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  • Master - Master
    "In the will of your own mind Sacrifice society And become a better kind Stand back all you preachers Stop looking to the skies We are your Masters We need no disguise Your presidential savior, His bloody"
  • Master! - Patryk Smolarek
    "don’t tell them I am here I am barely … I … on this world they don’t all care about me … but I can do what you want I can be what you need I can do everything for you but I can do what you want I can"
  • Master Master - And One
    "master master tell me why you and i fly so high master master what i see is oil for me charity master master gimme more need some war like hundered times before gimme more master master"
  • Master - EXTAZY
    "SeksMaster będę twoim seksmasterem eks studentek miałem wiele na początek kilka głębszych zdolność gardła nagle się powiększy"
  • Tramwaj nr 6 - Wa
    "Jak dziś pamiętam dzionek ten dokładnie, Jechałem gdzieś tramwajem numer 6, Pachniało w tym tramwaju dość nieładnie, A na dodatek coś zaczęło mnie w brzuch gnieść. Bez jakiejkolwiek możliwości ruchu, Staliśmy"
  • Slave Master - Criminal
    "Urge takes over will consciousness entombed What makes you strong becomes your greatness weakness Slave Master Slave Master Pleasure in oblivion life slowly erased No past no future a second somewhere"
  • Master & Dog - Quasi
    "the elephant weilds the rod while the donkey throws you a bone i'd rather have a bone than a beating, i suppose either way, still the dog it's still just master and dog master takes doggie to the ring other"
  • Master Celebrator - No Fun At All
    "Bow your head and fold your hands, Master celebrator! No one gets a second chance, Master master! Raise your voice and start to speak, Master celebrator! Climb the mountain to it's peak, Master celebrator But"
  • The Master - Flesh-N-Bone
    "Come now say come now challenge the master u'll get cought up in desaster blast a nigguh between da eye Come now say come now challenge the master u'll get cought up in desaster blast a nigguh between"
  • Master Jack - Four Jacks And A Jill
    "It's a strange, strange world we live in, Master Jack You taught me all I know and I'll never look back It's a very strange world and I thank you, Master Jack You took a colored ribbon from out of the"
  • Master & Slave - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
    "No pennies from Heaven, no pennies in my hand Think you're drinkin' wine, Dad? It's blood of the lamb That's no way to treat your son, now is it Abraham? After he busted his ass for you You've never known"
  • My Master - Christy Nockels
    "The day You heard my plea You looked right through me You saw the pit I was in, You came and pulled me out You set my feet upon a rock and put a new song in my mouth Then You called me Your own and I'm"
  • Master Yoga - Parasite
    "Relieving her tension in an exciting new way, She watches the screen to learn her posture today, You can learn so much, and shes learning the facts, Bending Over, Arching Backs, Pelvic Thrusts and now"
  • The master - Doobie Brothers
    "Just don't know why I keep on tryin'Must be a better way outI hope I find it soonEvery night, I just can't keep from cryin'Even my old dogKeeps howlin' at the moonEven my old dogKeeps howlin' at the moon"
  • Master Plan - Adam Lambert
    "(*Ryan Tedder) [** iTunes Bonus Track & AdamOfficial Bonus track:] You run away from everything that you fear So afraid, don't wanna be a part of it You see the fake in everything that is real You hate"
  • The Master - The Doobie Brothers
    "Tom Johnston Just don't know why I keep on tryin' Must be a better way out I hope I find it soon Every night, I just can't keep from cryin' Even my old dog Keeps howlin' at the moon Even my old dog Keeps"
  • Tru Master - Pete Rock
    "(feat. Inspectah Deck & Kurupt) Your highness, live from the bricks, one six Pete Rock bang your head, break the drumsticks Verbal assault, rhymes rippin through the mix Specialist, with the smash hits"
  • Dancing Master - John Entwistle
    "I'm gonna pull your strings And make you do things, That you really don't want to do I'm gonna spin you around, Screw you into the ground, 'Til I make a star out of you. I'm the dancing master I'm gonna"
  • Master Key - Hiroki Uchi
    "Kuchizuke kawashitara hajimatta Mezametemo soba ni itai ne Kiss is a master key, unchained melody, Endless ecstasy love Dareka no tsuzuki wo sagashiteiru rashii Kitakaze no sei de kimochi wa kanji yasui Mou"
  • Puppet Master - Lucky Dube
    "Somewhere between heaven and earth That is where you will find real freedom We've been waiting for so long For this freedom, When other freedom fighters Puppet master Marching soldier Fought of the rights"

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