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Tovaritch bratva III

  • BRATVA IX (Feat Paluch) - Tovaritch
    "Band os skull a Varsovie Ouals bon prix soleil Qui countent la vie …. Siada tu psycha od wódy Siada tu psycha od grudy Moralny kodeks zatruty Kable siadają na druty Ziomki ci plują do zupy A wczoraj"
  • Bratan (ft. Tovaritch) - Malik Montana
    "Que de l’argent dans la poche C’est la vie folle On rule dans de grosses voiture comme la Ferrari On a tout ca qu’il te faut ma chetie on a la cocaine Gucci, Louis, Fendi, pizdec, suka, bleee Znają"
  • Part Iii - Bad Religion
    "Bad Religion 80-85 Part Iii The final page is written in the books of history, As man unleashed his deadly bombs and sent troops overseas To fight a war which can't be won and kills the human race, A show"
  • WW III - Scarface
    "(feat. Yung Wun, Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss) Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders Ryde or Die - Volume 2 (Tugboats.. ehh, it's over..) Ahhh-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! It's the second time around motherfucker! (YESS!) Volume"
  • Crow Iii - Rob Zombie
    ""he can't get away with by the time, he gets in front of the jury he'll be a good boy;" said man one. at a little before 5'oclock he when through the basement. "yes or no!" d Ed man"
    "Endlich Pause, die Urlaubsreise war berfllig und diesmal teuer. An Zuhause erinnert nichts mehr, oh, die Karibik verzaubert ungeheuer. Oh, dieser Hftschwung und diese Kokoshaut und diese kleine"
  • Omen Iii - Magic Affair
    "Show you where Show you where Show you where Do what you want, but think about the omen A vision in your mind will lead your way Go where you want, but don't forget the omen A light at your side will"
  • Janine III - Camille
    "Pourquoi tu m'appelles Saint Paul alors que j'm'appelle Saint Pierre ? Pourquoi tu m'appelles ovule alors que j'm'appelle ovaire ? Pourquoi tu m'appelles coup franc alors que j'm'appelle corner"
  • III. Musica - Paul McCartney
    "(Paul McCartney) Music, music, musica Music, music, musica Fill us with joy Joy to be here Here in your song Into th heart of a beautiful song Where we belong together Help us to discover wisdom Let"
  • Damien III - DMX
    "Hey yo D, it's your nigga D Uh-huh What the fuck, you forgot about me? You've been eatin real good lately Didn't get a shout out on your last album, what you hate me? Arrrf Said I was your dog Said I was"
  • III Paski - Kangaroz
    "Czas na kilka słów o prawdzie, którą z ulic dobrze znamyNowa moda to trzy paski, adidaski, geld od mamyIdą odjechane laski, wszystkie mają po trzy paskiA za nimi od tylasia banda chłopców w adidasiachŁyse"
  • III Wojna - Grupa Operacyjna
    "To jest raport z frontu środkowoeuropejskiego Areny wojny wieku dwudziestego pierwszego! Każdy przeciw każdemu, nikt już nie pyta czemu?, To już dawno nieważne Przyjżyj się otoczeniu! Urabiasz się po"
  • Chapter III - Desire
    "A Ride In A Dream CrowI can hear it... I can hear the Crow... the Crow... Buried and forgotten, in these shadows of past, I wait the songless bird, whose nest is my rest. This gasp of trust is something"
  • Ww Iii - Yung Wun
    "(whispered) Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders Ryde or Die - Volume 2 (Tugboats.. ehh, it's over..) (yelled) Ahhh-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! It's the second time around motherf**ker! (YESS!) Volume 2 - Ryde or Die, BIATCH! Gangsta"
  • Jeanny Iii - Crazy Friendz
    "Jeanny! Jeanny! Weisst Du noch Wie es damals war Denkst Du noch An unsere Flucht Damals Wo uns alles auf den Fersen war Niemand wollte uns verstehen Entfhrung - dachten sie Entfhrung! Thinking back on"
  • Imperium III - Current 93
    "imperium imperium imperium this life of man is but a span we all come down in fields of rape our little eyes do glitter like the sun but the leaves do wither and the branches decay and all are born of will"
  • Soldier Iii - Blink The Star
    "Soldier one we die alone Mother sings the same old song And I am solder 3 alive My big brother is causality Solider one must die alone Mother cries the same old song A we are soliders 4 alive Oour big"
  • Saturn Iii - Fu Manchu
    "Spacemen destroy...mega asteroids Certain time and place Floatin' out to space 4 billion years to cross Universe so vast For several days they tried This will never last (chorus) Saturn 3 takes hold...losing"
  • Peaches III - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Ike Willis (rhythm guitar, vocals) Ray White (rhythm guitar, vocals) Steve Vai (rhythm guitar, vocals) Warren Cucurullo (rhythm guitar, vocals) Denny Walley (slide guitar,"
  • Marbles III - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) Did anyone see my last marble As it rolled out and over the floor? It fell through a hole in the corner Of a room in a town on a tour It's lonely without your"

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