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Tool Crawl Away

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Tool Crawl Away

  • Crawl Away - Tool
    "You crawled away from me. Slipped away from me. I tried to keep ahold, but there was nothing I could say. You slid away from me Crept away from me I tried to keep you down And there was nothing I could"
  • Crawl - Fates Warning
    "Down beneath my underlying thoughts There lurks a silent scream How can I breath when the weight Of words crash down on me? And I feel stranded I can't take it I'm wandering lost Don't make me comfort"
  • Crawl - Kings Of Leon
    "You fault my pride Don't ever need to 'pologize As your lips unfold Shaken purple from the cold You better learn to crawl You better learn to crawl Before I walk away Before I walk away You broke"
  • Crawl - Soul Asylum
    "You got me going So get me out of here I should be blowin' In someone else's ear I'm looking forward to looking back On days like today Though I wish you would go away Stay, won't you stay I'm gonna crawl I"
  • Crawl - Two Tongues
    "Wait, don't go with him Slay the hole within I crave your holiday So take me far away Leave me, Let me stay asleep cause I don't care I won't wait for you to believe our love is here Know the parasites"
  • Crawl - Anthrax
    "Sometimes I forget to see Now that I've found you What is, and what will never be Now that I've found you When my time has gone away The words I say Their lies will help you through And I feel like"
  • Crawl - Sparta
    "All that you say is complimentary Within these walls Where lies are on display If you hide the truth, then rest assured Theres nothing left to say Theres nothing left to do The difference between finding"
  • Crawl - Alkaline Trio
    "Waking up zeroed in on medicine Am I waking up at all today Seeing lights, feeling pain There's my cure on ice I can walk but I will crawl there I will crawl there Sitting straight, feeling faint An exhausted"
  • Crawl - Oblivion Dust
    "I woke up thinking how I've never had a good time I seem to lack the kind of life that everybody has I gotta have it, I gotta have it The perfect feeling that everybody has A little confused To why"
  • Crawl - Custom
    "Are you ready to crawl On bloody skinned knees To the sound of bullets And bombing in seas? Are you ready to fall From your safe perch up high To the trenches below Where you'll be asked to comply? Are"
  • Crawl - Entombed
    "Father set me free at this altar of death dead fingers cold as ice touches my flesh as it passed through my soul and body the fear I thought was gone grows tears of regret and confusion this is not what"
  • Crawl away - Disciple
    "Burn a candle by my bed, sleep won't visit me tonightImages inside my head don't reflect the light insideDeceiver whispers my name, tries to crawl up by my sideLord deliver me, don't leave me alone tonightBridge"
  • Crawl Away (Suffer) - Shenandoah
    "Slowly you remember what it was you use to have The things you ran away from will be there to haunt you You You crawl away (You crawl away) And you Will always be the one to Suffer, Suffer"
  • Tool - Crushead
    "You said that Im your friend that Im the most important person in your life And I said I would do everything for you Ill help you through all pain and strife What a fool I have been now I realize you used"
  • Rage and tool song - Rage Against the Machine
    "Tool and Rage Against The Machine (untitled) Living on the street shores He didn't learn and wanted children Said, "What is there left to stay alive for?" He doesn't wanna see it... He didn't wanna"
  • Tool - Buck-O-Nine
    "fast and clean in his rhythm machine he goes down to the beach but little does he know the girls down there are out of his reach he has a good time but drinks too much wine he's headed for the"
  • Crawl back - Richard Thompson
    "(Under My Stone)This time you hurt me You really did it this time you did Did you count your fingers after shaking my hand God forbid Riff raff crawling from the slums Right there in front of all your"
  • The Crawl - Placebo
    "It takes the pain away that could not make you stay it's way to broke to fix no glue, no bag of tricks Lay me down, the lie will unfurl lay me down to crawl. Your smile would make me sneeze when we were"
  • Crawl Back - IdleMiND
    "I've died a thousand times I've tried to read your rhymes And all you said was true I don't mean nothing to you So why live on like this? Why don't we just confess? I just want you to see You don't mean"
  • Crawl home - PJ Harvey
    "No moreIt's doneCrawl homeGet goneYour loveIs evilLonesomeMy bonesTook me such a long time to figure it outNow isn't too late I cant do withoutTook me such a long time to figure it outDon't take it away,"

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