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Tonto Irie - It a ring -It a ring

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Tonto Irie - It a ring -It a ring

  • Ring Ring Ring - S.H.E
    "zhong yu liao jie deng dai zi wei shi rang ren zhe me zhua kuang beng kui nan dao ni dui wo mei gan jue gei le ni hao ma zen me hai bu lai ai dian ring a ring a ring ring a ring a ring hui bu hui shi ni yao"
  • Ring Ring - Brettell
    "Girls mostly come and go He's thinking of her But he's seeing other girls His emotions are blurred The time has come He thinks he won And I'm the one who dares to ask Don't you think I'm the one Who will"
  • Irie - Hippos
    "How can I show you that I cannot not see? How can I show you that my life's a lie? Got the world round thinking that I feel Irie Would you believe me if I told you I RAST-I-FAR-I Hey hey, hey hey, hey"
  • Ring-a-ling - Tiggy
    "Ring a ling ling ding dong Please connect me to prince charming Ring a ling ling ding dong Be my hero be my light Ring a ling ling ding dong Please connect me to prince charming Ring a ling ling ding"
  • Ring Ring (Spanish Version) - Abba
    "El telfono est all y no suena para m pienso: "Qu pas y dnde estars que no llamas?" es la noche triste y gris no me siento muy feliz. y, mi amor, Qu hago? yo estoy aqu esperando que me llames y por fin cambie"
  • Rumble Ring - No Doctors
    "Though you wore the turtle shell, You now adore the ringing bell, Four fists will destroy the list of Places where you think to dwell, And you're ready to fight, (rumble ring) Every single night, (rumble"
  • Ring Me - Nina
    "I'm waiting for your call. so that you Can tell me how you been Where you've been been, what You've been up to babe I'm waitin' for your call Please don't keep me waiting I wanna hear you say if you miss"
  • Diamond Ring - Sheryl Crow
    "We made love all day In our little hide away But I blew up our love nest By making one little request Diamond ring Diamond ring Dont mean anything Diamond ring Diamond ring Should not mean a thing You"
  • Golden ring - Neneh Cherry
    "I wasn't born Born to stay Thought that I'd buy you A golden ring A golden ring for your finger Yeah A golden ring for your finger I was a woman That was born to travel I'd go anywhere That whims would"
  • Berliner Ring - Katy Carr
    "She's a Berlin girl and I knew her before I knew she had the roots to power She's a Berlin girl and the lights went down and I knew her well, knew her well. She was singing: "Where am I going to night?" She"
  • The Ring - Fad Gadget
    "With this ring I thee wed A love so fragile made in bed They say they can take you Naive love sold lustful schemes Torn at heart and shattered dreams They say they can break you I'm not looking for absolution For"
  • Skoal Ring - Gretchen Wilson
    "Don't need no diamond ring Don't want a bunch of bling bling The only thin I really need Is a man with a SKOAL Ring Don't have to be wined and dined We can stay home every night I can do without anything Except"
  • The Ring - Wishbone Ash
    "The grey mist ushers in the day. A beggar walks along the king's highway. Where does he come from? Who can tell? They can't escape the gaze they know so well. The dream came true in far off lands. He"
  • Gold Ring - Spleen United
    "I lost my gold ring long ago long ago I lost my gold ring gold You're such a young girl wanna go? I want to go with such a young girl like you Across the mainland on my own on my own Across the mainland"
  • Skull Ring - Iggy Pop
    "Skull rings Fast cars Hot chicks Money Skull rings Fast cars Hot chicks Fancy things The touch of a hand in the wasteland you're walking asleep and dreaming cheap A bird's wing don't beat for free You're"
  • Pinky Ring - Underground Kingz
    "(chorus)You ain't never seen how a pimp be rolling so clean, fly women do fancy thangs, fly bitches and pinky rings, you ain't never seen a pimp that's rolling so clean ah yeah. You ain't never met a"
  • Ring Worm - Van Morrison
    "I can see by the look on your face that you've got ringworm. I'm very sorry but, I have to tell you that you've got ringworm. It's a very common disease. Actually, you're very luck to have ringworm 'cause"
  • Fairy Ring - Demether
    "Boy is in his bed Lying, not sleeping Listening to the stories of the old: "They make your blood boil He who goes into the forest after nightfall Will not live to see the morning sun" One girl is on his"
  • Rubber Ring - The Smiths
    "A sad fact widely known The most impassionate song To a lonely soul Is so easily outgrown But don't forget the songs That made you smile And the songs that made you cry When you lay in awe On the bedroom"
  • Patience's Ring - Enid
    "When all time ends Your soul I send Beginnings end On deathbed's hands When ends begin When your heart weeps And hide the truths Its golden bud What lie herein Mine patience keeps Mine ancient"

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