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Tove Lo - True Disaster

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Tove Lo - True Disaster

  • True Disaster - Tove Lo
    "Pretty boys that didn't teach me things I didn't know They don't have the thing that I need, but they don't know they don't You got better things, fire and I can't hide my feels Pretty girls that always"
  • Say It (feat. Tove Lo) - Flume
    "Feelin the sun Party done, shadows walking home Walking with our game on You are my kind, classic mind and you look so fine Mmmmmm Lovin' the cold Smoke n roll See your fingers shake Gettin’ through your"
  • Desire (feat. Tove Lo) - Years & Years
    "I must be tough I must behave, I must keep fighting Don't give it up I want to keep us compromising Open your arms and pray To the truth that you're denying Give in to the game To the sense that you've"
  • Close (ft. Tove Lo) - Nick Jonas
    "Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn I'm so perplexed With just one breath, I'm hacking Oh tell them, oh tell them, tell them I'm so perplexed On that, it's almost shocking I know, I know you know you're scared Your"
  • Disaster - Hawthorne Heights
    "How should I say That I never wanted anything to change If I rearranged the pieces of A broken down ? Do you believe in me Because I'm not sure I believe in anything, anymore Pick up the pieces and Make"
  • Disaster - Jojo
    "I’m trying not to pretend that it won’t happen again and again like that I never thought it would end – cause you got up in my head, in my head like that And made me happy , baby, love is crazy, so amazing But"
  • Disaster - Krzysztof Kreft
    "1. When will this show end? I'm sick of this game Only i am not smiling here? I was so enchanted Sure of these feelings But you crushed me and threw me into a corner Ref: I don't know how I don't have"
  • Blow that Smoke (feat. Tove Lo) - Major Lazer
    "blow the smoke darkness bring out our emotions mix em up with the night life potions I loose my head for you countless times we catch the sunrise fix em scars we share with white lies o loose my head"
  • Diva (feat. Swae Lee & Tove Lo) - Aazar
    "a late night creeping I found me a young soul stealer keep one on my arm a queen of the kingdom I wanna put her crown on spending my cash, she like, right on! she shake like a pom pom take one and we take"
  • Heroes (We Could Be) ft. Tove Lo - Alesso
    "We go hideaway in daylight We go undercover when under sun Got a secret side in plain sight Where the streets are empty That’s where we run Everyday people do Everyday things but I Can’t be one of them I"
  • Out Of My Head (feat. Tove Lo, ALMA) - Charli XCX
    "later in my sheets there’s no sleep i don’t know when you turn on the radio I don’t know with this dirt how I look pills and …. and terrible things I’m on the floor with the telephone rings all of this"
  • Disaster Boy - Cobra Starship
    "Ohhh /x2 I, I, I didn't sleep last night No you, you, you never really got me I, I'm not the kind of girl, That kisses and tells the world And I'm not the kind of guy you need, But somehow we both keep"
  • NOt On Drugs - Tove Lo
    "Shiny, happy, see my world in new colors? Higher fire, fly my rocket through the universe? I'm up with the kites and I dream so blue I live in the sky, you come live here too I'm queen of the clouds,"
  • Lo & Beholden - Patti Smith
    "I was alone and content in my world Dancing on air You sent to me a message that said I like your style Will you come to the temple tonight And dance for me there I pledge to you all that you wish The"
  • Stay Lo - Arsonists
    "(Verse One: Q-Unique) Has it ever occurred to you that you wasn't meant to grab the mic and kick a rhyme, son I think you're wastin' time If you was light you wouldn't shine when asked to sign the dotted"
  • Disaster - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "Can I play with madness? Can I ride the lightening? Flirting with disaster, I got my own course. A little bit of violence, feeling something loco, Make this thing go faster, I've got my own sense. Go"
  • Disaster - Blink 182
    "Disaster, disaster Disaster, disaster Fall comes a loaded gun Black ties for everyone Can you read my mind Fall in my arms again Grey stones that break apart French braids demonic art The dead come alive Fall"
  • Disaster - Home Grown
    "You were everything that I dreamed of I never thought I'd hear you say That you've fallen out of love I never said this would be easy You said you'd understand Now your giving up everything It's just not"
  • Disaster - Cage
    "I ran out the door you screamed "Don't leave me!, Don't leave me!" I simply haven't got the time there's no more time The world is caving in soon we'll be greiving greiving Mother nature's showing us a"
  • Disaster - The Besnard Lakes
    "Baby, I've got some words for you When you get up in the afternoon But you're not at home You're out there alone So I've called to capture devices for spies with vices Generals have fought for spies like"

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