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Trial error criedwolf

  • Trial And Error - Nightingale
    "It's the way you behave and the things that you say It' the twinkle of frustration in your eyes That reveals your illusion A life built on bundles of lies For some time I believed you And the stories"
  • Trial and error - Maximo Park
    "Living with you is trial and error,Admiring the view I sit astonished,Trying to avoid each other,Is this were it ends a final conflict,A room with a view beneath the covers,Learning to avoid each other,You"
  • Trial And Error - EMMA
    "Foolish enough Brought this upon yourself You know how I get down (You know how I get down!) Let it be now You're fighting this without a cause Helplessly Slip into my trenches Head's down! You're slowly"
  • Trial And Error - Engel
    "Waking - Here We Go Again Basting Pieces, De-Skinning My Bones Wading Through Old Blood And Stains Restructuring The Crime To Reach The End Of The Line Angelic Choirs Sing - Am I Forgiven? Split"
  • Lost And Found By Trial And Error - Steppenwolf
    "Words and music by John Kay So, once again I hurt someone Because I found out that she's not the one I'm looking for So, once again I blame someone Because I know that she can't use the love I have"
  • Trial And Terror - Benton Falls
    "Cover yourself with everything you can just to walk outside. Buried inside an artificial tan with everything to hide positive this can't be, this can't be right positive this can't be, this can't be"
  • ERROR - Kluchenz
    "ERROR, to kolejne me spotkanie ERROR, znowu słyszę to wołanie ERROR, ktoś z daleka wciąż tu płacze ERROR, nie wiem co mam robić bracie ERROR, to kolejne me spotkanie ERROR, znowu słyszę to wołanie ERROR,"
  • Error - Tina Russo
    "1. Usted no me puede amar demasiado. Estamos dedicados de puentes quemados. Estoy una vez más herido por ti. Usted me dice una historia, en la que creo. Te equivocas, yo no quiero confiar en ti. Ref."
  • Error - Natalia Nykiel
    ""Error" to pierwszy, zupełnie nowy utwór artystki od czasu wydania jej debiutanckiego, ciepło przyjętego albumu „Lupus Electro” w 2014 roku."
  • Error - Lu
    "Si supieras como se siente mirarte entre tanta gente saber que no eres para mi saber que no me perteneces o al menos se que no es asi tal vez no ha sido suficiente robarme el corazon pues se que nada dura"
  • Error - Cool Kids Of Death
    "Pośród dźwięków, szmerów i zapachów chcę Pośród szeptów, sprzężeń, szumu maszyn chcę Pośród stacji, bloków, automatów chcę Wśród relacji z nieistotnych zdarzeń chcę Pośród błysków świateł, nudnych"
  • Error - Alkatraz
    "Są tu. Są w nas Są sny. Moje sny wirują tak, że: Teenage free na ebony sex. A / massive cock. Są tu Są w nas Są sny Kto zaprzecza temu żal Że teenage"
  • Trial - Kilgore
    "Seems like I'll never find My peace of mind I must be blind To not see in front of me My self-inflicted warning signs And even though I pay my sins With blood and sweat and jugs of wine No matter how much"
  • Trial - Atrocity
    "You know deep inside me are all aout of pain We're condemning, torturing, killing again and again Waiting for deliverance being nailed to the cross Hanging there like Jesus Christ But without his graceful"
  • Trial - Macabre
    "From a hallway mirror I saw him As he drank from the water fountain Then Jeffrey walked into the courtroom With a tight suit that was dark blue Ten feet away the cannibal contained I went to see Jeffrey"
  • Trial - December
    "This is not a test you can afford to fail or try to cheat your way through To lose your concentration opens the door to accusation Truth you cannot handle Truth is your demise It will bring you down Call"
  • Brain Error - Nekromantix
    "He was born with an error in his brain Some people call him mad some call him insane A little devil lives inside his head He can only be satisfied by the sight of blood and dead He was born with an error"
  • Design Error - Steve Kilbey
    "Human design error Ain't a life for stress Somthing broke the weather Got us in this mess But I'm gonna squeeze the blood out of this town And then I'll be gone before it all falls down I will be around Bobby"
  • Human Error - Classic Case
    "some say the glass is half full the glass is half full the glass is half full some say that it's half empty that it's half empty that it's half empty oh oh we should trust machines to make up our minds human"
  • Deadly Error - Rage
    "No one knows the natural powers They're astonished, they're afraid Pushing forwards technology They forgot just who they are Once contented with fulfillment Now they cannot get enough The time has come"

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