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Touch my neck I was let you know im alone

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Touch my neck I was let you know im alone

  • Touch - Wave
    "Here I sit alone Thinkin bout the day Things i should have done Things i didn't say I never thought it would turn into a fight I know how you must feel tonight I'll do anything to make it right I was caught"
  • Let Alone You - Blaine Larsen
    "It was Sunday Afternoon I was sunk in my recliner Football game was one Tampa Bay in Carolina I wasn't paying much attention Volume down, not watching it at all This house is like an icebox Had all the"
  • Touch - TENDER
    "Do you think about me when you’re with him Do you keep your eyes closed, make him wear the same cologne Yeah do you think about me breathing down your neck and in between your thighs, do you miss me yet Do"
  • Touch - Disciple
    "I would do anything to see HimCause I know He is passing byWon't let my situation hinderSo desperate I'm willing to climbAin't gonna let it slow me downI'll fight my way through the crowdAnd then I heard"
  • Alone - I-Ten
    "I hear the ticking of the clock, I'm lying here the room's pitch dark I wonder where you are tonight, no answer on your telephone And the night goes by so very slow Oh I hope that it won't end though All"
  • Red Neck Neck 99 - Insane Clown Posse
    "Ain't that about a hoot What you so mad about? Them gawldamn city folks comin around these here hills Lookin for a piece of that tender young ass, yaww Let me tell you my Thelma Lou knows better than to Give"
  • Tied To My Neck - Converge
    "You told me nine times before, And you said that her touch was not love all these years, You said that she stole and lied, And you said to be brave like me. And I couldn't believe when you said outlive,"
  • Sissy Neck - Beck
    "Beck Odelay Sissy Neck I don't need no wheels I don't need no gasoline 'Cause the wind that is blowing Is blowing like a smoke machine If I said to you That I was looking for a place to get to 'Cause"
  • Red neck hoe - ICP
    "Rapping to this bitch with a red neckA red neck, that fucking red neckRapping to this bitch with a red neckA down south bitch with a red-ass neck Bitch, you gotta red neckBut you look kinda straight so"
  • Protect Yuh Neck - Tarrus Riley
    "bulby yuh a listen ready protect yuh neck protect yuh neck protect yuh head don't tek nuh check protect yuh neck look over yuh shoulder yuh a hear mi now duh nuh come out afta midnight iyah"
  • Protect Ya Neck - Wu-Tang Clan
    ""So whassup man? Coolin man" "Chillin chillin?" "Yo you know I had to call, you know why right?" "Why?" "Because, yo, I never ever call and ask, you to play somethin right?" "Yeah" "You know what I wanna"
  • Project Ya Neck - RZA
    "So whassup man? Coolin man Chillin chillin? Yo you know I had to call, you know why right? Why? Because, yo, I never ever call and ask, you to play somethin right? Yeah You know"
  • Touch 1- Touch All - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Dead Prez) Yo, down south, niggaz know about crackas and black people When I came up north, I started hangin' with Latinos The Borikens and Tainos and even the Arawaks It's the language that"
  • Touch - Omarion
    "(Talking) Yeah Lets get real comfortable Lay back What Lemme tell you what I'm thinkin' Look (Verse One) We've known each other for some time I think it's time (sorry baby) I been havin' visions, fantasies"
  • Touch - Usher
    "No one can separate the bound that we share 'Cause everytime I run and stand, it still going nowhere I just cant get over your touch I get a rush It builds up, So dangerous The way you hold me"
  • Touch - Wolfsheim
    "When I touch you ... feeling your skin When I touch you ... deep within I'll break your silence on your way to me I will make you everything you want to be When I touch you... You know that you'll love"
  • Touch - Sarah Connor
    "Touch Need your hands on me So we can Touch I need your lips on me So we can Touch Boy lick my body weak Come and gimme what I need Fulfill my fantasies So we can Touch Ah Ah Ah Touch Ah"
  • Touch - Laura Branigan
    "(Sue Shifrin/Bob Marlette) Let me tell you baby what I want to do There's something that I really got to say Let me tell you everything that's on my mind Don't say no I'll tell you anyway Sometimes when"
  • Touch - Jonny Lang
    "When I was only just a friend to you All I wanted to do was get to know you better Now I wanna give my heart to you Tell me do you feel like I do when were together 'Cause I come alive with your touch Your"
  • Touch - Eager
    "Danger ahead It's always been said The night is watching, waiting For us to turn its way instead And when the day is over The very thoughts I fear Have come to visit me so clear Beyond the third dimension Beyond"

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