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  • Trailer - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
    "She graduated high school I bought her a trailer In a little park by the side of the road I could've had the army I could've had the navy But no I had to go for a mobile home Yeah I guess I gave it all"
  • Trailer - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    "She graduated high school I bought her a trailer In a little park by the side of the road I could've had the army I could've had the navy But no I had to go for a mobile home Yeah I guess I gave it all"
  • Trailer - Lareine
    "Odayaka datta hibi niOwari wo tsugeta namidaShoujo no hoho wo kasumeButai e to ochite yukuSou, soko wa shiroiTetsugoushi no nakaKanojo wa tori ni nariHibi wareta kagami no tori kago karaHibiku shoujo no"
  • Trailer - Ape
    "Mi concedo un tono da spaccone come newman Mescolandoti realt? e finzione come truman Scheletri nascosti e relativi retroscena di cronache realistiche che parlano di vita quotidiana Giorno dopo giorno"
  • Trailer Annie - Spike Jones
    "Annie Taylor bought herself a trailer, And headed for the Golden State. She had confidence she could work for defense, To help to beat the sappy Jappies would be great. She parked her trailer near a shipyard. She"
  • Trailer Park - Bracket
    "I can't expect to leave a life I've always lived A father who likes drinking And a mother who doesn't care When everyone makes fun of how poor my family is They laugh at my misfortune, and at the clothes"
  • Trailer Ras - Long Beach Dub Allstars
    "How many of you people are white trash? way back in junior high i coulda swore my name was white boy there was all types of ill shit goin down between gangsters, thugs and cholos, heshians, Asians"
  • Theatrical Trailer - Lordi
    "This season, they're coming back... The ones so vicious... The ones so evil... The ones so deadly... We thought we would never have to see them again... We were DEAD wrong... Now, from the creators of"
  • Trailer Music - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi) Translators: Andrei Cunha mina-san yokoso sekai-ju no machi ni matta pitchikato faibu no atarashii arubamu ga yoyaku kansei shimashita dai shite happi endo obu za waarudo itsumo chaamingu"
  • Trailer Trash - Modest Mouse
    "Eating snow flakes with plastic forks And a paper plate of course You think of everything Short love with a long divorce And a couple of kids, of course They don't mean anything Live in trailers with"
  • Threatrical trailer - Lordi
    "This season they are coming backthe one so vicious, the one so evil, the one so deadly we thought wed never have to see them againwe were dead wrongnow, from the creators of scarctic circle gathering comes"
  • Trailer Park Woman - Cledus T. Judd
    "She's got tattoes on her backside and a car jacked up out front my neighbor next door is an old old whore and she's off on a husband hunt spends her days in the laundra mat washing and drying tube tops i"
  • Trailer Park Tune - Pat Green
    "Marty had a boutique on the corner, Stanley was a trucker by his trade, and everytime that Marty would shake her tail feathers, it would go and make old Stanley's day. They'd go bowling every Tuesday,"
  • Trailer Park Chicken - Atmosphere
    "Hey Daly, Get the fuck away from my sister you punk motherfocker. (intro) I do....I do....I do...Hey wassup, can i kiss the bitch yet?.....I do.... First of all bitch, i never promised i'd be rich so fuck"
  • Trailer Park Jesus - Glassjaw
    "Put the needle to the record, And hit me with your style. Soon enough I'll learn to unload my mouth. Can you say it's getting blacker? The vibe up in this place. When I displaced, what made me turn my"
  • Intro (Wonder Trailer) - Shawn Mendes
    "You have a milion Different faces But they’ll never understand Unless you let them in You’ve been a milion Different places So i guess i’ll Have a Chance to Get lost in wonderland"
  • Trailer Full Of Tragedy - Dogwood
    "The apartment is empty The pictures have left their marks on the wall Nothing has ever taken so long Moving away A new horizon to look at each day And I'll try not to hold on You practice your packing The"
  • Trailer Full Of Tragedies - Dogwood
    "The apartment is empty. The pictures have left their marks on the wall. Nothing has ever taken so long. Moving away a new horizon to look at each day and I'll try not to hold on. You practice your packing,"
  • Murder, Tonight, In The Trailer Park - Cowboy Junkies
    "Michael Timmins Murder tonight in the trailer park. Mrs. Annabelle Evans found with her throat cut after dark. Her pockets turned inside out her dresser drawers turned upside down. Anna's neighbour,"
  • The Take-It-Easy Trailer Park - Kinky Friedman
    "(Kinky Friedman, Van Dyke Parks) An L.A. Coke-dealer, a Georgia faith-healer A boy scout and a junked-out Joan Of Arc And they've all come together through life's stormy weather To the take-it-easy"

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