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Tool - The Pot

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Tool - The Pot

  • Pot - Tool
    "Who are you to wave your finger? You must have been outta your head Eye hole deep in muddy waters You practically raised the dead Rob the grave to snow the cradle Then burn the evidence down Soapbox house"
  • Tool - Crushead
    "You said that Im your friend that Im the most important person in your life And I said I would do everything for you Ill help you through all pain and strife What a fool I have been now I realize you used"
  • Tool - Buck-O-Nine
    "fast and clean in his rhythm machine he goes down to the beach but little does he know the girls down there are out of his reach he has a good time but drinks too much wine he's headed for the"
  • The Pot - Tool
    "Who are you to wave your finger? Ya' must have been out your hair. Eye hole deep in muddy waters. You practically raised the dead. Rob the grave, to snow the cradle. Then burn the evidence down. Soapbox,"
  • Healing Tool - Firewind
    "Take a good look around you, Do you like what you see? Or will you repress a fake life I guess, In a world that's corrupted? You are frozen in a desert, Though you workin' like a dog. Will you confess"
  • Killing Tool - Cataract
    "Bright headlines used as a calming injection. In the mirror of lies I see the reflection Of buried thoughts and stolen freedom The absorbed struggle of the human race This killing tool in this reign of"
  • Power tool - 40 Below Summer
    "I shut your eyes and I fed you liesI'm up inside - now I cannot hidethose burns on your skinand the stains on your grinI took your painnow you're dropped againI can't feel the way you want me to -I'll"
  • Honey Pot - Beat Happening
    "Honey pot I love you a lot Honey pot You say you're not You got five other guys saying love me do You know what they want from you Me, all I ask is love And honey pot, my love you can trust Honey pot I"
  • Melting Pot - John Mellencamp
    "I met my girl She was livin' in the melting pot I touched her skin It was greasy from the melting pot Get yourself a weapon Cause they slice you up in the melting pot Well, I don't really have time to"
  • Boilin' Pot - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Now she don't know where she is How sexy she can be She don't realize what her eyes do to me She keeps me hot, like a boilin' pot She whispers in my ear, "Let's do it right here" The ways"
  • Melting Pot - Steel Pulse
    "Runnings in the ghetto well hot CHORUS I know Babylon for a plot Runnings inna Earth well hot False rulers sit back and get fat Runnings inna yard well hot Can't get no food for the pot Runnings inna"
  • Melting Pot - Holy Mother
    "Holding on, you left me when my brother took my throne Stripped me of my shield to die alone My horse is left, my only friend We'll pound the streets with bloody heels Return tonight to battle for my home Steel...my"
  • Melting pot - Culture Club
    "Take a pinch of white man Wrap him up in black skin Add a touch of blue blood And a little bitty bit of red Indian boy Oh like a Curly Latin kinkies Oh Lordy, Lordy, mixed with yellow Chinkees, yeah You"
  • Melting Pot - King Chango
    "Un, deux, trois, cha cha cha Piripipon, que rico son, Piripipon, oh yeah! Oye nina bella ponte a gozar oye nina bella baila el cha cha cha! listen to me babe, listen to my song I want to dance the cha"
  • Meltin' Pot - Boyzone
    "Take a pinch of white man Wrap him up in black skin Add a touch of blue blood And a little bitty bit of red indian boy Curly black and kinky oriental sexes If you lump it altogether Well you've got a"
  • Melting Pot - Boyzone
    "Take a pinch of one man Wrap him up in suntan Add a touch of blue blood And a little bitty bit of whatever you choose Curly black and kinky Mix it with love and let's see If you lump it altogether Well"
  • Melting Pot - Pitbull
    "(feat. Trick Daddy & Skope) (Verse 1) I'm not a thug No, no, no, no I'm not a gangsta But I won't hesitate To cock back, bust and point blank ya Lord thank ya I'm like that coke and weed When it burn"
  • Pot Luck - opm
    "I got drunk last night left my skateboard in the front yard Looked out the window it ain't there no more My car's been broke down for three months I can't even go to the store to buy some blunts If my"
  • Pot Commited - Bane
    "Will not back down now I've got no place else to run and hide to Have come to far to buckle now Can't lay this one down to the likes of you And i don't say that with some bullshit sense of pride I need"
  • Pepper pot - Sean Paul
    "Are you with me, Baby!I wannna know I wanna knowMy girl...Try to tell you that I love you babygirlBut it's all in vain (in vain, in vain)Try to tell you that I be there for youWhen you call my name (my"

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