tout le temps De contempler le temps De printemps en printemps Il ne"
  • Uncle Tommy - Mondo Generator
    "Shh Yeah Those animals swam out of my lungs It's time to build my ant farm She find me but no she could not see What I touch in the bottom of me Uncle Tommy Yeah, it's hurting Don't fuck me Rock! Uncle"
  • Tommy Tucker - Bow Wow Wow
    "Dear Lord Little Tommy Tucker used to sing for himself Because he never had no mommy to take care of him each day Found a way of living, though each day it was as poisy Thought the Lord could save him"
  • Tommy Boy - Snoop Dogg
    "Southern hospitality Yea (This that south shit boy) Y'all know how we do this (shit) What up fool This for all my boys in Mississippi Magnolia, McConnell (fightin south you know) This for all my boys in"

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