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Travis Barker let's go

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Travis Barker let's go

  • Falling Down (Travis Barker Remix) - Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION
    "come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling dawn sunlight on your skin when I’m not around shit don’t feel the same when you’re out of town come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down come let’s watch"
  • Bad Man (ft. Robin Thicke, Joe Perry, Travis Barker) - Pitbull
    "Robin Thicke, Joe Perry, Travis Barker Stay with it! They say Rap no more They say LeBron Hit no more They say Street no more Sick of … .. But I’m cool with it Full with it I’ve got my own neighborhood Go"
  • Whaddup (ft. Chuck D, Travis Barker, Tom Morello & DJ Z-Trip) - LL Cool J
    "I say whaddup I got so much trouble on my mind Refuse to lose I say whaddup Here’s your ticket Hear the drummer get wicked /2x Time to put ‘em in the dirt, somebody gettin hurt Hard time , gets rough I"
  • You (feat. Travis Barker) - James Arthur
    "fighting, living, dying for what? for freedom? that for which men have fought since time began to be free they’ve been making blanket statements scaring everyone they been making you feel like you never"
  • SOS (feat. Travis Barker) - Sueco
    "Lipstic stains, she said it was the last time But i am her new favorite pastime It won’t change, it was a bad idea Get me the fuck out of here I do my best and i get nothng I am selfish I only hit our"
  • 11 Minutes (ft. Travis Barker) - YUNGBLUD, Halsey
    "I'm 11 minutes away And I've missed you all day I'm 11 minutes away, so why aren't you here? I think I missed you calling on the other line I am just thinking honest got something in mind talk a lot but"
  • Transparent Soul (feat. Travis Barker) - Willow Smith
    "I don't fucking know If it’s a lie or it’s a fact All your littel fake friends Will sell your secrets for some cash Smile in my face Then put your cig out on my back If you ever see me just get running"
  • Break My Heart Myself (feat. Travis Barker) - Bebe Rexha
    "Hello, my nam eis Stevie Actually i’m lyin’ it’s really Babe It’s the meds, they make me really sleepy Klonopin; my friend She numbs the feelin’ My doctor upped my dosage My mom felt bad sos he sent me"
  • G R O W (feat. Travis Barker) - WILLOW & Avril Lavigne
    "I been putting work in Healing myself Still got room to grow I been really searching Emotional wealth Honestly my heart is broke I just need to Grow I just need to grow Evry time i look at my face I"
  • All Things $ Can Do (feat. Travis Barker & Tove Styrke) - Cheat Codes
    "Some days I'm at the bottom of the Ocean I'm gettin' too deep and I don't know if It gets any better when I see the light The only thing that I want is a distraction I just can't explain the way I'm actin' I"
  • Travis bickle - Rancid
    "Well all the junkies they know my name And every city looks the fucking same And the derelicts the street are all insane And the scum surges up and there?s no one to fucking blame Game over it?s no fun"
  • Let's Go - Ministry
    "Let's go to the edge of disaster Push the pedal and go a little faster Let's slam into a wall at ramming speed Let's go to the edge of a mountain Jump off and lets start countin' Hit the ground and tell"
  • Let's Go - Ramones
    "Don't wanna study on the G.I. bill Want more action, haven't had my fill Mercenary, fight for anyone Fight for money Fight for fun Let's go Let's go Let's go Let's go Got a country you wanna protect But"
  • Let's Go - Ashley Allen
    "Let's go I wanna to travel up to Mars I wanna to drive in fancy cars I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna I wanna scream and lose my voice Lock the door and making noise I'm gonna, gonna, gonna, gonna. I"
  • Let's Go - Sweet
    "I've been in every town I've stood on every stage Still the crowd comes in to join the show And when the light shines bright On me for you The time has come and everybody knows If you're standing"
  • Let's Go - The Sweet
    "I've been in every town I've stood on every stage Still the crowd comes in to join the show And when the light shines bright On me for you The time has come and everybody knows If you're standing"
  • Let's Go - Obibox
    "Hej mała Jane czy nie przykrzy ci się tu W tym mieście bez przyszłości skradzionych snów Gdzie życie dało niejednemu w kość Wyjedźmy stąd, let's go Ref: Let's go, Let's go Nic tu po nas wyjedźmy stąd Let's"
  • Let's Go! - Wang Chung
    "(Wang Chung) Meet me in a restaurant Meet me on the top of the world Meet me and we'll talk the language of love I'll meet you anywhere you want I'll meet you on a ballroom floor Meet me and we'll float"
  • Let's go - Matt And Kim
    "I was up in my head For everything I've said Caught a million words They're all made with lead I bought a megaphone You used inside your home Forgot the batteries But that's the old me Shouting out of"
  • Let's Go - Bobby Valentino
    "Let's go She up at the bar, sippin apple mar body's sick, im interested in learnin who u r let's blow this place, with a P.C.H. in a foreign car It's topless with a touch-screen navi, got a crib in"

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