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Topik you breaking

  • Breaking - Smoking Popes
    "Breaking, breaking up Breaking, breaking up Breaking up with you Breaking, breaking down Breaking, breaking down Breaking down without you I saw you standing in my dead sparrows I should have known but"
  • Breaking - Eternal Decision
    "Inhale the smoke, "Take it in." Hold it in till I choke, "Here I go again." Breaking- My addiction is breaking. Hating- My condition I'm hating. Taking- My conviction is taking hold of me. Breaking- Never"
  • Breaking - Anberlin
    "Do you memorize theatrical lines that seem to lead them in? Play the role with a good-girl heart Hide the tangled webs within Who was it that led you on and makes you want to hurt me so? Who do you want"
  • Breaking - Alana Grace
    "Try me Break me and see right through Im fragile and brutally true You hold me and let me go Leave me And see how I stand alone Im taking the path unknown Im losing control Its not the same No one's to"
  • Breaking In, Breaking Out - Picture House
    "Breaking In, Breaking Out Dejected in, out in the rain I get this eery feeling. I've been here before, and i will be again, it's a question of understanding. Well,Well, you just don't hear me well, Well,"
  • Breaking Down - Mest
    "When we first met, it seemed so right Me and you We had it all, we had it made What we had was true But the years have passed, and we didn't last The test of time See you now and then, thought you were"
  • Breaking Away - Balance
    "Balance Miscellaneous Breaking Away Breaking Away Balance No chance to keep me waiting Cant explain You know Ive been saying that Someday soon you know Ill be breaking away Every night you try to change"
  • Breaking Down - TRUSTcompany
    "I'm failing now Starving for the answers I'm slowing down and losing ground So how can i go on When you're breaking down When you're breaking down It's tearing me apart So keep me strong While you're"
  • Breaking Down - Trust Company
    "I'm failing now Starving for the answers I'm slowing down and losing ground So how can i go on When you're breaking down When you're breaking down It's tearing me apart So keep me strong While you're"
  • Breaking Down - The Only Ones
    "People keep away from me Cause there's something wrong with me My ears don't hear, my brain can't talk And my eyes don't see I can't do you no good I once thought I could But the heavens opened with"
  • You're Breaking - Sunset Black
    "I see you laughing and I see your smile And I see you like to hide when you're in denial You keep your cool when everyone's around When you're alone you start to shake and break down You're breaking What"
  • Breaking up - Ne-Yo
    "Cold in this room now Cuz you left me Here by myself Used to make love here Now this place feels Like a prison cell So many questions That we won't answered Not today (Not today) You scream at me I scream"
  • Breaking Out - Laura Branigan
    "(Diane Warren & The Doctor) She breathes a sigh Watching as her life goes by Caught in the trap of a workingday world Tired of just being somebody's girl She's feelin' her frustration buildin' up inside"
  • Breaking Apart - Chris Isaak
    "Just another day without you. I'll be okay without you . I'll be fine. I'll be alright. I'll find some one new without you. Somebody just like you but not you. I'll be alright. Say I'll be alright. But I'm"
  • Breaking Up - Alton Ellis
    "When you turned and you walked through that door You hurt me so You hurt me so When you looked at me and you said goodbye You made me cry You made me cry So listen to me while I say to you Breaking"
  • Breaking Free - Vanessa Hudgens
    "(zac) we're soaring,flying theres not a star in heaven that we can't reach (Vanessa) if we're trying so we're breaking free (zac) you know the world can see us,in a way that's different than who we"
  • Breaking Free - High School Musical Cast
    "We're soaring, flying There's not a star in Heaven That we can't reach If we're trying, so we're breaking free You know the world can see us, in a way that's different from who we are Creating space"
  • Breaking Up - Eskimo Joe
    "A handful of sand, Is all that you grab, As you're watching the money fall, Right through your hands, It took such a long, long time now, To build on demand, But this is a war in the cradle of, This modern"
  • Breaking Through - Steve Forbert
    "Tell me, tell me, Will they ever not short sell me? I'm trusting you, You're trusting, too. Hear me, hear me, Just as long as you're here near me, Fears fade from view, We're breaking through. Seems"
  • Breaking glass - Geri Halliwell
    "Someone told me You're never gonna win Fool's paradise is Where I've always been So I told myself I've got a heart of stone Not that strong I said Can't do it all alone Tell me your dreams And I'll tell"

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