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  • Ancient Tree - Ayabie
    "hikaru no ashiato kaeru wa hashagi keshiteiku ochiru nibiiro no mori tsuki akari mo todokanai no sokoshirenu kuroi sotto shirenu you tanoshii ohanashi wo kikasete kizukarenu you kizutsukanu you kaichuudokei"
  • Bananeira (Banana Tree) - Sergio Mendes
    "(Joao Donato/Gilberto Gil) Bananeira nao sei Bananeira sera Bananeira sei nao A maneira de ver Bananeira nao sei Bananeira sera Bananeira sei nao Isso e la com voce Sera no fundo do quintal Quintal"
  • Tree - The Incredible String Band
    "I had a tree in the dream hills where my childhood lay and I'd go there in the wide long days and my tree would listen to all that I'd say and the sun was shinging brightly and the sky was smiling then"
  • Tree - Blind Zero
    "It's too late to say good-bye Now I'm drowning in your eyes I'm drowning Back to you I know the way these things begin See how flesh presses the skin I'm bursting Without you Love you like in poetry This"
  • Under The Tilo's Tree - Buenos Muchachos
    "Nervios siempre nervios fibra tensa tensa por deber Hay peso que ganar y el sol te fritar tus ramas de dendritas otra vez Hasta que me sent con l me dio su sombra fresca suavizndome Todo va"
  • Tree - Sebadoh
    "See how we've taken all this sweet time to decide Watered that tree, watched it grow another 50 feet high Together, shared and strong Step right in Forever is not that long Let's begin Feel this connection"
  • Tree - Big Boss
    "Upon this mount I fand a tree, wat gyf agayne my soule to me! Wen erthe toc erthe of mortual note and ssulen wormes feste in thi throte, my nayle-stranged soule will sterte upriss on ssulen wormes and"
  • Tree - Wuthering Heights
    "A thousand years I've stood here I'll stand a thousand more Seen kingdoms rise and fall Seen pestilence and war How swift are your little lives How swiftly you forget My roots are deep in your forefathers'"
  • Tree - Rusted Root
    "Ever see the tree, ever feel yourself Wrapped around the wind Let go of your desire Desire will suffer in the send suffer the will, will of the child the child will born on our death Child will be born"
  • When The Last Tree - The Kelly Family
    "Cuando la fiesta ha empezado Y la gente esta bailando La musica suena suena En la noche sin parar Baila baila baila al ritmo Y no pares de bailar Esta noche tu eres reina Y yo te quiero enamorar When the"
  • Tree - David Byrne
    "Today is an important occasion. She thinks that she must wear the right clothes. The right combination of clothes - will make her lucky. But there are specific kinds of luck - and different kinds are are"
  • When The Last Tree (Dutch) - Kelly Family
    "I wanna know is anybody out there Who's gonna help me Fight the danger in the air I wanna know who's out there Who's gonna help me Fight the danger in the air Ooh... When the last tree has been taken The"
  • Fuyu umi yuuei kishi de - Plastic Tree
    "Fuyu umi wa yuuei kinshi de nanka daremo inakute ii kanjieiga deshika mita koto nai you na fune ga kuru kara koko de matte you no su wa misaki no hashi no toudai no ue ni aru kedonori akuretara saigo"
  • Willow tree - Ferlin Husky
    "Willow tree willow tree you're weeping too Blue grows the willow tree outside my door it knows my heart will be happy no more Willow tree willow tree green leaves turned to blue Willow tree willow tree"
  • Redbud Tree - Mark Knopfler
    "Hunted down I came upon A place of ferns and grass Gathered to a redbud tree And now their footsteps pass Where I crouch in dread Discovery my certain death Bur leaves reaching for my head As I suspend"
  • Cherry Tree - Anna Maria Jopek
    "Why do I feel rejected My passion misdirected I turned for consolation To the weeping cherry tree Our fates are tied together The leaves are all a shiver The fruit begins to wither And falls early from"
  • Hanuka Tree - Woody Guthrie
    "Round and around my Hanuka tree Round and around I go Round and around my Hanuka tree Because I love you so Round and around my Hanuka tree Round and around we go Round and around I'll hold your hand Because"
  • Tamarak Tree - Cellophane
    "Don't cry It's not that bad Don't cry It's not that sad It's just another morning It's just another relative I climb the tamarak tree I climb the tamarak tree Don't moan It's not that long Don't groan It's"
  • Evergreen Tree - Cliff Richard
    "Oh darling, will our love be like an evergreen tree. Stay evergreen and young as the seasons go. Your kisses could make love grow like an evergreen tree. Bloom in the summer's sun and the winter's snow."
  • Hanging Tree - Frankie Laine
    "I came to town To search for gold And I brought with me A memory And I seemed to hear The night wind cry Go hang your dreams on the hanging tree Your dreams of love that could never be Hang your faded"

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