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Traffic Empty Pages

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Traffic Empty Pages

  • Empty Pages - Traffic
    "Dear Mister Fantasy play us a tune Something to make us all happy Do anything take us out of this gloom Sing a song, play guitar Make it snappy You are the one who can make us all laugh But doing that"
  • Empty Pages - Air Supply
    "When you're out in front and your life is unsure What have you got goin' for you after every road you turn It's magic when you tell me, and run your fingers through my hair I don't need your persuasion, cos"
  • Empty Pages - Jade Valerie
    "Let me take you by the hand And let me lead you To a place we haven't planned And sing me your sacred word And may believe in And believe in what I deserve 'cause tonight Only for tonight Our lives are"
  • Empty Pages - Steve Winwood
    "Found someone who can comfort me, but there are always exceptions And she's good at appearing sane, but I just want you to know She's the one makes me feel so good when everything is against me Picks me"
  • Empty pages - Grateful Dead
    "Empty pages before my eyes, you not deny or criticizeEmpty bedrooms where I paid my duesWatching the ceiling instead of youCan you tell me where youre goin, cant hold on to hear my songIve got some songs"
  • Dusty Pages - Icehouse
    "(...with kinds of job. Kinds of class, huh?) Uh-huh-uh...Uh huh Window frosted in the rain, dusty pages, broken lines is all I have Candle shadow in the flame of the moments that we try to start again"
  • Traffic Haze - Sundowner
    "This brain is a buzzing beehive. Swarming through infestation. My muscles pulse and burn alive. Tonight they crave sensation. And when the night finally falls She'll wrap her arms around me. And when I"
  • Eastbound Traffic - Remember Maine
    "Could we make up our minds tonight Will we open up our eyes Burning pages I'm pouring out on Will you innocence contest Will you be like the rest Wake up the time has come To make up for what you have"
  • Blood On The Pages - Fairweather
    "Its amplified for everyone. Its pounding repeating. No touch of truth to any line. Empty sounds and hollow words. Diseased and rotting quickly. No one believes it anymore. Give it up put it down. You're"
  • A Thousand Pages Before - Bachdenkel
    "They say I was found in your garden Asleep in the rain by your door In my hand was a note Can't explain what I wrote Or what it was that you read Should be something I said A thousand pages before Well"
  • Pages - Berman
    "writing a novel, a hundred thousand pages, about the things that she's been through, there's no ending, but she's tired of waiting, for shattered dreams to come true is that what i wanted, is that what"
  • Pages - Willie Nelson
    "Last evening, I turned by the pages of time. And tore out the chapters when you were mine. I attempted to cut out the memories of you. And paste in some new ones, far better an' true. True. I searched"
  • Pages - Starlight Mints
    "i buttered your bread i sniffed your wine and when i was tired i was tired of lying i'm falling i'm falling i'm falling i fall like i fell for you whose name is a crucifier? whose heart needs a bigger"
  • Pages - There For Tomorrow
    "The turns you had to take still keep you awake Down come the walls where you once stood From constant changes you have made You'll keep inside 'til you have a say We change as we get older We're not to"
  • Pages - America
    "In this bookcase full of storiesYou find some of them are trueTales of love and gloryMany lives of daring-doThere is mystery and adventureThey lie waiting there for youSo step inside and find the other"
  • Pages - 3 Doors Down
    "What happens to a man when He spills his heart on a page and He watches words flow away then His feelings lie on the page alone There waiting For someone who cares to read them To open their eyes to see"
  • Pages - Assemblage 23
    "I read your mind But it wasn't a very interesting read The plot was contrived And the characters were too consumed by need Page by page Enduring each predictable turn The paper dissolves beneath my fingers And"
  • Pages - Three Doors Down
    "What happens to a man when he spills his heart over a page and he watches words float away then his feelings lie over a page alone there waiting for someone who cares to read them to open their eyes"
  • Staging A Traffic Jam - Silverchair
    "a burning bridge staging a traffic jam intention stained upon expression eyes the sky's darkest clouds constipated mountains of condensation *at the start there was innocence breaks my heart doesn't make"
  • Traffic - Ashbury Heights
    "Give back my MTV Rather than to live my life I took a taxi through Passing people, passing towns Wanting something new I always loved the freeways The sense of being gone Just a car among the others No"

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