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Toto Cutugno Tol'ko my

  • Tótó - Maja Koman
    "Higher I climbed your body like a mountin Dipper I dived in your navel Harder I crewed in your chast Hash You will but the choise is yours Is yours, is yours? Tótó I saw silence in my head Tótó I felt"
  • Toto Dies - Nellie McKay
    "And when the dawn breaks through the drums start beating the morning to the farm your grimace widens and your lips part sounding the silent alarm and when the bells explode they scatter hitching a hand"
  • TOTO - Patryk Pietrzak
    "Za dużo słów wyrzucam siebie do ciebie nie trafi nic każdy mój ruch ty znasz lepiej strzelanina, pada, pada trup Za dużo słów wyrzucam z siebie wiele z nich traci sens mówisz mi że nic nie wiem naprawdę"
  • TOTO - Patryk Pietrzak
    "Za dużo słów wyrzucam siebie do ciebie nie trafi nic każdy mój ruch ty znasz lepiej strzelanina, pada, pada trup Za dużo słów wyrzucam z siebie wiele z nich traci sens mówisz mi że nic nie wiem naprawdę"
  • Se Valle Toto - Calle 13
    "Se vale to' en este sndwich de salchicha Se vale to' aunque pasen con ficha Se vale to', morena, trigueita o jincha Se vale to' to'... Se vale to' to'... Se vale to' en este sndwich de salchicha Se vale"
  • Una domenica Italiana - Toto Cutugno
    "C' chi sogna di sfondare in politica c' chi invece in ogni cosa fa polemica c' chi guarda tutto il giorno la tv c' chi di pubblicit non ne pu pi c' chi soffre con la dieta macrobiotica c' chi invece se"
  • Get My Way - Toto
    "I can't take no more I'm so tired of running in somebody else's shoes What's it all been for What's the use of paying for somebody else's dues I've been on the road for someone else's dreams Now I'm trying"
  • Dying On My Feet - Toto
    "Dying on my feet Sure beats living on my knees These hands around my neck They get tighter as you squeeze I'd crawl across the water, baby Just to get away from you Take my life but make it shorter Seems"
  • Don't Chain My Heart - Toto
    "Tired and frozen I'm under your spell I thought I knew you But now I know you well I wake up beside you Move across your killing floor I need my freedom and I see an open door The room is getting smaller"
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Toto
    "(G. Harrison) I look at you all See the love there that's sleeping While my guitar gently weeps I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping Still my guitar gently weeps I don't know why nobody"
  • Lonely Beat Of My Heart - Toto
    "Cold night You're gone I can't remember who was right Or who was wrong Warm days With you Girl we had everything Nothing to lose Used to own the world When you were near me Used to have it all Now you're"
  • Tears Of My Own Shame - Toto
    "Queen of hearts and sister vanity. took me by the hand to show me royalty. in this castle so many things to see. and all I could become, a knight wasted away. I said ooh ooh...it's not any thing Did"
  • Freedom - Toto
    "You got my pride Hanging outta my bed You messin' with my life So I bought my lead Even messin' with my children And you're screaming at my wife baby Get off my back If ya wanna get outta here alive Freedom"
  • Hash Pipe - Toto
    "I can't help my feelings, I'll go out of my mind These players come to get me 'cause they'd like my behind I can't love my business if I can't get a trick Down on Santa Monica where tricks are for kids Oh,"
  • Caught In The Balance - Toto
    "What happened to me It seems so long ago The cuts run deep But the scars still show I live in the shadows Where it's been so hard to grow I'm still a servant in a nobleman's robes You know my weakness"
  • Lea - Toto
    "Here's to the few. Who fared - my love Only for you-I cared-my love I've given it hope, and I know it's only you Encased in silence Here's to the you-who saved-my love Only to you-I gave-my love I've"
  • Mushanga - Toto
    "I can't forget you my little Mushanga I keep a place in my heart for you The days of waiting they keep getting longer And not a thing I can do I was a poet, a magazine writer Sent to report on political"
  • Sunshine Of Your Love - Toto
    "(J. Bruce, P. Constant, E. Clapton) It's getting near dawn. The lights close their tired eyes. I'll soon be with you, my love, to give you my dawn surprise. I'll be with you, darling, soon, I'll"
  • Goodbye Elenore - Toto
    "I wanna give her something she'll remember And she say, "No, no, no, no, no" I wanna squeeze her tight and not offend her, yeah She said, "No, no, no, no, no" (And he thought that she was coming back,"
  • You Are The Flower - Toto
    "You never lose a minute If in it there is love And "old man time" always pulls you through It's better not to depend on the morning dew For the rose you plant in your bed tends to you Hard and blue Some"

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