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Top Rai Sentimental

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Top Rai Sentimental
  • Flogging Molly Sentimental Johnny
    "I'm goin' back to Sentimental Johnny Cause Sentimental Johnny is your man Sunshine or rain, the man's on his game The Chairman of the boards He said Jesus, he walks on water Not like us, he must have"
  • Eddy Arnold Leanin' On The Old Top Rail
    "Leaning on the old top rail in a big corral Looking down the twilight trail for my long lost pal How he sang when he sprang on his old mustang and rode away Down the track by my shack he said I'll be back"
  • Apulanta Rai-Rai-Rai
    "Musta tuntuu aivan kuin oisit nussinut mua silmn Musta nytt aivan kuin tarjoaisit ktt kylm Seinn vierell on viel tyhj tilaa Kiitoslistalla on aika tyhj, aika tyhj Tll haisee aivan kuin oisit saanut ylltyksen Tll"
  • Christian Walz Sentimental
    "I wanna be your baby I wanna be more than I can Could even be your lady if you were born a man Chorus: Sentimental Don't wanna say goodbye Sentimental I never can deny With every moment bound to be a magic"
  • Alexander O'Neal Sentimental
    "Take a walk down memory lane And see where the path might lead you Familiar things do change In our minds they stay the same I can hear the voice of my mama Calling out her children's names She says, "Come"
  • Roy Orbison Sentimental
    "Orbison/melson I get so ooh sentimental Darling when it comes to you, I'm just too ooh sentimental And it's breaking my heart in two. I said a-hey,hey now At the end of the day now, I get carried away"
  • Gareth Gates Sentimental
    "Girl I don't believe them when they tell me you don't love me Sometimes you seem to think so little of me Everybody tells me that they see what's going on So good to criticise that what we have is wrong I"
  • Kym Marsh Sentimental
    "If this is where its at Why do I feel cold air Every hour of every day I just want you closer If I didn't feel a thing I guess it would be easy To turn and walk away and never see you leave me. There's"
  • Ryan Cabrera Sentimental
    "What kind of guy am i? To make you feel so sad You looked into my eyes And hurt me oh so bad When you said We haven't got time to be sentimental It seems like our love was just accidental So now"
  • Deborah Cox Sentimental
    "(That's the only time I get sentimental) I used to mess around But I never let it get into me 'Cause I didn't take you serious, baby Now to be without your love Only makes me realize What I could of had"
  • Los Hermanos Sentimental
    "Composio: Rodrigo Amarante O quanto eu te falei que isso vai mudar Motivo eu nunca dei Voc me avisar, me ensinar, falar do que foi pra voc, No vai me livrar de viver Quem mais sentimental que eu? Eu"
  • Donna Summer Sentimental
    "Last nightwe showed how much we caredbut sadness filled the airhow it made us cryas we waved goodbyethen you left me standing thereLast nightI came home on my ownand watched a movie showand the saddest"
  • Moderatto Sentimental
    "Y entonces que me digas que no Me pone triste y sentimetal Es que no puedo dormir y ya no quiero vivir Por que me falta mi otra mitad No puedo escuchar la radio Me hace recordar lo que oiamos tu y yo Cada"
  • Porcupine Tree Sentimental
    "I never wanna be old And I don't want dependence It's no fun to be told That you can't blame your parents anymore I'm finding it hard to hang from a star Don't wanna be I never wanna be old Sullen and"
  • Dong Bang Shin Ki Fox Rai
    "Jogeum pureuji ahnuen nohmoo heuri jidoh ahnuen geu moksori neri neun geu ah poomeh pi hal oosan jocha joonbi mot hah go Babo gahtah go ahjik eun cho eum eera babo gahtah go heh yo Duh ee sang heul"
  • The Blue Nile Sentimental Man
    "What difference does it make, baby We all make some mistakes, baby Hold my hand I I think I'm your Sentimental man (Sentimental man), yeah Sentimental man (Sentimental man) It's not about money It's"
  • Warren Zevon Sentimental Hygiene
    "(Warren Zevon) Every day I get up in the morning and go to work And do my job-whatever I need some Sentimental Hygiene Everybody's at war these days Let's have a mini-surrender I need some Sentimental"
  • Ferlin Husky Sentimental journey
    "I'm gonna take a sentimental journey I'm gonna set my heart at ease I'm gonna make a sentimental journey to renew old memories I got my fare got my reservation spent every dime I could afford Like a child"
  • Ringo Starr Sentimental Journey
  • Barry Manilow Sentimental Journey
    "Gonna take a sentimental journey Gonna to set my heart at ease Gonna take a sentimental journey To renew old memories Got my bag I got my reservation Spend each dime I could afford Like a child in wild"

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