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Travelling from the deep forest into the sun,

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Travelling from the deep forest into the sun,

  • Into The Forest - Aquaria
    "I crossed the borders of the night Where the sun can never shine Now, I am leaving all behind There's no turning back this time They dance around the fire They come in my dreams I hear them cry I saw the"
  • Deep Dark Forest - Absurd
    "Sky is clear and the moon shines bright The stars ?? through the trees The night is black and the snow is white All things seem ?? The glowing eyes of animals around staring at me The cold wind blows"
  • Forest - Robert Wyatt
    "Deep in the forest the omens are bad, a cloud passes over the moon Devil Wind bends the trees, a cloud passes over the moon. And the moon takes a peep when the Gypsy girl sings, and her song rises up from"
  • Forest - Delain
    "Trees of green, all I can see On my way through the forest. I kneel down on my knees, I stare into the face of a little man Showing me his fear, The humans are coming near. Take me home deep into the"
  • The Forest - Terminal Choice
    "darkness falls through the trees in the forest it's the forest of sadness no light will ever shine here everlasting silence nothing is here loneliness is your best friend here in the forest of fear you"
  • Forest - Emily Bindiger
    "Summer rain falls on the apple branches Lights from heaven dancing with the shadows Come take my hand Let me be in your forest Sometimes you think loneliness is better than pain And you sink deeper in"
    "I don't know why I feed on emotion There's a stomach inside my brain I don't wanna be heard, I wanna be listened to Does it bother anyone else that someone else has your name? Oh, does it bother anyone"
  • Deep Forest - Kaledon
    "Looking at the sky, I always hope to take the way I know that I will fly No pain, no desperation in my eyes. In the name of Kaledon. For the people who believed in me, I ride The Dragon will kill the Slaughterer,"
  • Deep Weather - Deep Forest
    "''(Bahasa)'' Jangankan biar hilang semua yang telah diberi Jangankan pergi rasa manusiawi dan naluri diri Biar bumi tetap bersinar di bawah mentari Agar kita tetap bersinar di bawah mentari ''Chorus'' Let"
  • In the Deep Dark Forest - Apraxia
    "In The Deep Dark Forest Elders sit by the fire They are praying for pagan deities And saying the incantation: Perun - great god of thunder Dazhbog - great god of Sun Chernobog - god of darkness We're"
  • Into Deep - Donots
    "Murder is the case Last year (Ie) found so many ways To kill myself Feeling out of place I guess, itó nothing new these days Wee all lost anyway This yearó gonna be better Gonna change myself like the"
  • Travelling to the Blood Woods - Logar's Diary
    ""After coming back to life Axandria told us about her order of delivering an urgent message to the elfin queen living in the Blood Woods. I simply couldn't resist her beautiful pleading eyes, so we promised"
  • A Forest - Carpathian Forest
    "Come closer and see See into the trees Find the girl If you can Come closer and see See into the dark Just follow your eyes Just follow your eyes I hear her voice Calling my name The sound is deep In the"
  • Into The Deep - Kula Shaker
    "I can only speak the words as quickly as they're coming now believe me Looking down upon the bed suspended by a silver thread I'm dreaming From the feeling I had to be sure When you know that you've felt"
  • Down Deep Into The Pain - Steve Vai
    "So naive, so innocent, thrust in a world too intense Flesh is weak but the soul is strong, and you will bleed but you'll carry on Yes you need your pain, life is pain I could hold your hand, but you must"
  • Deep - Peel
    "What it does to you Is what it does to me And everything is wrapped up in our plastic souls And what they steal from you Is what they steal from me I know the pain, the salt and soaking pillow hide (it's"
  • The Forest - Rick Wakeman
    "Journey on through ages gone, to the centre of the earth Past rocks of quartz and granite, which gave mother nature birth Burial ground of ancient man, his life no more is seen, A journey through his"
  • Bad Forest - Sub-Urban Tribe
    "Misty voice is calling, calling for my name seducing me to enter, giving shelter from the rain Misty voice is calling, calling for my name I can't resist the attraction, lighting up the flame Forest is"
  • Home From The Forest - Harlan Howard
    "Oh the neon lights were flashing and the icy wind did blow The water seeped into his shoes and the drizzle turned to snow His eyes were red his hopes were dead and the wine was running low And the old"
  • Home from the forest - Gordon Lightfoot
    "Oh the neon lights were flashinAnd the icy wind did blowThe water seeped into his shoesAnd the drizzle turned to snowHis eyes were red, his hopes were deadAnd the wine was runnin lowAnd the old man came"

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